-> '''Norm:''' I can't go on with this any longer. I wanted to be your decorator, so I pretended to be who I thought you wanted me to be. But it's time I came out of the closet. I'm straight.
-> '''Robert:''' Impossible.
-> '''Norm:''' Ever since I was a little boy I've known that I prefer girls. But the point is I think you should judge people for what they do, not for who they do.
-->--''Series/{{Cheers}}'', "Norm, Is That You?"

A straight character is believed by everyone within a group to be gay. Eventually, that straight character "comes out", and admits to the group that they are, in fact, straight. Nearly always PlayedForLaughs, this is a very common inversion of the typical ComingOutStory, where a closeted homosexual or bisexual finally admits to their heterosexual friends and family that they like the same sex.

Where a ComingOutStory is frequently a serious event within a character's life, with friends and family sometimes being initially unaccepting of the revelation, a Coming Straight Story almost always involves the gay friends rapidly coming to accept the fact that their friend is straight. Typically involves a straight male character in a profession in which homosexuality is the stereotypical expectation.

Often also serves the purpose of a GayAesop about being open-minded and accepting of those with a different sexual orientation, although this may be undermined by the trope being PlayedForLaughs. Also serves as an Aesop that HonestyIsTheBestPolicy.

Often a result of MistakenForGay remaining uncorrected, or due to a character intentionally being CampStraight. Occasionally applied directly upon the character being MistakenForGay, although this is usually less effective. Can only arise in the absence of a character with {{Gaydar}}. Sometimes {{Invoked}} by a character in order to get a laugh from other characters. Contrast with a successful case of CureYourGays, where a character that was gay is turned straight and thus "comes straight" in a different sense.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/KickAss'': In the original comic his would-be girlfriend is not pleased that he had been lying to her. In his defense, he didn't originate the lie; when he was found naked and beaten up it was rumored that he was prostituting himself for rough sex. He just rolled with it because it was a way to hang out with her.

* A girl who has been sent to "True Directions" camp in ''Film/ButImACheerleader'' "comes out" as straight after a while, complaining that her parents just assumed she was a lesbian because she's {{Tomboy}}ish.
* In ''Film/ThreeToTango'', Matthew Perry's character is initially MistakenForGay, then keeps up the façade for a number of selfish reasons until the film's climax, where the trope comes into play.
* In the movie ''Where the Heart Is'' [[note]]:not the Natalie Portman Film/WhereTheHeartIs[[/note]], Crispin Glover's character comes out as straight after pretending to be gay because he thought it would be the only way people would take him seriously as a fashion designer.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7080706/1/Mikado_Comes_Out_of_the_Closet This]]...[[EveryoneIsGay interesting]] ''{{LightNovel/Durarara}}'' fanfiction. The title and summary might have been a tip off though...
* Not fanfiction as much as fandom, but much of the ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'' fandom assumed Itsuki Koizumi was gay due to his [[CampGay fabulous hair flip]], hand gestures, style, and HoYay with Kyon. Then, from Vol 4 onward, it is heavily implied he is [[spoiler: unrequitedly in love with Haruhi.]] Doesn't stop the YaoiFangirls from crying AmbiguouslyBi, however.

* Literature/{{Emberverse}}: Heuradys is the daughter of Delia and her [[TheBeard beard]] Rigobert. At one point in her adolesensce she goes off on an epic rant about how her mother needs to stop finding nice girls to set her up with, because she 'really likes boys better', and how hard is for her to find a good man, since everyone already assumes she's gay because she's a woman and trying to become a knight (a distinctly male profession [[AfterTheEnd in the post-Change world]]). Delia, who is too young to be familiar with pre-Change culture, asks her anxiously if this might be "just a phase". Rigobert and Tiphaine (her mother's lover, who incidentally is a knight and [[ButchLesbian fetchingly butch]]), who are old enough to remember both the idiom and the sexual mores of the pre-Change world, find the whole situation hilarious.
* A subplot in ''[[Literature/NurseryCrime The Fourth Bear]]'' involves a prominent gay MP terrified of the scandal if it should come out that he's had an affair with a woman. He explains that his partner knows the truth and agreed to stay with him [[TheBeard for appearances sake]].

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In ''Series/{{Friends}}'', Phoebe's husband, whom she married so that he could get a green card, was always considered to be gay, in part due to his profession (he skated in the ice-capades). When she goes to meet up with him to reminisce, he admits to her that he is, in fact, straight, and that he wants a divorce, so that he can marry his new girlfriend.
* On ''Series/ModernFamily'', Cam drafts his straight father-in-law Jay into his gay bowling league. Jay has to keep up the charade for the entire tournament but reveals himself at the end.
-->'''Jay:''' It feels good to finally tell someone. For four hours I'd been living in fear that I'd be found out. Do you have any idea what that feels like?
* Creator/MattDamon appears in ''Series/WillAndGrace'' as a candidate for the lead position in a gay choir, going up against Jack for the part. It is soon revealed that his character is, in fact, straight, which gets a gasp of shock when he admits it in front of the choir. They quickly accept him anyway, to the frustration of Jack.
* ''Series/UnhappilyEverAfter'': In the HighSchoolGraduationEpisode Barry comes out as straight - he was just pretending to be gay in order to [[PetHomosexual hang out with hot chicks]]. Later retconned when he shows up during The College Years with the same personality he had when he was "pretending" to be gay.
* ''Series/{{Cheers}}'': Norm pretends to be gay in order to secure an account in his new home decorating business, then confesses to the couple that he's straight. They fire him - not because he lied, but because they simply ''must'' have a gay decorator. It's ''tres gauche'' to use a straight decorator.
* In the sitcom ''Series/{{Rodney}}'', Rodney gets booked to do a stand up performance at a gay bar and his best friend pretends to be Rodney's boyfriend so guys won't hit on him. Eventually, they come out as straight.
* In an episode of ''Series/TwoAndAHalfMen'', while Charlie is pretending to be gay for the sake of a gay client, he meets a hot chick, so he invites her out shopping. On the shopping trip, he tries to convince her that she's flipped him, but when that doesn't work, he comes out as straight. Unfortunately, his mother is coincidentally in the same store, overhears, and decides to support his original story, [[ItAmusedMe for fun]].
* ''Series/{{Frasier}}'':
** There was an episode where Frasier was MistakenForGay by a well-to-do gay Seattle socialite played by Creator/PatrickStewart. He used the misunderstanding to gain access to social circles but eventually chose to "come straight" when his only alternative was to start dating Stewart's character.
** They did a very similar plot line with far more well-meaning station manager played by Eric Lutes in season 2. Frasier got to discussing [[CampStraight wine, opera and Men's fashion]] and decided to invite him over for dinner as a date for Daphne. Of course, that time, Frasier didn't realize until much later, and didn't try to actively deceive his boss in any way.
** Gil Chesterton is AmbiguouslyGay but becomes outraged when he discovers that everyone in the office assumes he's homosexual. He hotly explains that he's married... [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday to a woman]], thank you (describing his wife in terms that match the stereotypical ButchLesbian). The scene concludes in these [[CrowningMomentOfFunny immortal lines]]:
--> '''Gil''': Honestly, the conclusions people make just because a man dresses well, and knows how to use a pastry bag! ''(exits in a huff)''
--> '''Frasier''': ({{beat}}) Well, that's the first I've ever seen a man ''in'' himself.
* ''Series/CarolineInTheCity'': Richard is invited to have an art opening at a gallery that is exclusively for gay artists, so he has to pretend to be gay. He eventually comes clean to the gallery owner, who is sympathetic but makes him take his stuff down.
* ''Series/TheNanny'' episode "A Fine Friendship" has Fran getting close to the male nanny of Gracie's friend. Throughout the episode, Fran is firmly convinced that he's gay, until they share a passionate kiss, making Fran say "You mean you're ''not'' gay?!".
* On ''Series/QueerAsFolk'', everyone assumes Hunter is gay because he used to be a prostitute and showed an interest in Brian when they first met, so when he asks Michael for extra money because he has a date, Michael and Ben are very excited that he finally has a boyfriend. Imagine their shock when he reluctantly points out that while he did say he had a friend, he never said anything about it being a boy.
* In an episode of ''Series/ItsAllRelative'', the gay couple's very flamboyant event planner comes out as straight.
* PlayedForLaughs on one episode of ''Series/TheColbertReport'', in response to a Creator/{{Fox News|Channel}} report about straights being repressed, where the [[TransparentCloset heavily implied to be gay]] Colbert comes out as straight in a fairly unconvincing manner that has some parallels to someone coming out as gay to his or her family.
* In the second season of ''Series/TheAlmightyJohnsons'', Gaia's father Bryn comes out as straight. Since Gaia subsequently learns that she's a goddess, Bryn's a giant and Bryn killed her birth parents and kidnapped her, the truth about Bryn's sexuality is rather overshadowed.
* ''Series/FakingIt'':
** Karma does this a couple of times after pretending to be gay for popularity. First at Drama Club tryouts to give the teacher something really emotional (which destroys her social standing). Then at her mother's PFLAG group after her mother "neglected" to tell the group her daughter was straight.
** The guest character Wade averts both this and ComingOutStory when confronted by Karma (who thinks he's straight) and Shane (who thinks he's gay). He tells them he's bi. [[NoBisexuals Neither of them even considered that a possibility]].

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* PlayedForDrama with [[spoiler:Yoon Sung]] from ''Webcomic/WelcomeToRoom305''. He has told his [[spoiler:sister]] for the last several years that he's gay. He's actually straight but told her that in order to help her get over her denial of her own sexuality. It backfires and she just becomes bitter and homophobic. [[spoiler:He comes out to her after saying he knew she was gay]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In the {{Mockumentary}} ''WebVideo/DormLife'', a first-season episode centers on everyone discovering Andy is gay, and showering him with love and acceptance. In the second season, when they all view a screening of the first season, Andy is shocked to discover that's what they thought, and reveals that he really is straight. The rest of the characters revile him for it for the rest of the season.
* In WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries, Pegasus's entire character seems to revolve around his campness. Everyone is shocked to discover he's straight. In fact, he is [[ArmoredClosetGay Armored Closet Straight]], and tries to kill the group of characters who find out so that it stays a secret.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' has Meg joining a lesbian school club whose members believe she is lesbian [[IJustWantToHaveFriends for acceptance]].
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'':
** A rare example of this trope ''not'' being played for laughs: After being laid off from his longtime job as an Army barber, Bill pretends to be gay so he can work as a hair stylist, but eventually comes out as straight. Everyone immediately turns on him, as no woman in Arlen trusts a straight man to do her hair, and he gets fired.
** A similar example: Peggy accidentally goes to a store frequented by transsexuals and makes a "girlfriend" who assumes that she's also transgender.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "Flaming Moe"[[note]] (not to be confused with the much earlier episode "Flaming Moe's")[[/note]], Moe opens a gay bar and eventually runs for political power with support of the gays who think he is gay. When challenged by Smithers, who knows Moe to be straight, to kiss him, Moe decides instead to come straight, to the disappointment of the gathered homosexual support base.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Creator/DarrenCriss, the actor who played Harry in ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'' and Blaine, Kurt's boyfriend from ''Series/{{Glee}}'', had to come out as straight to his friends when he was younger. Many assumed he was gay because of his [[CampStraight fairly flamboyant]] mannerisms and his upbringing in the gay San Francisco theater world.
* Likewise, several of the cast of Series/QueerAsFolk came out as straight in real-life while doing the show. Same with the cast of ''Series/TheLWord''.
* Music/JessieJ who previously identified herself as bisexual stated in a 2014 interview that she's actually straight and that her dating history with girls was just a phase.