%%->''"It's either really hot or really cold. Either way it [=REALLY=] hurts"''
%%-->-- The description for the "Frostburn" debuff, ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}''

Fire is hot--except for those occasions when it's not. Sometimes, one of the special properties of magical or illusory fire is that it doesn't burn things, although, oddly enough, it may still require fuel. Sometimes, the non-burning property only applies to certain classes of objects, such as fire which doesn't burn people but will burn anything else, or fire which only burns living organisms.

Sometimes, the flames will actually be cold (in varying intensities), and not just not hot (scientifically a flame that's cold wouldn't be flame, but rather a cryogenic vapor that's luminescent, causing it to look like flame).

See also ConvectionSchmonvection, for when fires supposedly ''are'' hot, but don't quite behave like it.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* One variety of mushi featured in ''Manga/{{Mushishi}}'' feeds off human body heat by appearing to its victims as an open flame. If a person huddles close to it for warmth, it saps their heat from them until they freeze to death. Interestingly, these mushi - called "''kagebi''," meaning "shadow fire" - can also be used to boil water and cook food, which if then ingested cause internal frostbite.
* In ''Manga/OnePiece'', WordOfGod states that Marco's blue phoenix flames do not burn or produce heat like normal flames, instead they are what allow him to [[HealingFactor heal]].

* One Jack 'O Lantern (who later became Hobgoblin), a recurring ''Franchise/SpiderMan'' villain, has flames all over his helmet, yet doesn't get burned due to the fire being a variant called "stage fire," which is used in theatrical productions to simulate flame. He also has an air-supply within the helmet -- separate from the fire's air supply -- that helps keep the helmet cool.

* In ''Literature/ArtemisFowl: The Time Paradox'', Damon Kronski, leader of the Extinctionists, has a pit lined with flamethrowers which he uses to stage the execution of endangered species for the amusement of his supporters. Unbeknownst to him, another character (who wants the endangered animals saved for selfish reasons) fitted a trapdoor in the base of the pit and replaced the flamethrowers with hologram generators.
* In the ''Literature/ColdfireTrilogy'', the AntiVillain developed his own version of fire magic that burns cold rather than hot. As an undead, it's the only way he can safely wield fire.
* In Creator/SusanCooper's ''Literature/TheDarkIsRising'', Hawkin summons nine large magical freezing cold flames that represent the power of the Dark and the spells of the Deep Cold.
* In the novel ''Literature/DreamPark'', the [[ShowWithinAShow South Seas Treasure Game]] scenario includes a form of "reverse fire", that un-burns ashes and causes frostbite on contact, as a plot device.
* An entire novel in ''The Galactic Consul'' series by Yevgeny Filenko is set on a planet whose native culture discovered a form of low-temperature plasma that doesn't burn if handled right (but is deadly otherwise) and adapted it into a weapon. The scientists are as baffled by its physics by the end of the novel as they are at the start.
* In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndThePhilosophersStone'', Hermione puts some non-burning magical fire in a jar to keep the trio warm in winter. Later she uses it to trick Snape into thinking his robes have caught fire and scoops it back into the jar when she's done. (In the film, the latter is changed to the regular kind of fire.)
** Later on in book, during the trials to reach the Stone, Snape's challenge has the entrance and exit blocked off by magical fire. Only by drinking the correct potion will it be safe for one to pass through them.
** In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban'', the textbook Harry reads reveals that the spell to negate flames is called the Flame Freezing Charm, and reduces their effects to a mild tickling sensation. During the era of [[BurnTheWitch witch burnings]], witches and wizards would use this charm to survive their execution and subsequently fake their deaths. One witch, Wendelin the Weird, [[TooKinkyToTorture loved being "burned"]] and let herself be captured several times in various disguises.
* ''Literature/TheSagaOfHervorAndHeidrek'': When Hervor is looking for her father's gravemound in a haunted burial ground at night, there are ghostly "grave-fires" burning on the barrows. As it turns out, Hervor can go right through these fires without getting burned.
* Minor Outer Gods Aphoom-Zhah and Tulzscha from the Franchise/CthulhuMythos are both ElementalEmbodiments of this sort. The former is a [[TechnicolorFire gray flame]] that consumes heat rather than emitting it, whilst the latter is comprised of [[TechnicolorFire "sickly green" flames]] that "radiate the clamminess of death and corruption" and leave a "noxious, venomous verdigris" wherever they touch. Aphoom-Zhah literally freezes whatever it touches, though Tulzscha is implied to be more of a poison or radiation elemental.
* In ''Literature/TheNekropolisArchives'', the city of Nekropolis is surrounded by Phlegethon, a river of green fire which is cold rather than hot and burns the spirit rather than the flesh.

* This is how Captain Cold's gun works in ''Series/TheFlash2014'' when it fires a blue flame that reaches absolute zero. Initially, Cisco designed the weapon in mind to counter the Flash's SuperSpeed in case he ever went rogue. It's too bad that a janitor stole the gun and it had to fall into Captain Cold's hands of all people.
* Nepol in ''Series/{{Galidor}}'' uses a literal version to stay cool; as AnIcePerson, his temperature senses are inverted.

[[folder:Mythology and Religion]]
* In the Literature/BookOfExodus, an angel of the Lord speaks to Moses from a bush that burns but is not consumed.
* In UsefulNotes/{{Judaism}}, mainly UsefulNotes/{{Kabbalah}}, there are 4 types of flames that are differentiated by their capabilities:
** Fire that consumes solids but does not vaporize water
** Fire that does not consume solids but does vaporize water
** Fire that consumes solids and that also consumes water
** Fire that doesn't consume solids or vaporize water
* Verse 21:70 in the Literature/TheQuran says: "O Fire! Become cool and safe for Abraham!"

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'':
** Module I4 ''Oasis of the White Palm''. In the Temple of Set the {{PC}}s can find a brazier filled with [[TechnicolorFire violet flames]]. The flames don't give off heat and don't burn wood. However, if they touch living flesh, they burn it, causing serious damage.
** The ''Continual Flame'' spell creates a permanent fire that doesn't burn or use oxygen and is used to make ''Everlasting Torches''.
** In the ''TabletopGame/{{Mystara}}'' D&D setting and the CD&D game, the halfling Masters' racial artifact is blackflame: a dark-colored, frigid "fire" that burns inflammable substances and radiates shadow rather than light.
** ''Blackfire'' and its nastier cousin ''Blightfire'' are powerful {{Necroman|cer}}tic effects that feed on the life force of the target rather than any physical substance, and cannot be extinguished by ordinary means.
** Drow can create faerie fire, harmless flames that illuminate targets. Its usefulness varies with the setting, but in general it helps make targets easier to hit.
* The magic system of ''TabletopGame/ArsMagica'' can modify or remove core aspects of things, altering fires to produce light but no heat or vice versa.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty'' multiplayer maps, fire is often present in small amounts (think burning wreckage) but entirely cosmetic. A player can stand next to or even ''in'' it and suffer no damage.
* In the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' games, there is a special Fire-Type attack called ''Will O' Wisp'', which doesn't do any damage, but it inflicts a [[StandardStatusEffects burn]] upon them.
* In ''VideoGame/SpyroYearOfTheDragon'', in one level, Spyro's fire breath will become cold and can freeze enemies.
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'' has a bottle item called [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Blue Fire"]] that is described as a "cool flame". It has a counterpart in the form of Red Ice which only it can melt.
** In ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks Spirit Tracks]]'' a similar type of fire allows the [[BattleBoomerang boomerang]] to freeze water after being "burned" by it.
* Subverted with the Frozen Flame in ''VideoGame/ChronoCross''. While there are many different in-universe ideas of what this thing is, most people simply think it's some kind of cold fire, or fire trapped in ice (That has special powers). It's actually [[spoiler: a fragment of Lavos that survived its destruction after the events of the [[VideoGame/ChronoTrigger previous game]]]].
* ''VideoGame/MaxPayne2'': The StylisticSuck episodes of Baseball Bat Boy involve him dodging "shards of frozen fire" at one point.
* ''[[VideoGame/DontStarve Don't Starve]]'''s Reign of Giants DLC includes the craftable Endothermic Fire to cool down in the summer.
* ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}'':
** You can make Ice Torches, which can be used to craft lamps, campfires, and chandeliers.
** Certain items and enemies inflict the Frostburn debuff, which reduces health overtime and cancels health regen.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Alchademy}}'', Flayme, an alchemist whose body is made of fire, states that he can control his flames so that they don't burn everything they touch.

* In ''Webcomic/{{Unsounded}}'', when a magic trap explodes and leaves behind [[http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch05/ch05_03.html cold flames]], it's a sign that the BackgroundMagicField of the Khert has overloaded and is messing with reality. Although they're physically harmless, it's very bad news, since it means the fire's energy is discharging into the Khert instead.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The seventh ''WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime'' sequel is subtitled "The Stone of Cold Fire", referring to a comet seen crashing by Littlefoot. A few characters believe it to be a legendary "Stone of Cold Fire" that would grant their finders special powers. When found, it just turns out to be a mere rock, though, as much as meteorites can be called mere.
* From ''WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien'', Ultimate Big Chill can shoot out flames that turn into solid ice after burning for a few seconds.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* There are some flammable solutions in RealLife that ignite at very low temperatures and don't produce enough heat to burn other things unless exposed for a prolonged period. One can use them to set a person on fire for a few minutes without burning them.