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Oh sure, most coats in RealLife and fiction are worn for warmth and other kinds of protection, but just as often in fiction, they can be used to say something about a character, or add a slight touch of style to a scene. Whether it's a [[HellBentForLeather leather jacket]], a trench coat, a [[SharpDressedMan suave blazer]], or a [[PrettyInMink fur coat]], these garments can fulfill a lot of tropes.

These tropes can overlap with various other tropes, like CostumePorn, BlingOfWar, RuleOfGlamorous, RuleOfCool.
+ TheCapedIndex
+ CraniumCoverings
+ GloveTropes
+ DressesGownsAndSkirts
+ TheseTropesAreMadeForWalking

* BadassLongcoat
* BadassLongRobe
* BlackCloak (although this trope can also involve a cape or robe)
* CoatCape
* CoatHatMask
* CoatOverTheShoulder
* TheCoatsAreOff
* ConspicuousTrenchcoat
* GasMaskLongcoat
* HerBoyfriendsJacket
* LabcoatOfScienceAndMedicine
* NakedInMink
* NotSoBadassLongcoat
* NoShirtLongJacket
* PlagueDoctor
* PrettyInMink
* SexyCoatFlashing
* TrenchcoatBrigade
* TrenchCoatWarfare
* YouMustBeCold (guy putting his coat on a lady)
Don't forget to put these tropes on, or you'll CatchYourDeathOfCold.