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Civilian Power
This is when a civilian or group of civilians, whether it be through TV, the internet, word of mouth, or simply being caught in the middle of everything, notice the battle. More often than not, the Final Battle. The civilians somehow figure out who the good guys are. When the hero is in a pinch at the hands of the villains. What will the civilians do? Call the police? Run for their lives? Actually try to save the day themselves? Heck no! They use their Civilian Power by cheering on the hero and somehow (either directly or simply because the cheering fuels the distressed hero's Heroic Spirit) the Hero gains the power to send the bad guy flying.



  • Inverted in the Pre Crisis Superman story "The Day The Cheering Stopped." A bad guy has manipulated the minds of the crowd of onlookers during his fight with Superman, so that they're jeering and cursing the Man of Steel. Superman, who of course is used to being cheered, is frankly amazed at how much it hurts.
    • Played straight with Lex Luthor of all people when he helps the natives of the dying planet Lexor. He originally only did it to gain their help against Superman, but when they start hailing him as a hero, he's startled at how good it feels. For years afterward, virtually the only decent things Lex ever does in his life are to help the Lexorians.
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