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Cirque Du Nie
Cirque du Nie is a Roleplay group from the website Deviant ART. It is a horror-themed story, set in the Victorian Era. It follows a set plot, but characters created by members interact with the story as it goes along. It's basically a circus of fear.

It follows the adventures of the Cirque du Nie, a travelling freak show, led by the manager, Sebastian. Most of the freaks were once human, but lured into the circus by Sebastian, who invites them to drink a toast in friendship (thus, unknowingly signing a Deal with the Devil). He then binds them with a Magically Binding Contract and the character wakes up, transformed into a freak, with many mysteries and horrors to come...

This story is not yet fully revealed, so many fitting tropes will be missing to avoid spoiling the plot for the members.

This RP includes examples of...

Dawn Before The DawnSandbox/Orphaned Pages    

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