%%No, this is not a stub. And it's not illogical by mistake, either. Don't edit anything here without reading the discussion page first. The index CircularDefinition is intended as a joke. The trope NonsenseClassification needed to be classified in a nonsense way, and I didn't want to polute a real index with it. As for the pages ReflexiveStatement and SelfReferring, they are part of the joke - Circular Definition: See Reflexive Statement... Reflexive Statement: See Self Referring... Self Referring: See Circular Definition. Best regards, Xzenu%

For the definition of Circular Definition, see CircularDefinition. While this is an obvious joke, it has a certain {{justification}} beyond RuleOfFunny. This type of definition may illustrate the term and get the meaning across to the reader better than any formal definition in terms of previously defined terms. It is literally impossible to define all terms in terms of previously defined terms.[[note]]How does one define the first term?[[/note]]

%%Seems that someone removed the "Reflexive Statement" page after all these years. If someone puts it back online, please change this page back to linking it.

For tropes and indexes indexed in this index, see...
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment
* MutuallyFictional
* NonsenseClassification
* RecursiveAcronym
* RecursiveAdaptation
* RecursiveAmmo
* RecursiveCanon
* RecursiveCreators
* RecursiveCrossdressing
* RecursiveFanfiction
* RecursiveImport
* RecursivePrecursors
* RecursiveReality (Of the TurtlesAllTheWayDown kind.)
* RecursiveTranslation
* ShapedLikeItself
* [[ThePresentsWereNeverFromSanta Strange Pond Woman]] (When authority isn't valid because it's valid, it's instead invalid because it's invalid. Administrivia/InternalSubtrope of ThePresentsWereNeverFromSanta.)
* ThereAreNoGirlsOnTheInternet (There are no girls on the Internet. There are no girls because the females pretend to be male. The females pretend to be male because certain men get outraged if they say they are female. These men get outraged because anyone who claim to be female is a liar. They know that anyone online claiming to be female is a liar... Because there are no girls on the Internet.)