Circle Of Evil

The main vampire is dead, everything is well with the world... or? Suddenly one of his victim arises to take his position as the nosferatu, riding off to spread the plauge of vampirism further.

This trope is when a important character in a vampire story who has been infected becomes the new vampire soon after the death of the former head vampire or an important figure among the vampires. The idea is simply that the story of the vampire is a circle of evil, that a new vampire will take the place of the old one until the same thing happens again. The term was coined by Werner Herzog when he made Nosferatu: The Vampyre with Klaus Kinski.

This is not to be confused with You Kill It, You Bought It, but is a philosophic twist on one of the aspects of And Then John Was a Zombie.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • Shiki: When Sunako is left all alone like in the beginning of her story Seishin takes Tatsumi's place as her protector allowing the Shiki to live on and spread in new places.

     Comic Books 
  • In L'épée de cristal, Khaos is defeated by Zoria at the end of issue #4. But the end of issue #5 shows Zoria becoming the new mistress of darkness. The last pannel implies that the same cylce happenned at least 5 times before the main story.

  • Frostbite: The head vampire Beckert took part in killing a Ukrainian vampire that where killing his platoon. Beckert himself was bitten and became a vampire. At the end of the film Annika kills Beckert but turns into a vampire soon after and drives south, restarting the whole circle again.
  • Nosferatu: Werner Herzog's movie is the trope namer: Lucy manages to lure Dracula to stay up with her until the morning comes and the sunlight kills him. But Lucy's sacrifice is all for nothing as her husband Jonathan rises as the new vampire.