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[[caption-width-right:330:[[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench Joyeux Noel]], from [[Franchise/DisneyPrincess Princess]] [[SublimeRhyme Belle]].]]

''For tropes related to Christmas.''

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* AntiChristmasSong\\
When you're tired of Christmas Carols and a simple "Bah Humbug" just won't cut it.
* TheAntiGrinch\\
Strange how a guy whose heart ''isn't'' two sizes too small can snafu the Holidays better than someone who is like that.
* AnAsskickingChristmas\\
We're SavingChristmas the old-fashioned way: [[MeetMyGoodFriendsLeftyAndRighty with good ol' Lefty and Righty]].
* AwayInAManger\\
A baby born on Christmas Eve in a stinky barn... are you sure he's not the Second Coming?
* BadassSanta\\
The perfect thing for AnAssKickingChristmas. Just don't end up on his Naughty List...
* BadSanta\\
You got tube socks while the BarbaricBully got tens and twenties? '''There's only one reason.'''
* ChekhovsGift\\
RuleNumberOne when your present is ChekovsGun -- don't return it.
* TheChristmasAnnual\\
That beloved DoorStopper would make the perfect gift for AVeryBritishChristmas
* ChristmasCarolers\\
Their attempts to inspire Christmas cheer inspires some people to break out the Anti-Jehovah's Witness Cannon.
* ChristmasCreep\\
Clearly, department stores learned nothing from ''WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas''.
* ChristmasElves\\
Clean and sprightly like [[OurElvesAreBetter elves]], yet short and industrious like [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame dwarves]]... [[WildMassGuessing hmm...]]
* ChristmasEpisode\\
Ah, that was a great episode! Why do they only air it one month a year?
* ChristmasInJuly\\
Who says we can't combine some yuletide cheer with bikini season?
* ChristmasMiracle\\
It wasn't the MakeAWishFoundation that made the LittlestCancerPatient walk again -- 'twas the magic of Christmas!
* ChristmasMoviesIndex\\
Film/ItsAWonderfulLife for {{film}} buffs this time of year.
* ChristmasRushed\\
Just slap a "Some Assembly Required" sign next to the "Do Not Open Until Christmas" sign, it'll be fine!
* ChristmasSongs\\
Do you think "[[Disney/{{Frozen}} Let it Go]]" counts as one of these now?
* ChristmasSpecial\\
Let's see there's ''WesternAnimation/ACharlieBrownChristmas'', ''WesternAnimation/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas'', more than half of the Creator/RankinBass filmography... anything I'm missing?
* ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping\\
For when you're too poor to afford that [[CrackIsCheaper $500]] Creator/{{LEGO}} set, or your kid's on the Naughty List.
* DoTheyKnowItsChristmasTime\\
For once a year, we put our differences aside, because we ''really'' want that UsefulNotes/NintendoSwitch.
* DidIMentionItsChristmas\\
Oh, right. Let's put up the tree, and then we'll get back to our {{Zany Scheme}}s.
* DreamingOfAWhiteChristmas\\
No heavy slush, just a perfect powdery blanket of fun!
* EveryoneHatesFruitCakes\\
Along with the HomemadeSweaterFromHell, this serves as a reminder that Christmas ain't perfect.
* EveryoneIsChristianAtChristmas\\
Ah, Christmas, when InformedJudaism becomes just a little more informed.
* GiftGivingGaffe\\
My geologist friend gave me a present! Aw, IGotARock...
* GiftOfTheMagiPlot\\
[[SpoofAesop The moral of this story]] is: Being Twice Generous can be just as lame as being TwiceShy.
* GiftShake\\
I hope it's that vial of nitroglycerin I always [[KilledMidSentence wan--]]'''''[[MadeOfExplodium KABOOMABLAM]]''''' [[NonSequiturThud ...Yyaayyy...!]]
* GreenChristmas\\
Merry Christmas, NowBuyTheMerchandise!
* TheGrinch\\
All the {{troper}}s in Wiki/TVTropes liked Christmas a lot... but the {{Troll}} who frequented Website/FourChan ''did not!''
* HappyHolidaysDress\\
The {{Pimped Out Dress}}maker has been waiting all year to debut this little number.
* HolidayVolunteering\\
Christmastime is all about giving, after all, which is why you GotVolunteered for our annual charity drive.
* HollywoodGiftwrap\\
The average Joe in RealLife can't wrap gifts like the elves can.
* HomemadeSweaterFromHell\\
It's itchy, it's tacky, it's Christmas.
* HowCanSantaDeliverAllThoseToys\\
Simple: he's a JustForFun/TimeLord, and the sleigh is his TARDIS.
* HowTheCharacterStoleChristmas\\
...And realized the TrueMeaningOfChristmas and gave it back before we had to beat the hell out of him.
* ItsAWonderfulPlot\\
SuicidePrevention is the ultimate ChristmasMiracle.
* TheKrampus\\
A demon who specializes in CorporalPunishment; now, ''that's'' a Holiday tradition!
* LeavingFoodForSanta\\
And some vegetables and water for the reindeer; can't forget them!
* LetThereBeSnow\\
To all kids DreamingOfAWhiteChristmas down south, anything's possible this time of year.
* MallSanta\\
Try not to let your whiskey-soaked beard fall off, will ya?
* MerryChristmasInGotham\\
For one time a year, the CrapsackWorld becomes kind of pleasant.
* OverthetopChristmasDecorations\\
Your Christmas cheer isn't great enough unless it can be seen from orbit.
* PresentPeeking\\
There's an art to it, as any anxious kid in fictionland will tell you.
* PekingDuckChristmas\\
I guess [[AvertedTrope Not]] EveryoneIsChristianAtChristmas, but hey, the Chinese restaurant is always open!
* WesternAnimation/RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer\\
AllOfTheOtherReindeer used to laugh and call him names... well, ''WhosLaughingNow, ya dicks?!''
* SantaClaus\\
[[IconicOutfit Red suit, check. White beard, check.]] [[BigFun Large belly, check.]] [[SignatureLaugh Ho ho ho, check.]] Sack of {{toys}}... hopefully not filled with Toys/{{Furby}}s.
** MrsClaus\\
Her name is [[WesternAnimation/SantaClaus Jessica]], right? Or is it [[Film/MrsSantaClaus Anna]]?
* SantaClausmas\\
Hey, isn't this some dude's birthday? I heard that He was [[JesusWasWayCool a pretty cool guy]].
* SantasExistenceClause\\
See? SantaClaus ''is'' real, just like the EasterBunny and StingyJack!
* SavingChristmas\\
Saint Nick is in danger, and we gotta RecruitTeenagersWithAttitude to set things right.
* SecretSanta\\
A classic gift exchange system that leads to many an UnwantedGiftPlot.
* SexySantaDress\\
Now, ''[[{{Fanservice}} this]]'' is why we have ChristmasInJuly!
* {{Snowlems}}\\
Now, this is what you ''[[EpicFail don't]]'' do on ChristmasInJuly.
* StarOfBethlehem\\
Who needs a compass when you're TheThreeWiseMen in BibleTimes?
* SubbingForSanta\\
Can our RagtagBunchOfMisfits handle the reigns? SomeoneHasToDoIt, after all...
* SurpriseSantaEncounter\\
Why would SantaClaus make TheCameo in {{Anime}}? AwesomeDearBoy, that's why.
* TheThreeWiseMen\\
We come bearing gold and a couple of smelly things.
* TrueMeaningOfChristmas\\
[[AnAesop It's better to give than to receive]], so give me a hundred dollars.
* TwistedChristmas\\
Seasons Beatings on this DarkerAndEdgier Christmas!
* UnderTheMistletoe\\
Wait a minute, that's holly. Ah, who cares when it's time for muchas smooches!
* YesVirginia\\
There is a SantaClaus, because he's AlwaysWithYou. In other words, no there isn't.
* YetAnotherChristmasCarol\\
Not getting any good cheer from TheScrooge? Send three ghosts to ScareEmStraight!
* YouMeanXmas\\
Or you mean [[Film/TheStarWarsHolidaySpecial Life Day]], [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Decemberween]], [[Series/{{Seinfeld}} Festivus]], uh... {{Hanukkah}}...