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Chiara Zanni
Chiara Zanni (born July 19, 1978) is a Canadian actress and voice actress, performing in movies such as BIONICLE: Mask of Light as Hahli, playing the title role in Hamtaro, Young Joe (2001) in Cyborg 009, Princess Kyra in Dragons Fire And Ice and its sequel, Jubilee in X-Men: Evolution, Bon Bon in My Little Pony Tales and Nori, the mermaid in Barbie: Mermaidia. She also appears briefly in X2: X-Men United as a tour guide in the White House. Chiara is best known as Amy Ryan in the television series About a Girl, where she plays a 20-year-old woman, and as the voice of Hakudoushi in InuYasha and the titular character of What About Mimi?.

As well as appearing on a number of on-camera projects, Chiara is currently working on various animated series, including Storm Hawks, Ricky Sprocket Showbiz Boy, Rated A For Awesome and Sushi Pack.

Her first name is pronounced like Kiara.

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