We here at the TV Tropes Wiki are fond of characterizing and analyzing our favorite fictional characters, races, factions, etc., finding out what makes them tick. We figured that it would be a good idea to organize some of the tropes for the TropeOverdosed series, because those can get kinda long. Within the following pages are trope lists of some of the main characters for popular series. Look, read, take notes... do as you like.

Just a few words of warning: '''these pages frequently contain major spoilers. Read at your own risk... [[SpoilerHound unless you like that sort of thing]].'''

If you can't find a character sheet, you can try looking [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/namespace_index.php?ns=Characters here]] (and index it appropriately then), or create a page under "Characters" Namespace.

Not to be confused with SelfDemonstrating/CharacterPages, which are first-person articles told from the perspective of a particular character, JustForFun.

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'''By Company:'''
* Characters/DCComics
* Characters/MarvelComics
* Characters/NipponIchi

!By Medium
* Characters/AnimeAndManga (and Light Novels that have been made into Anime or Manga).
* CharacterSheets/AsianAnimation
* CharacterSheets/BoardGames
* Characters/CardGames
* CharacterSheets/ComicBooks
* CharacterSheets/EasternEuropeanAnimation
* CharacterSheets/FanWorks
* [[CharacterSheets/AnimatedFilms Films -- Animated]]
* [[CharacterSheets/LiveActionFilms Films -- Live Action]]
* Characters/LetsPlay
* Characters/{{Literature}}
* Characters/LiveActionTV
* CharacterSheets/{{Manhua}}
* CharacterSheets/{{Manhwa}}
* CharacterSheets/MultipleMedia
* CharacterSheets/{{Music}}
* [[CharacterSheets/{{Mythology}} Mythology and Religion]]
* CharacterSheets/NewspaperComics
* Characters/PlayByPostGames
* CharacterSheets/PuppetShows
* CharacterSheets/ProfessionalWrestling
* CharacterSheets/{{Radio}}
* CharacterSheets/{{Roleplay}}
* Characters/TabletopGames
* Characters/TabletopRPG
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* Characters/WesternAnimation
* Characters/RealLife