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Challenges Of Fire
From the land of Japan comes another impossible challenge show. Unlike Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke, however, not all the challenges require agility or strength. Some instead require dexterity, luck, or eating.

The show is divided into a series of challenges where competitors try to run through a themed obstacle course for their chance to earn 1,000,000 yen. The show is edited so that viewers see a string of failures first before showing the person that made the best effort that day.

Challenges include:

  • The most popular one: contestants slide a metal bar through a narrow track. There are many obstacles to make life harder and if any contestant touches the side they lose. While other challenges only showed every once in a while, this was featured in nearly every broadcast.
  • Two contestants hold a long stack of cans sideways, using pressure to keep them from falling down. While doing this they are required to walk along two tracks which very often require them to do different things.
  • Contestants are required to catch paper which falls from a great height in chopsticks. This is harder than it sounds
  • Contestants eat food that's going by on a conveyor belt. If any food gets past them they lose, and the food gets closer and closer together as the challenge goes along.
  • Parents with infants try to guide their children through an obstacle course. If the baby goes off course or goes too slow, they lose. There are a lot of objects off the course designed to distract the baby or tempt them into leaving the course.
  • Contestants play a simple melody on a giant piano. The melody requires a few large leaps.

This show provides Examples of:

  • Luck-Based Mission: Whether or not you guide your kid to the end of the course depends on whether your kid wants to cooperate.
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