Chain Link Fence

It seems that in the majority of chase scenes on foot, our runners eventually head down a dead-end alley. There's usually a chain-link fence at the end. The chase almost always ends here, with the chasee either surrendering or confronting the pursuers. Other times, one or both parties will just climb over it, but since that is hard to do with that kind of fence, this is a good opportunity to end the sequence with the pursued trying to do so and the pursuer arrives to pull them down.


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  • In Revolver, the protagonist escapes over a wooden fence and his pursuer tries to follow him with a shotgun in one hand. He drops it. Ouch.
  • A chase scene in the movie Barbershop ends with the main character jumping over one...and then jumping back because there's an Angry Guard Dog on the other side.
  • Spoofed in one of the Police Academy movies when Lt. Harris and his minion climbs a chain-link fence only to have a caretaker come along and unlock the gate while they're climbing over it. Hilarity Ensues.
    • In the first film, Blanks and Copeland are shown taunting criminals on the other side of a fence until they get to a gap in the fence, where a large thug simply takes their revolvers off them.
  • At the start of Blood Work, the protagonist is chasing a Serial Killer, only to suffer a heart attack after encountering a fence that he would easily have been able to climb otherwise.

     Live-Action TV  

  • Law & Order: SVU uses this multiple times, usually ending with Elliot pulling down the perp from the fence.
  • Done with a corpse in Ghost Whisperer. He climbs the fence, drops over the other side, and lands with his leg in a squicky position. He then proceeds to re-set the leg and run off. Definitely breaking some fundamental laws of physics and biology there...
  • In the Doctor Who episode "Age of Steel", Mickey Smith and his Alternate Universe double, Ricky, are running away from a squad of Cybermen. They have to climb a chain-link fence to escape. Mickey makes it. Ricky doesn't.
  • Bargearse (a Gag Dub of an Australian cop show that appeared on The Late Show) rather cannily takes advantage of an out-of-focus fence to trap a fleeing criminal.
  • Police shows in general love this. Pick one and it's likely in at least one episode.

     Manga and Anime  

  • Not actually a chase scene, but Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex definitely deserves some kind of prize for a scene in which a big, heavy Tachikoma climbs over a flimsy chain link fence at the top of a high-rise building.
  • Kagewani has an area on an uninhabited island in Japan surrounded by a chain link fence with yellow caution tape. The scene where Banba examines the hole in the fence with the ripped tape suggests that explorers were ignoring the warnings not to go in there.

     Video Games  

  • Subverted in Assassin's Creed I, where due to Altair's Spider-man-esque climbing abilities, there is no such thing as a dead end. However, during climbing, he's vulnerable to thrown rocks, or arrows if archers are nearby.
  • In the stealth sections of Sid Meier's Pirates!, you can jump over short walls in order to elude the night watch; the manual lampshades this by suggesting that they're too fat and lazy to follow, or even to just run the long way around to corner you.
  • Faith from Mirror's Edge laughs at chain link fences. Unless they are electrified—then she first turns off the power, then laughs at them.
  • This works surprisingly well in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, since you can vault fences, but it generally doesn't occur to the cops. They can still shoot you, though...
  • Grand Theft Auto V has the standard chain link fence, which can be vaulted over, and chain link fences with barb wire at the top, which can't be climbed over.

     Western Animation  

  • The opening to the 1990s X-Men animated series includes a shot of Jubilee being chased by an Angry Mob, running into a chain-link fence.
  • Subverted in Family Guy, where a perp is confident that he's eluded Joe for the second time by climbing over a fence. Joe, however, is able to use a steel girder to catapult himself over and land on top of the chasee. It turns out that Joe landed on his spine, killing him in the process.
    Peter: Ah, a fence - the cripple's natural enemy.
  • In King of the Hill, Hank angrily chases Jimmy Wichard. Jimmy climbs over a chain-link fence and taunts Hank who can't climb it. Hank then kicks through the fence and kicks Jimmy's ass.
  • In an episode of Static Shock, two young men trying to escape the Big Bang ran headlong into a fence. The gas ended up fusing the fence to their bodies, forming steel Combat Tentacles.