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[[caption-width-right:264: Did you think they got [[CatsHaveNineLives 9 lives]] without dark magic?]]

->''"For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten."''
-->--'''Creator/HPLovecraft''', ''Literature/TheCatsOfUlthar''

[[OlderThanDirt Throughout history]], cats have gone [[HoldYourHippogriffs paw-in-paw]] with the supernatural. In AncientEgypt they were considered to be sacred to the goddess Bast; in medieval Europe they were tied to [[DealWithTheDevil witchcraft]]; in UsefulNotes/{{Japan}} and UsefulNotes/{{Russia}} they are heralds of good luck; in the [[UsefulNotes/{{Islam}} Muslim world]], they are regarded as BornLucky, benevolent djinni, while in other places they are [[TheJinx harbingers of misfortune]]. In Western culture, [[CatsHaveNineLives cats are purported to have nine lives]], and black cats in particular carry associations with witchcraft and both bad and good luck.

Unsurprisingly, when people write about cats in works with magic, cats tend to have magic too.

Because AllWitchesHaveCats, cats are almost certain to make an appearance in a work with [[WitchClassic witches]], and more often than not, these felines will possess unusual abilities. Even in media without witchcraft, cats alone will sometimes be able to perform supernatural feats while other animals will be [[{{Muggle}} extremely mundane]]. If any one animal has [[IntellectualAnimal the ability to be understood by humans]] or to [[TalkingAnimal use human speech fluently]], chances are that it's a cat. A person will often choose the form of a cat when using [[VoluntaryShapeshifting magic to disguise him]] or herself [[{{Animorphism}} as an animal]]. Similarly, [[KarmicTransformation using transformation as a form of punishment]] often results in a [[BalefulPolymorph feline transformation]]. Sometimes their magic might appear in a FollowTheWhiteRabbit form.

Usually a magical cat [[AmplifiedAnimalAptitude will be intelligent]], but even non-sapient cats can have magical powers. Wittingly or not, cats may even be using their abilities to keep up TheMasquerade. Despite all this, cats are not often BondCreatures, except maybe to witches in the [[LighterAndSofter fluffiest]] of works. This is perhaps due to their reputations for being aloof and independent. This trope may mean a cat is an EvilSorcerer if used in a story where CatsAreMean.

See also CatsAreSuperior, CatsHaveNineLives, ManekiNeko and {{Familiar}}.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Anime/TheCatReturns'' is this in spades.
* Yoruichi from ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' often opts to wear the guise of a black cat.
* ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'' has Shamisen, the calico cat. He (male calico cats being extremely rare) originally started as an ordinary cat, but was briefly given the ability of speech. This was because Haruhi believes witches need magical cats, and this belief [[RealityWarper altered reality]] and made Shamisen magical. She never finds out that Shamisen could talk, but was originally a little disappointed that he wasn't a black cat.
* In ''Franchise/SailorMoon'', the characters find out they are Sailor Soldiers/Senshi/Scouts with magic powers because two talking cats with crescent moons on their foreheads, Artemis and Luna, appear to inform them and guide them as they try to save the world. They can even make magical items appear by doing backflips.
* Kuroneko-Sama from the anime ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'', the black cat randomly appears across the desert planet Gunsmoke where our hero's show up. FanWank is that Kuroneko-Sama is {{God}}.
* Blair from ''Manga/SoulEater'' is a cat with witch-level magical powers and the ability to transform into a [[MsFanservice busty]] CatGirl.
** It doesn't help Soul or Maka that Blair's human form happens to have the iconic pointy hat and flowing robe (though Blair's robe is only flowy in the sleeves. The rest resembles are very short miniskirt with tank-top.)
* Happy, Carla, Panther Lily, and all the Exceed (a race of talking winged cats) from ''Manga/FairyTail'' apply. It turns out that they're actually all from [[AlternateUniverse Edolas]], where they were the only creatures that naturally had magical ability.
* Gatomon from ''Anime/{{Digimon|Adventure}}'' possessed the attack "cat's eye hypnotism" and she was rather mystic in nature.
* In the manga ''{{Leviathan}}'', cats are mentioned in passing to be able to see spirits.
* The cats in ''Manga/{{ARIA}}'', especially the Mars variety. And then there's [[MegaNeko Cait Sith]].
* The cats in ''Anime/WindyTales'' seem to have a natural talent for manipulating wind.
* Cats in the ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'' verse are one of the two animals we've seen used as familiars, and are typically more magically oriented than the more physical oriented wolf familiars. In fact, all of the known cat familiars in the franchise have served as magic tutors, with Rynith teaching Fate, and the Lieze twins teaching Chrono.
* Kirara of ''Manga/InuYasha'' is a "{{nekomata}}", a cat that has lived for a very long time and has developed a split tail and magic powers. In Kirara's case, she can grow to a giant size (large and strong enough to easily carry three full-grown people), fly, and is often WreathedInFlames in that form. She is also notably more intelligent than your average animal, though not quite sapient.
* Toyed with in Anime/FatePrototype's prequel ''Fragments of Pale and Silver'': [[spoiler: Ayaka's black cat is actually [[MasterofDisguise Servant Assassin]] under a false form.]]
* A strange spin on this trope is present in the ''Anime/TokyoMewMew'' anime. It's about [[MagicalGirl magical girls]] who get their powers from being injected with the DNA of endangered animals (after being chosen specially by the Earth) and they can ''all'' do magic. But their leader Ichigo, who was injected with DNA from an Iriomote Wildcat, is [[spoiler: the most powerful: she's the only one who can use the Mew Aqua rod. Not even Zakuro (the wolf girl) is as strong as she is in the end.]]

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''Comicbook/TheSandman'', where ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve means that AllMythsAreTrue, the goddess Bast exists and governs the well-being of cats. Cats are also implied to have once ruled the world in an alternate timeline.
* In ''ComicBook/CaptainCarrotAndHisAmazingZooCrew'' the AnimalSuperhero team's magic-user is Alley-Kat-Abra.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}'' has a cat that can move between the real world and the Other Mother's world. At the end of the movie, he is shown vanishing into thin air.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLastUnicorn'' has a talking cat that gives Molly the hint they need to save Amalthea and the unicorns. It was also the only creature that could see through the spell Schmendrick put on the unicorn. Bonus points for being the only cat on this list with an EyepatchOfPower.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/HocusPocus'': Binx, a teenager who [[BalefulPolymorph was transformed]] into a black cat by a trio of vengeful witches. He has the ability to speak, and he is effectively immortal. No, he doesn't have nine lives, he just can't die.
* At one point in ''Film/{{The Mummy|1999}}'', a normal cat that Evelyn brought with her on the adventure is able to ward off [[BigBad Imhotep]] because "cats are the guardians of the underworld". This is demonstrated once, and exploited only a single time following that, because Imhotep completes his regeneration soon after and becomes immune to whatever the cat would supposedly have done to him. It's still a Crowning Moment of Awesome, as [[http://mummy.wikia.com/wiki/Cleo Cleo]] gets in on the act.
-->'''O'Connell''': Hey! Look what I got! ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2-8CsV62xk Holds up Cleo]])
-->'''Imhotep''': (OhCrap!)
-->'''Cleo''': ''Hiss!''
-->'''Imhotep''': (VillainExitStageLeft)
* Similar to that, ''Film/{{Constantine}}'' had John use a cat to enter the underworld, because they're "half-in, half out anyway".
* The cats from ''Film/{{Catwoman}}'', the movie. They resurrected the dead Catwoman and gave her cat-like abilities.
* The three stories in ''Film/CatsEye'' are tied together by a wandering street cat who is on a journey to save a little girl from a troll-like creature, after he received a psychic signal of some sort.
* The titular monsters in ''Film/{{Sleepwalkers}}'' are humanoid hairless cat monsters. While cats themselves aren't magic, they are the WeaksauceWeakness of the sleepwalkers and attempt to swarm them at all times. We eventually see that cat scratches burst into flames on a sleepwalker.
%% * The cat from Stephen King's film "Film/CatsEye" definitely applies here.

* Perhaps the most famous literary example is Creator/HPLovecraft's ShortStory "Literature/TheCatsOfUlthar", in which a GypsyCurse causes a town's pet cats to team up and exact vengeance on an old couple that killed a kitten for fun.
* And in Creator/HPLovecraft's novel ''Literature/TheDreamQuestOfUnknownKadath'', the cats of the Dreamlands can travel to the Moon on their own power and have a secret language. They worship Bast and aid the hero in his quest. The only thing the Earth-cats fear are the cats from Saturn, who are even more powerful than they, but are in league with the {{Eldritch Abomination}}s.
* The Cat constellation in Creator/TamoraPierce's ''Literatre/TortallUniverse'' occasionally descends from the heavens and attaches himself to a mortal as a kitten with PurpleEyes who assists them in various ways. He appears first in ''Literature/SongOfTheLioness'' when the Goddess gives him to Alanna, but we learn in ''Literature/ProvostsDog'' that he previously gave himself to Beka Cooper. (WordOfGod says he does this out of boredom. Cats.)
* ''Literature/UnLunDun'', by Creator/ChinaMieville, subverts this by making cats the most stupid and ''least'' magical of all animals. Dogs, foxes, various birds, and even [[NoCartoonFish fish]] are shown to be sapient and able to cross the boundaries between worlds, but cats are too concerned with looking cool to learn anything of value.
* A black cat in Creator/NeilGaiman's ''Literature/{{Coraline}}'' can talk in the Other Mother's universe, and acts as a sort of {{Mentor}} towards the heroine.
* Creator/NeilGaiman's short story ''The Price'' is about an otherwise ordinary black cat who, on a daily basis, protects the narrator's home from a demonic entity. The black cat gets more and more beat up with every fight, and when he fails to fight the demon, the narrator's household is afflicted by numerous misfortunes.
* In Creator/LloydAlexander's ''Literature/TimeCat'', all cats have the ability to travel to any place they choose, in any point of time they choose. This is said to be the reason why they can vanish mysteriously in small rooms.
* In the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' books, cats are one of the few things that can see through [[TheGrimReaper Death]]'s WeirdnessCensor. For this part Death is a KindheartedCatLover who keeps a ton of them at his manor and gives them all nine lives.
** Greebo, Nanny Ogg's [[AllWitchesHaveCats pet tomcat]], is normally the epitome of CatsAreMean, but after being transformed into a human form (that is [[SexyCatPerson sex on legs]]) in ''Discworld/WitchesAbroad'', he retains the ability to shapeshift back into that form during times of danger.
** The titular character of ''Discworld/TheAmazingMauriceAndHisEducatedRodents'' is a cat who gained sapience and speech by eating a rat who had, in turn, also eaten some magical garbage.
** Granny Weatherwax's cat You shows some signs of being magic in ''Discworld/TheShepherdsCrown'', [[spoiler: always turning up where Tiffany is, despite the fact Tiffany is shuttling between Lancre and The Chalk as fast as her broom can take her. It's very vaguely hinted (and would apparently have been confirmed in Sir Terry had managed another rewrite) that Granny's spirit is keeping an eye on things through the cat]].
* Cats in ''Literature/TheBartimaeusTrilogy'' are the only animal naturally able to see more than one plane.
* Nakata from ''Literature/KafkaOnTheShore'' has the ability to talk to cats. Siamese cats are said to be very easy to communicate with.
** Jonnie Walker, another character from the same book, kills cats and uses their souls to make a magic flute.
* Cats in the ''Literature/YoungWizards'' universe are the only Earth species which can naturally see the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_theory string structures]] out of which wizardly {{Cool Gate}}s are made, so the maintenance teams for CoolGate clusters are all made of cat wizards. Also, even non-wizard cats can sometimes spontaneously walk through walls.
* In the Polish short story "Ponieważ kot (Because the cat)" by Jacek Dukaj, a company designs brain implants that are supposed to allow children to learn at a fantastic rate by making connections between information much more quickly. Unfortunately, several of the devices seem to have faulty logic systems, coming up with bizarre explanations for events and imprinting them in the children's brains. The worst case is that of a boy whose implant seems to be reasoning from the premise that every event the boy witnesses is being caused by his pet cat. The characters consider the child a hopeless case and consider euthanizing him - until he gets bored, picks up the cat, and [[RealityWarper Reality Warps]] himself out of the hospital.
* In Creator/DianaWynneJones's ''Literature/DarkLordOfDerkholm'', Dirk's cats, which he bred to be invisible, are also inexplicably unable to be trapped for long, they always find their way out, even from magical barriers.
** She's fond of this trope, as it also appears in several of her short stories "What the Cat Told Me" and "Little Dot", as well as the Literature/{{Chrestomanci}} chronicles with the Asheth Temple Cats in ''Literature/TheLivesOfChristopherChant'', the powerful tomcat in ''Literature/TheMagiciansOfCaprona'', and the Pinhoes' family cat in ''Literature/ThePinhoeEgg''.
--> "Did you know your cat can walk through walls?"
* In Creator/RobertAHeinlein's ''Literature/TheCatWhoWalksThroughWalls'', a kitten appears in places it should be impossible to do so, apparently because it can shrug off the laws of physics.
* In Creator/GarthNix's ''Literature/OldKingdom'' trilogy, there is Mogget, the sarcastic, fish-demanding, white feline servant of the Abhorsens who is [[spoiler:actually Yrael, one of the Nine Bright Shiners, and]] a free magic creature, bound by a ring. [[spoiler:Kerrigor]], a powerful necromancer, is bound along with Mogget by the same ring and becomes a sleeping black cat.
* ''Literature/EnchantedForestChronicles'': Morwen's cats are clearly able to do magical ''cattish'' things (like casually pass through barriers) and can aid in managing spells like any familiar. Their full affinity with magic is really only clear in the book told from Morwen's perspective, when we can hear what all of them are saying. In the same book we meet a couple of other magic users' familiar cats.
* ''Literature/AliceInWonderland'': The Cheshire cat can disappear and reappear at will, and appears to be particularly unusual even by Wonderland's rather permissive standards.
%%* The book ''NeverStealAMagicCat''.
* Also in Creator/PatriciaAMcKillip's ''Literature/TheForgottenBeastsOfEld'', Sybel has a magical menagerie which includes the huge black cat Moriah, who is legendary for her knowledge of spells and secret charms.
* Robert Asprin lampshaded this in one of the Literature/MythAdventures books: "Cats and computers can work through dimensions."
* Creator/MercedesLackey's works:
** Subverted in the Literature/DianaTregarde story "Arcanum 101." When Di is observing the house of someone she believes may be involved in black magic, she sees a cat wander past the house with no reaction... and thinks to herself that this doesn't mean anything because, superstitions notwithstanding, cats are too self-absorbed to notice magic that isn't affecting them directly.
** Mercedes Lackey loves cats, though, so wise, talkative, and mystically-inclined felines tend to wind up in her stories. The ''[[Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar Mage Storms]]'' trilogy and her ''Literature/TalesOfTheFiveHundredKingdoms'' provide examples.
* ''LIterature/HarryPotter'':
** Filch's cat Mrs. Norris ''may'' be this. She seems to have some kind of psychic link to her master (which is odd because he himself has no magic). Or him showing up a few minutes after she catches children being mischievous is a complete coincidence. Harry also has cause to wonder if she can see through invisibility cloaks, although she may have sensed him some other way.
** Hermione's cat Crookshanks is part normal cat, part magical creature called a Kneazle. As a result he is able to see through [[spoiler: Sirius's Animagus form]] and is much more intelligent than a regular cat.
** Besides Kneazles, ''Literature/FantasticBeastsAndWhereToFindThem'' also describes Wampus Cats, magical cats native to North America who can walk on their hind legs, outrun arrows, and are reputed to have hypnotic eyes. Their hairs can be used as wand cores.
** Minerva [=McGonagall=], the Professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts and one of the most powerful witches of her age, [[VoluntaryShapeshifting is capable of transforming into a cat at will.]]
* The Ghatti's Tale books feature cats with psychic powers who bond with humans. Humans partnered with cats act as arbiters because of the felines' ability to "mindwalk." The Ghatti, however, are noted as being natives of their planet and distinct from "normal" Earth-origin cats despite sharing many similarities. (They're similar enough to hybridize, and for young ghatti to be mistaken for [fully grown] domestic cats. Hint: if your moggy tops 40 pounds and starts to talk, maybe it isn't what you think it is.)
* ''Literature/WarriorCats''. When cats die, they go to [=StarClan=], where they can enter living cats' dreams, influence real-world events by creating omens, and even enter the physical world from time to time.
* In ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' book "''Ghost Story''", Harry Dresden's cat Mister proves able not only to see ghosts, but to physically shoulder-check ''and be stopped midair by them''. It's explained that all cats are able to see ghosts, [[CatsAreSuperior they just don't usually find it interesting]]. Apparently, they're also one of the few things from the mortal world that fairies are genuinely terrified of. Mister also looks exactly the same under a wizard's Sight as he does otherwise, and is the only being in the whole series to do so.
** Harry also remarks at one point that cats tend to be the preferred choice of pets by wizards because they are one of, if not the only, mortal creatures that can pass through the barrier of a magic circle without breaking it.
* The cat in ''Literature/TheLastUnicorn'' knew exactly what was going on. It could have saved everyone a lot of time by telling Molly how to save the unicorns without incorporating a riddle, but [[CatsAreMean "no cat anywhere ever gave anyone a straight answer."]]
* In another Creator/PeterSBeagle example, [[FormallyNamedPet Mister Cat]] from ''Literature/{{Tamsin}}'' is the one to find the ghosts in the first place, and [[FollowTheWhiteRabbit leads Jenny to them]].
* In the ''[[Literature/OctoberDaye Toby Daye]]'' series. all cats are loyal to the local King of Cats, aware of magic, and much smarter than they let on. And this is the ordinary non-magical cats. There are also the Cait Sith, who are cat fae and outside the normal fae laws for being cats.
* In Creator/{{Saki}}'s short story "Tobermory", Tobermory magically becomes able to talk, and horrifies a group of party guests by tattling on all the sins that he's been spying on over the years.
* Creator/RobertWestall's fiction was often built on this trope. ''Literature/TheCatsOfSeroster'' is all about magical cats and short stories, ''The Creatures In The House'' and ''Fred, Alice and Aunty Lou'' involve cats having powers to perceive things beyond what humans can.
* In Andrzej Sapkowski's ''Franchise/TheWitcher'' novels cats are mentioned to be the only species of animal apart from dragons to actively seek out magical Intersections which radiate Power, and rest in them, although no-one knows what they do with the Power they gather by doing so.
* In the ''Literature/ThursdayNext'' Series, [[Literature/AliceInWonderland the Cheshire Cat]] is the Librarian of the Great Library of all books ever written and not written. He can appear anywhere, in any world, fictional or real. He also has the ability to say how many and who is reading any of his books at any time. He is watching you!
* Bastet herself appears in ''Literature/TheSecretsOfTheImmortalNicholasFlamel'' and can command an army of cats that transform into humanoid soldiers.
* In the ''Literature/RainbowMagic'' series, Trixie the Halloween Fairy and Lara the Black Cat Fairy have magic cats that help them out.
* Sofie Kelly's ''Literature/TheMagicalCatMysteries'' is a mystery series featuring two cats, Owen and Hercules, that can turn invisible and walk through solid objects like doors and walls. They can also understand human speech and contribute to solving murder mysteries.
* Yil's pet alafin in ''Literature/ToughMagic'', Holois, is a large, intelligent, purple cat with wings.
* TheObernewtynChronicles: Maruman, an ordinary sized old cat, but fully capable of fighting off [[BigBad Ariel]] [[spoiler: and Lidge]] on [[AstralProjection the dreamtrails]].
* In ''Literature/TheTygrineCat'', the first cat ever to exist was half-spirit, half-mortal and some have the ability to use AstralProjection to traverse the spirit world and cast spells. Those with powers live ordinary lives alongside those who don't.
* In Creator/GeorgeRRMartin's ''Literature/TufVoyaging'' stories Haviland Tuf maintains that all felines, including alien feline analogues, have a measure of psi ability. And in several stories he's constantly accompanied by a genetically engineered black cat named Dax who is definitely telepathic.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Salem, from ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch''. He was originally a warlock, but was [[BalefulPolymorph transformed into a cat]] as punishment for trying to take over the world.
* ''Series/{{Charmed}}'':
** The sisters have their own feline familiar. She became a human as a reward for her service to the forces of good.
** In one episode, a witch's {{Familiar}} turned on her and became a Warlock. Sorta the reverse of what happened on [[Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch Sabrina]] with Salem.
* In episode "[[Recap/TheXFilesS02E15FreshBones Fresh Bones]]" of ''Series/TheXFiles'', Chester Bonaparte, a young Haitian boy, disappears very suddenly near a pier as Mulder is chasing him, and only a black kitten is seen meowing at the end of the pier. The black kitten appears at the climax of the episode, implying the kitten is Chester who has been DeadAllAlong.

[[folder:Myth and Legend]]
* Ancient Egyptians worshiped the goddess Bast, who was cat-headed and held cats to be sacred. At some points in ancient Egypt, harming cats carried the death penalty.
* In Japan cats are said to give good fortune, which is why you see [[ManekiNeko welcome/lucky/beckoning cats]] (white ceramic cats with a gold coin and one raised paw) in some establishments. The lower paw (which is often holding a coin) is to protect money, and the raised paw draws money in.
* A black cat crossing your path is said to be bad luck in most of continental Western Europe
* On the British Isles Black Cats have better press for some reason and are usually associated with good luck
** A woman with a cat, especially a black one, will have more suitors.
** In Scotland, the arrival of a strange black cat to a house is supposed to signal good fortune for everyone in the household. There's also a type of [[TheFairFolk fairy]] called the cat sith, which appears as a dog-sized black cat with a patch of white fur on its chest. In some legends, the cat sith is said to be a witch with the power to transform into a cat nine times.
* The urban legend that shelters won't allow black cats to be adopted around Halloween in case they're killed and tortured ritualistically (the former is true, the latter is unsubstantiated).
* Ship's cats (especially black ones) were said to be lucky by sailors, although pirates often believed that a ship which had a black cat walk on then off was doomed to sink. The ascribed ''good'' luck, at least, is probably more attributable to the fact that ships traditionally have rat problems than any magic, however.
* In Myth/NorseMythology, Frejya is associated with cats. The real life breed that inspired the legends, the Norwegian Forest Cat, is sometimes called the "Norwegian Fairy Cat".
* Many modern Pagans, including Wiccans, hold cats in high esteem. In Wiccan rituals, it is believed a cat can walk through a magic circle without breaking it, since cats can walk through spiritual/magical borders. Another animal, like say a dog, would break the circle and thus dispel any magic.
* Cats are believed in some cultures and traditions to be able to see spirits and ghosts.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Domestic cats very rarely appear in ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'', but always strongly associated with religion and divine power. More often than not that are associated with [[WhiteMagic white mana]].
** In Innistrad, cats patrol the churches of Avacyn, on the hunt for [[OurDemonsAreDifferent devils]].
** In Amonkhet, based off Ancient Egypt, cats are associated with the Bast-analogue, Oketra (they represent solidarity, [[CatsAreMean though they usually lack it]]. They are frequently mummifies and can show up as zombies. Also, they're the size of greyhounds.
* ''TabletopGame/CallOfCthulhu'', which draws from Lovecraft canon.
** Bast is an Elder God and the basis for the Egyptian pantheon's version.
** ''Dreamlands'' supplement. In the Dreamlands, cats can travel to the Moon on their own power and have a secret language. They worship Bast.
* Cats in ''TabletopGame/TheWitcherGameOfImagination'' can't be fooled by illusions. And their favourite spots to lie on? [[PlaceOfPower Places of Power]]. This allows to use them in different creative ways and novice mages often have their pet cats.
* TabletopGame/TheSecretsOfCats is a tabletop game using the [[TabletopGame/{{FUDGE}} Fate Core]] game system in which the PlayerCharacters are magical cats who defend humanity from ghosts, monsters, and sometimes other humans.
* ''TabletopGame/AnimaBeyondFantasy'', where cats have supernatural vision meaning they can see spirits and the like.

* Aside from from the entire world being implied to exist in some in-between realm, Mistoffelees from ''Theatre/{{Cats}}'', who uses his magical powers to save Old Deuteronomy from Macavity. There are also a few other cats who are hinted to have magical powers, such as Macavity himself, and Coricopat and Tantomile.
** Mistoffelees can also change the lights, levitate objects, teleport things, and [[YourTomCatIsPregnant can make kittens appear out of nowhere.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The cats of ''VideoGame/FallenLondon'' can talk and know many secrets. Then there's the mysterious Starveling Cat, which is mostly referenced in cautionary rhymes and seems to be a sort of bogeyman (bogeycat?).
* Grimalkins in ''VideoGame/GrimGrimoire'', cat familiar units that act as the SquishyWizard in your army.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'' games have the Meowgician class of enemies.
* Felineko of ''VideoGame/{{Solatorobo}}'' are stated to have a gift with magic, possessing both interest and talent.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOriginsAwakening'': Ser Pounce-A-Lot, a cat that can be given as a gift to Anders and when used as an item in combat can revive fallen party members.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** Both Mew and Mewtwo are capable of powerful psychic attacks. Mewtwo itself is also capable of speaking telepathically to humans. Both are cat-like creatures with Mew resembling some sort of pink fetus-like kitten and Mewtwo resembling a mutant humanoid feline.
** Espeon is loosely based off of a {{Nekomata}}, a two-tailed cat of Japanese folklore that had psychic powers.
** Landorus's "Therian Forme" is that of a feline-like creature.
** Generation VI introduces Espurr and its evolution, Meowstic, which is also based on the Nekomata.
* ''VideoGame/{{Submachine}}'': The game's backstory reveals that [[MysteriousBacker Murtagh]] discovered a cat with the apparent power to move between the layers of reality that he named Einstein, and wondered later if perhaps all cats can do this.
* The Cheshire cat from ''VideoGame/AliceIsDead'', an unholy amalgamation of a little girl and a dimensionally unstable cat.
* The magic store in ''VideoGame/DokaponKingdom'' is run by a cat dressed up in wizard robes named Crysta. Granted, he's never actually shown to have magical powers...
* Hermeowne from ''Videogame/NekoAtsume'' is a little black cat named after [[Franchise/HarryPotter Hermione Granger]] and sports a little witch hat and cape. Her memento is a bottle of magic powder, that when tapped, summons cats to an empty yard.

* Spark from ''Webcomic/DominicDeegan'' is a cat who can talk, which causes some people to believe that he's possessed.
* Rose, who is arguably the most magical of the four kids in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', prototyped her dead cat Jasper to her kernelsprite, and also made a genetic sequence using the letters MEOW (instead of the typical [[StealthPun GCAT]]) which can be spliced with other DNA to create godlike entities.
** After the universe is rebooted, we meet an ''actual'' [=GCat=], likely made with a BARK sequence. The G, of course, stands for God, since, as a First Guardian, [=GodCat=] is pretty much omnipotent.
* All cats in ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'' are magical. They are the only mammals who are 100% immune to the Plague, and moreover, they can sense if somebody caught it or if there's troll, beast or giant in the vicinity. In the AfterTheEnd setting of webcomic, this makes them probably the most valuable element of society. They are even trained to alert humans properly and dispose of vermin beasts so that they won't spread the sickness.
* ''Webcomic/ErrantStory'' has the flying black cat, Ellis. He's extremely resilient to offensive magic and can also talk... [[DeadpanSnarker which is not necessarily a good thing]].
* Poe from [[http://nekothekitty.smackjeeves.com/ Neko the Kitty Comics]] can speak English, levitate, and has minor telekinetic powers. Explained in [[http://nekothekitty.smackjeeves.com/comics/979494/751-wait-what/ this strip]]: Poe was accidentally sucked into an ethereal conduit when the witch Julia was attempting to summon a lesser demons. Demons are unable to possess cats, so when they manifested together in the summoning circle the demon died, leaving Poe with his magical abilities.
* The two [[OccultDetective specialists]] in ''Webcomic/SpareKeysForStrangeDoors'' own a cat (called "Fat Cat") who can see the ghost of Andrew Cole in the storyline "After Death Hang-Ups". And be aggrieved that he can't sit in Andrew's lap.
* The kittens in ''Webcomic/TooMuchInformation'', though the majority of the human cast isn't aware of it. They can see ghosts, angels, and demons, and Shinobi is responsible in part for rescuing Ace from an African goddess.
* {{Downplayed}} in ''Webcomic/{{Precocious}}''. Yvette makes dolls of her classmates and occasionally attempts to collect locks of hair, but there's no indication that her voodoo works.

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* Basement Cat, and Ceiling Cat!
** To elaborate: WebOriginal/LOLCats, over the years, have accrued a small mythology. Ceiling Cat, based off a picture of a cat that was stuck in between the walls of an apartment that was rescued when a hole was cut in the ceiling, is considered the [[KingOfAllCosmos God of Lolcats]]. Basement Cat is just any random black cat, and is considered [[{{Satan}} the Devil]]. There are others, such as Longcat, who can stretch to any length and is sometimes depicted in an [[EndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt epic battle]] with its EvilTwin, Tacgnol.
* ''{{Literature/Moonflowers}}'' has this. Cats have their own type of magic, and can learn human magic as well. Moreover, all three feline characters have instantly seen through Ned Song's fairy-curse and found out that he's not a wolf.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In the second season of WesternAnimation/{{WITCH}} [[spoiler: Lillian]]'s cat [[spoiler: Napoleon]] becomes her familiar after her [[spoiler: Heart of Earth]] powers manifest, the most prominent effect on him being his ability to speak after she wishes they could a have a conversation together. Before this he was just a regular cat [[spoiler: given to Cornelia by Will]], so he wasn't ''inherently'' magical. Later, he gets the ability to change into a seven-foot tall cat monster [[spoiler: after becoming a Regent of Earth]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/ThunderCats2011'' The {{Catfolk}} of TheEmpire of Thundera owe their dominance in a WorldOfFunnyAnimals to possession of the magical Sword of Omens containing the AmuletOfConcentratedAwesome, the Eye of Thundera, and their ChurchMilitant [[TheOrder order]] of Clerics are also KungFuWizard[=/=]{{Magic Knight}}s that possesses magical SuperSpeed and SuperReflexes.
* In all of his incarnations, WesternAnimation/FelixTheCat navigates a surreal, near-magical animated world with no problem, aided by his smartness, his status as an InvincibleHero, and his nigh-unquenchable stock of AppliedPhlebotinum.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'' special "My Smurfy Valentine", Azrael has the power to lead Chlorhydris through the Forest of Poison Thorns in order to get to a special magical wishing well because he was born with royal blood in his veins. Surprisingly, this turns out to be true, as in Season 9's "Mummy Dearest", the time-lost Smurfs meet his distant ancestor, the cat pharaoh Azra.
* Mirage, an [[PettingZooPeople anthropomorhic]] [[PantheraAwesome panthress]] from ''WesternAnimation/AladdinTheSeries'', exemplifies both this trope and CatsAreMean; she's an EvilSorceress and one of the series' most dangerous villains.