Captain Marvel

I am not Shazam.

Whoops! Turns out there are multiple superheroes named Captain Marvel. Are you looking for:

Shazam! (right): The original Captain Marvel, created in The Golden Age of Comic Books as a Superman knockoff. Billy Batson shouts the magic word "SHAZAM!" to call down magic lightning which transforms him into the World's Mightiest Mortal. The rights were eventually purchased by Superman's owners DC Comics, but his books had to be advertised under the "Shazam!" title and his name was later changed outright due to conflicts with...

Captain Mar-Vell (left): Created by Marvel Comics in the Sixties when the trademark on the "Shazam" version lapsed. A Captain in the alien Kree army named Mar-Vell, sent to spy on Earth but coming to use his powers to protect humans. He eventually died of cancer during the Eighties, but has been succeeded by several other heroes to take the "Captain Marvel" name, the most recent one being...

Ms. Marvel (not pictured): The current holder of the name, also from Marvel Comics. Originally a supporting character and Love Interest of Mar-Vell's, Carol Danvers eventually gained superpowers herself and became his Distaff Counterpart as Ms. Marvel. She spent much of the time since Mar-Vell's death as a second-string hero before being relaunched in 2012 as the new Captain Marvel. Not to be confused with Kamala Khan, who took over the "Ms. Marvel" name from her.

You may also be looking for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film which will star the Carol Danvers version, but we don't have a page for that yet.

(Apparently, at least one other comics company decided to cash in on the Captain Marvel name, too.)