Canadian Equals Hockey Fan

Subtrope of Canada, Eh? When a person loves hockey in fiction, they almost always have a Canadian background. Sometimes in American media, hockey players are depicted as having French Canadian accents.


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  • In Wolverine: First Class Wolverine eagerly watches hockey, and he says something along the lines of "this is my obligation as a Canadian!" when he has to deal with rampaging Danger Room robots that barge into the room, interrupting him. This is an in-joke about how he's made Canadian because the writers at the time only expected him to be a bit character in a The Incredible Hulk comic.

    Live Action TV 
  • In an episode of Full House has Joey imitate a hockey player, complete with a French Canadian accent.
  • Robin from How I Met Your Mother is Canadian, so of course she's a hockey fan. When she gets drunk and turns "Super-Canadian", she puts on a Canucks uniform.

  • In Weird Al's song Canadian Idiot, he sings, "Don't wanna be a Canadian idiot! Don't wanna be some beer swillin' hockey nut."

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Subverted in Doonesbury. When Mike engages in trash-talk while playing college hockey, a player on the opposing team cusses him out in French. Intimidated, Mike apologizes, saying he didn't realize the player was Canadian. The other player, as he skates away, smiles at the reader and thinks, "Actually, I'm just a French major from the Bronx."

    Real Life 
  • Even in US arenas, you can often see Canadian flags hanging from the ceiling next to the American flag.
  • When an ice-hockey pro league was first set up in Britain, it was noted that the Manchester Storm home crowd appeared to be 80% composed of every expatriate Canadian in the city. A Storm home game was like a Canadian party.
  • Truth in Television, as it's not really that much of an exaggeration. Hockey is really popular in Canada. The 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Game against the US (which Canada won in a 3-2 overtime thriller) set - and still holds - the record for the single most-watched television broadcast in Canada evernote . 26.5 million people (or about 80% of the population) tuned in to watch at least part of the game. Just to reiterate that - that's four out of every five people in the country. Hockey is kind of a big deal to Canadians.
    • Canada is about 1/10th the population of the United States but for that same game, NBC reported 27.6 million viewers - so just slightly more than the Canadian numbers

    Video Games 
  • In Season 1 of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, when helping another character get a date with Sybil (who is suddenly queen of Canada), one of the lines needed to convince her is to suggest they go see a hockey game. Naturally, she's impressed by her suitor "showing such interest and appreciation for her culture" (despite not even being Canadian and being queen of Canada only being one of her many, many, many, many jobs).

    Web Video 
  • The Canadian Matt Santoro once joked that if a robber entered a Canadian's house, the homeowner would probably invite them to have a beer and watch the Toronto Maple Leafs game with them.
  • In Everything Wrong With Justin Bieber: Never Say Never by Cinema Sins, this is the narrator's response to a photo of a young Justin Bieber in a hockey suit.
    Narrator: No way. Justin grew up in Canada and played hockey? Now this movie is just fantasyland.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Mickey Mouse episode "Bad Ear Day" a hockey announcer with a obvious Canadian accent exclaims, "Mickey Mouse wins it for the home team, eh!"
  • An episode of Spongebob Squarepants has a hockey player scream, "There's the puck, eh!"
  • South Park: In the song Canada On Strike, there are a few shots of Canadian hockey players singing the song.
    • Also, in the episode "Stanley's Cup" Ike is put on Stan's pee wee team because "they need a Canadian".