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A list of stuff by various members of Blistered Thumbs.
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Dr.Ashen, Guru Larry, Wez & Tristan Newcomb

     Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of 
  • Renegade III: The Final Chapter (ZX Spectrum)
    • Renegade III: The Final Chapter (ZX Spectrum) Guest Reviewer: Richie Harkness
    • Renegade III: The Final Chapter (Amstrad CPC) Guest Reviewer: Guru Larry
    • Renegade III: The Final Chapter (Commodore 64)Guest Reviewer: John Blythe
  • Human Killing Machine (Atari ST)
  • BMX Ninja (Commodore 64)
  • Karting Grand Prix (Atari ST)
  • Night Walk (Atari ST,With A Brief Comparison With The Amiga Version)
  • Oriental Hero (ZX Spectrum)
  • PC by Post
  • The Secret Life of Skeletor
  • The Secret Life of Skeletor 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • The Box of Retro Delights
  • 25 ZX Spectrum Games That Sound Like Porno Movies From The Seventies
    • The Astonishing Adventures Of Mr. Weems And The She-Vampires
    • Ball Blazer
    • Beach-Head
    • Beach-Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back
    • Blue Max
    • Booty
    • Cisco Heat
    • Dizzy Down The Rapids
    • Driller
    • Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
    • Fat Worm Blows A Sparky
    • Hard Drivin
    • Head Over Heels
    • Highway Encounter
    • Hot Rod
    • Jet Set Willy
    • Navy Moves
    • Penetrator
    • Ring Wars
    • Robin Of The Wood
    • Rod Land
    • Slap Fight
    • Stonkers
    • The Incredible Shrinking Fireman
    • The Muncher

    Ashen's Tech Dump 
  • God's Source Code
  • Retro Games
  • Tech Support
  • Bo-Starr
  • Endurance Gaming

     Guru Larry's Retro Corner 

    Games Yanks Can't Wank 

    Films Yanks Can't Wank 

  • Nintendobo
  • Dr. Mario Says Eat Mommy's Pills
  • :17 Nostalgia EXTREME!!!
  • Bred Into Captivity

Lee & Dena
    Still Gaming 

    Pixels As Big As Cats! 
Note:All Games Are For The Atari 2600

    Game Den 

    Film Den 

     Top 11s 

     5 Second Movies 

Sean Fausz
     5 Second Movies 

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