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->''"The world is now too small for anything but brotherhood."''
-->-- '''Arthur Powell Davies'''

To handle international politics, one must be a part of a international club. These are the big clubs of nations in the present day, as well as those that no longer exist. They may range from regionally and geographically exclusive groups to truly international clubs involving almost every single nation in the world.

!Existing Clubs
* Association of Southeast Asian Nations
* Commonwealth of Independent States
** Consists of former Soviet republics, essentially the Russian version of...
* UsefulNotes/TheCommonwealthOfNations
* Eurasian Economic Union
* UsefulNotes/TheEuropeanUnion
* UsefulNotes/GroupOfEight (G-8)
** Group of Twenty (G-20)
* Gulf Cooperation Council
* Mercosur
* UsefulNotes/{{NATO}}
* UsefulNotes/ShanghaiCooperationOrganisation
* UsefulNotes/UnitedNations
* Customs Union

!Defunct Clubs (Ceased to exist)
* UsefulNotes/LeagueOfNations
* UsefulNotes/WarsawPact