Bible Punk

Bible Punk is a combination of Stone Punk and Sword & Sandal set in the prehistoric Middle East. It takes a revisionist approach to the Old Testament by focusing upon adventure rather than morality.


Comic Books

  • Robert E. Howard's Kull and Conan the Barbarian contain frequent allusions to the Great Flood that sank Atlantis. The Barbarian Hero Conan occasionally has dealings with "Shemitic" merchants in the decadent Middle Eastern city of Shadizar.
  • In A Clockwork Orange, Alex fantasizes about the old Yehudis tolchoking each other and coming home to a harem of nubile slave girls.


Tabletop Games

Western Animation
  • Although The Story Keepers typically contains An Aesop to promote Christian values, the baker's family encounter many morally grey characters in Rome.