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Beverage Spill
Every so often, a character gets thirsty that they decide to get a drink. Sometimes, it can be any kind of beverage, whether it's water, juice, pop, tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. Then, just as the character is about to enjoy his drink, he suddenly spills it by accident. You've just spilled a drink on yourself. Oftentimes, this trope comes in two different flavors:

  1. A character wants a cup of coffee so he asks a friend to pour some coffee into his cup. The coffee is then poured, but instead of going into the cup, it splashes right into the person's lap, resulting in some pretty nasty pain.
  2. One character at a party is having a glass of juice or tea, when someone either trips him up or pushes him, causing him to spill the drink that he is having all over himself.

This trope is when a character gets any kind of beverage spilled on him by another character. It may or may not be by accident, but expect the spilled character to experience distress from it.

Compare: Groin Attack. Contrast Discreet Drink Disposal.


Examples of the first form

  • The Parent Trap: In the opening credits for the 1961 version, the dad winds up getting coffee poured into his lap.
  • In the film, Kevin Of The North, the titular character gives one of the bad guys what he calls a "Canoga Park Coffee Zap".
  • In an old Laurel and Hardy gag, Hardy holds a cup of hot coffee when Laurel asks him the time. While checking his watch, Hardy pours his coffee on himself. Hardy tries to pull this on Laurel, but Laurel wears his watch on the inside of his wrist and turns his wrist outward to check it, pouring his coffee on Hardy, leaving Hardy steaming mad and Laurel surprised at his suddenly empty cup.

  • Happens from time to time in the Aunt Dimity series, most often to highlight a character's surprise or awkwardness. To give only one example, Emma spills a drink on herself in front of Derek Harris in Aunt Dimity and the Duke.

Live-Action TV

Examples of the second form

Anime and Manga

  • Sky High: All-American Boy gets a cup of juice spilled on him by Lash at the prom.
  • School for Scoundrels has something that's a combination of both. One of the seduction techniques taught by the Sensei for Scoundrels involves making the outside of a glass slippery so that the woman will spill it on herself and have to take off her dress.
  • Mystery Team: The spilling of Chocolate Milk manages to lead to a Dramatic Reveal. A very, very rare case of this trope being played for drama.
  • A Running Gag in Top Gun, where each time Maverick buzzes the tower the Air Boss spills his coffee on himself.
  • Star Wars Downunder. Darth Drongo sneaks up behind Jedi Knight Merve Bushwacker and tries to cut his head off with a lightsaber, forcing Merve to drop the can of beer he was about to drink. Merve is so browned off, he barely notices Drongo has just popped the head off his Robot Buddy (a Running Gag is that everyone on the planet regards beer-drinking as Serious Business).
    Merve: Bloody Drongo! (hurls down beer can and draws lightsaber) I have had...a bloody...gutful!

Live-Action TV
  • In the Happy Endings episode "Sabado Free-Gante", the gang dresses up for Halloween as a marionette Jackson 5. Dave has to be Latoya, and the gang taunts him by jerking their arms, jostling the puppet arms and making him spill his beer while they laugh hysterically at him.
  • Hou$e Of Lie$: In episode 2 of season 1, Doug Guggenheim spills coffee on his own lap while trying to impress a sexy celebrity. This leads to an unfortunate Jizzed in My Pants moment.

Real Life
  • There is a prank item called a Dribble Glass, with holes near the top of the glass. Just pour in some water, offer it to a friend, and when he drinks, voila! The water leaks out through the holes.

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