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Benzaie List
A list of stuff by Benzaie.
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     Benzaie's Films 

     Games You Might Don't Know 

    Game Soundtracks You Might Don't Know 

    FAQ You 

    Hard Corner 

    Heavy Metal Package 

    Game Fap 
  • 3 Maid Story
  • Rapelay
  • 3D Custom Girl
  • Can't Escape the Heroine
  • 3D Real Girlfriend
  • Cobra Mission

    Benzaie Vs. Handsome Tom 

    A Frog/Benzaie @ 
  • Chicago
  • The Paris Video Games Festival 2009
  • Angoulême International Comics Festival 2010
  • Reno
  • Gamescom 2010
  • Sad Panda at Ani Nite 2010 with Benzaie, Marion Bricaud, Doug & Mike Michaud
  • Angoulême International Comics Festival 2011
  • Chicago (again)

    Working At Channel Awesome Sitcom 

    Benzaie Interviews 
  • Barry Leitch (Transmission Awesome Episode 2)
  • Doug Walker (Trimmed Down Audio Version On Transmission Awesome Episode 4,Full Video Version Released Separately)
  • Chris Hülsbeck
  • David Fourel(GYMDK French Indies)
  • Streets Of Fury Developers(GYMDK French Indies)
  • Katsuni(Porn Star) About Hentai

  • The Elephant Room
  • John "That Dude In The Shades" Tague (The Internet Hall Of Fame Episode 10)
  • Ghost Of K (Ani Nite 2010)
  • Kain Kusanagi From 2-Bit Gaming
  • Mike "Birdman" Dodd From This Week In Games
  • Dante El Diablo From ScrewAttack's G1 News
  • Digital Debaser
  • Pixel Dan From That New Toy Smell
  • Rangoononline
  • That Chick With The Goggles
  • The Game Heroes (The Prototype Episode 40)
  • Attack of The Awesome (Attack of The Awesome Interviews Episode 5)
  • 3 Fat Guys (3 Fat Guys Interview Episode 7)
  • C.R.I.T.I.C. TV (C.R.I.T.I.C. TV Podcast Episode 1)
  • Brody Brennick Of Vimeo 
  • Hard Corner-Street Fighter IV Mad Catz Fight Pads French Re Make
  • Hard Corner-Gears of War 2 Golden Lancer French Re Make
  • GYMDK-International Karate+ French Dub
  • Super Street Fighter IV New Characters Revealed
  • Interview With Guillaume de Fondaumière (Vice CEO Of Quantic Dream And SNJV Ex-President) About Violence And Video Games
  • The Wonderful Story of Video Games Ducumentary Extract
  • Interview With Franck Sebastien (Sega Of France Spokesman)
  • Interview With Richard Brunois (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Spokesman)
  • Dragon Age: Origins - Levels Of Details Comparison - HD - PC Version
  • Interview With Mathieu Minel (Marketing Director Of Nintendo Of France)
  • Interview With David Cage (CEO Of Quantic Dream) About Video Games And Cinema
  • Interview With Shunji Ito,Hisashi Saito And Hideki Matsutake (8-Bit Project)
  • Interview With Tommy Tallarico At Video Games Live
  • Interview With Serge Thiriet (French Video Game Voice Actor) About Voice Acting In Video Games
  • Interview With Stéphane Natkin (Director Of The French Video Game School ENJMIN)
  • Interview With Oliver Deriviere (Composer For Alone In The Dark 2008) About Music And Video Games [Guest Dubber:Paw]
  • Interview With Éric Viennot (Creative Director Of Lexis Numérique) About Emotions In Video Games [Guest Dubber:Paw]
  • Interview With Margherita Balzerani (Freelance Curator And Art Critic) About Art And Video Games [Guest Dubber:Marzgurl]
  • One Day In Japan - Cosplayers At Comiket
  • One Day In Japan - Super Potato Store In Tokyo
  • One Day In Japan - Real-Scale RX-78 Gundam
  • One Day In Japan - 8-Bit Trip In Shibuya
  • Interview With David Cage (Fouder Of Quantic Dream) About Heavy Rain On The Paris Video Games Festival 2009
  • The History Of Space Invaders (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Video Game Museum Commercial
  • Meet Michel Ancel (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Who Is Lara Croft ? (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Remembering Bomberman (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • A Look Back At Donkey Kong (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Remembering Final Fantasy VII (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Historique #1 (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Historique #2 (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Historique #3 (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Historique #4 (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Remembering Mario (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • A Look Back At Pac Man (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • The Man Behind Dune (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Remembering Prince of Persia (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Shigeru Miyamoto, A.K.A. GOD ! (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Sonic's Debut (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • A Short Visual History Of Video Games
  • The Rise Of Street Fighter II (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Remembering Tetris (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • A Look Back At The Legend of Zelda (Extract From The Documentary The Wonderful Story of Video Games)
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 First HD Screens !
  • Interview With Tomasz Gop (Senior Producer Of CD Projekt) About The Witcher 2:Assassins Of Kings (Gamescom 2010)
  • Street Fighter X Tekken Event Highlights (Gamescom 2010)
  • Interview With Kevin Umbricht (Associate Producer Of Activision) About Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Gamescom 2010)
  • Interview With James Spafford (Community Manager Of Media Molecule) About LittleBigPlanet 2 (Gamescom 2010)
  • Interview With Randall Furino (Programmer Of Net Devil)About LEGO Universe [French Subtitles Version At] (Gamescom 2010)
  • Interview With Claas Paletta (Public Relations Manager Of Daedalic Entertaiment) About A New Beginning And Deponia (Gamescom 2010)
  • Interview With Boris Gojic (Public Relations Manager Of Microsoft) About The Kinect (Gamescom 2010)
  • Interview With Max Schar(Executive Director Of Red Spot Games) About Solar Struggle (Gamescom 2010)
  • Interview With Leah Rivera(Gamer Designer Of Arena Net)About Guild Wars 2 (Gamescom 2010)

     Game Footage 

    Press Conferences Feedback\Review 

  • Stephen Silver Draws Conan The Barbarian (Benzaie @ Angoulême International Comics Festival 2010)
  • Giuseppe Camuncoli Draws Jim Lee's Cyclops
  • Roland Boschi Draws Classic Wolverine
  • Benzaie Draws Spawn

  • Street Fighter
  • Kirby Walking
  • Spartan Warrior
  • Hadouken
  • Hey Zombie
  • Super Jambon A.K.A. Super Nazi
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn A.K.A. Kirby's Epic Flipnote - PSA
  • Cute Beary Bounces
  • Sword Fight Test
  • Alan Wake In 5 Seconds A.K.A. Alan Wake Loves His Thermoses ^^

  • Lethal Judgment HD - Funniest Comments
  • Streets Of Fury - Funniest Caption
  • The History Of Nintendo Volume 1 - Promoted The Video
  • The Humble Indie Bundle # 2 - Funniest Caption
  • The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition - Funniest Caption
  • The Oddbox - Game Sound Track Blind Test
  • Lethal Judgment Origins - Game Sound Track Blind Test
  • Streets Of Fury - Game Sound Track Blind Test

  • Y A Pas De Sous-Métier
  • AVGN French Intro (Taken Down From YouTube By Mike Matei)
  • Pro Gamer Montage On Unreal 3...
  • Benzaie's Game Collection 2008
  • The True History Of Dreamcast
  • Hello Everybody !!! Techno Remix
  • Goodbye To Suede
  • Benzaie Sings Holiday Rap - 1000 YouTube Subscribers Special
  • Premium Area Trailer
  • The Spoony One In HD For The First Time Ever
  • Benzaie's Thoughts On "Rampage" A.K.A. "Turkish Rambo"
  • Games You Might Don't Know New Intro (By Sad Panda)
  • Games You Might Don't Know New Intro (By Skitch)
  • HP You On You Event Entry: How About A Slice Of Imagination?
  • Captain America Gets Owned - HD Camera Test
  • A French Lesson - Lesson 1:Genders
  • FAQ You New Intro
  • Hardcorner New Intro
  • Funny Batman: Arkham Asylum Glitch
  • RoboCop 3 On Amiga And Atari ST & RoboCop Barbie (With Glitter On It's Hair) Commercial
  • Benzaie In The Spoony Experiment, Different Takes... (FMV Hell-Bloodwings:Pumpkin Head's Revenge)
  • Dragon Age Origins : Mage Ravin'
  • I'm Gay And Proud Of It !!! (Until We Win-Earthworm Jim)
  • FAQ You ! Shirt Commercial
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Rant
  • Funny Glitch In Heavy Rain
  • Meet Véronique... (FMV Hell-Party Mania)
  • Heavy Rain Goes Metal !!!
  • Heavy Rain Jizzed In It's Pants
  • Benzaie Est Hardcore Pour Game One !
  • GYMDK Leaked DVD Menu !!!
  • Kodak Zi8 Wide Angle & Macro Test Footage
  • The History Of Nintendo Volume 1 Commercial
  • Benzaie's Game Collection Song
  • Benzaie's Gay Rap
  • The Borrower Arrietty Review
  • Acheans (Troy Tactical-RPG) Leaked Game Play
  • Dragon (Boob) Age 2 - Isabella's Tatas
  • Gaming In The 90's SUCKED (At Least As Much As Today)
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011) Reboot Rant
  • The History Of Nintendo Volume 3 Commercial
  • What Have You Done Internet?
  • Channel Awesome Does Benzaie (By Nostalgia Chick)
  • The Witcher 2 - Graphic Specs Comparison 1080p
  • Holy Shit, I Met Duke Nukem!
  • Conan/Benzaie Makes an Announcement
  • Beary & Ben The Complete 1st Season

    Cross Overs 
  • Transmission Awesome Episode 2 (With Barry Leitch,Rollo T,Cold Guy And Sean Fausz)
  • Transmission Awesome Episode 4 (With Doug Walker,Spoony,Rollo T,Cold Guy,Sean Fausz And That Aussie Guy)
  • Dance-Off (With Angry Joe)
  • Chicago Vlog - Day 1 (With Spoony)
  • Spooning with Spoony (With Ed Glaser,Spoony,Nostalgia Chick And That Chick With The Goggles)
  • Spooning with Spoony: Bloopers (With Ed Glaser,Spoony,Nostalgia Chick,That Chick With The Goggles,Bhargav And Little Miss Gamer)
  • Transmission Awesome Episode 31 (With Paw,Rollo T,Angry Joe And Sean Fausz)
  • Day of the Dead Discussion (With Spoony)
  • Heavy Metal Discussion (With Spoony)
  • A Chinese Ghost Story Discussion (With Spoony)
  • The Killer Discussion (With Spoony)
  • Violent Cop Discussion (With Spoony)
  • Predator Discussion (With Spoony)
  • David Cronenberg's The Fly Discussion (With Spoony)
  • Castle in the Sky Discussion (With Spoony)
  • RoboCop Discussion (With Spoony)
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011) Discussion (With Spoony)
  • Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append J Paradise (With TGWTG Crew)
  • Phumainzaies (Humains) (With Phelous)
  • Molossia: "Landing Day" V Log (With TGWTG Crew)
  • Breakfast With Benzaie (With Brad Jones,Jew Wario And Angry Joe)
  • Red Bull Energy Shot (With Sad Panda)
  • Dark Dog Energy Shot (With Sad Panda)
  • Kickassia Auctions (With Sad Panda)
  • Street Fighter On Amstrad CPC 464 (With Sad Panda)
  • M. Night Shyamalan Discussion (With The Distressed Watcher)
  • Kevin Smith Discussion (With The Distressed Watcher)
  • Gaming In The 90's Discussion (With Skitch And Lord Kat) [French Version Made For]
  • Sucker Punch Discussion (With Ms.Snob)
  • Starship Troopers Discussion (With Ed Glaser And Spoony)
  • RoboCop Discussion (With Ed Glaser And Spoony)
  • Total Recall (1990) Discussion (With Ed Glaser And Spoony)
  • Benzaie Is A Douche In America (With Phelous,Paw,Sage & Angry Joe)
  • Choco-Vine (With Sreaming Mantis)

    Benzaie's Top 5 
  • Worst Mega Drive Movie Games
  • Worst Things about Arthur and the Invisibles
    • 5.The Fight Scene In The Bar
    • 4.The Encouter With The Evil M
    • 3.The Waterfall Boobs Scene
    • 2.The Grandparents Reunion
    • 1.Arthur's Parents
  • WTF Moments in the Animated The Lord of the Rings
    • 5.Saruman Getting Pissed
    • 4.Gríma's Evil Scream Of Doom
    • 3.Granny Nazgûl
    • 2.Bilbo's Seizure
    • 1.The Weird Sound Sam Makes When They Meet Legolas (Benzaie Thinks There Was A Hobbit Farting In A Trumpet Behind A Tree At That Moment)
  • Best Moments Of GYMDK
    • 10.Moktar-The Birth Of Beary
    • 9.Solstice-The Music
    • 8.Wiz N Liz-The Last Halloween
    • 7.Wind N Water-The True History Of The Dreamcast
    • 6.Toki-LAAAAAAAAAAAAME NES Version
    • 5.Die Hard Arcade-PlayStation 1 Bully
    • 4.Power Rangers-Benzaie Vs. Generic Bully From The 80's
    • 3.Hokuto No Ken-Benzaie Inside "Take On Me"
    • 2.Rick Dangerous-Beary And Ben Intro
    • 1.Thrre Wonders-Future Benzaie
  • Stupidest Moments of North Star (Live action adaptation of Fist of the North Star)
    • 5.The Tecktonik Dance
    • 4.The Bad Guys Attacking The Village
    • 3.Lack Of Consistency With Ken's Strength
    • 2.Lack Of A Budget
    • 1.The Faggy Final Battle
  • Worst Parts of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
    • 5 To 1.The Entire Movie
    • 5.Chun-Li Growing Up
    • 4.The Casual Hadouken
    • 3.The Fight With Vega
    • 2.Chun-Li's Kikouken
    • 1.The Lesbian Dance Scene
  • Best Manga You Should Read
  • Smexy Cosplays From Aninite 2010 (By Master Bate)
    • 5 To 1.Everybody
  • BULLSHIT! From 28 Days Later
    • Possibe Number 5.The Scene With The Guy Walking Around The Deserted London
    • 4.Poorly Managed And Annoying Product Placement
    • 3.Magic Jump Cuts And Overall Nonsense
    • 2.The Hero Goes From A Skinny, Whiny Fuck To Being The Goddamn Batman
    • 1.Retarded Military
  • Best Things From 28 Weeks Later Guest Reviewer: Beary
    • 4.The Soundtrack
    • 3.The Depiction Of The US Military
    • 2.Intelligent Zombie Sam Fisher
    • 1.The Magic Kid
    • Scariest Part Of The Movie:The Zombie Invasion Of Paris
  • Why The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess SUCKS
    • 2.Poor Game & Level Design Choices
    • 1.The Story And World Of The Game Is The Worst In The Franchise
  • Murder Attempts In Jem And The Holograms Guest Reviewer: Veroníque
    • Special 5-2.Studio Fire Interview Crash
    • Special 5-1.Ridiculus Hairstyle Golf Kart Scaffolding Crash
    • 4.Bat Scare Canyon Fall - Hitman Gargoyle Throw
    • 3.Robot-Dynamite-Shark Attack
    • 2.Laser Hit Billboard On Jem's Building
    • 1.13 Year-Old Orphan/Whore Inside Crate On Forklift Crash On Grinder - Boat Crash On Submarine Tender
    • Others.The King Trapped, Trapped On A Erupting Volcano, Jem Indirectly Pressures A Recently Orphaned Girl On Drugs

    Benzaie's Favorite Movies 

    Benzaie's Favorite Video Games 

     5 Second Movies/Games (Benzaie) 

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