''Batty Books'' was the term used on British ice-lolly stick jokes in TheSeventies to refer to the kind of joke where an alleged book and its author give a PunnyName and/or a DoubleEntendre.

These are sometimes quoted by characters in various media, but usually only exist in children's jokes. It is confidently predicted that the list of examples remembered by tropers from their primary school days will grow and grow.


* ''Beneath the Bleachers'' by Seymore Butts
* ''The Long Fall'' by Eileen Dover
* ''The Valentine's Day Massacre'' by Tom E. Gunn
* ''Swimming the Channel'' by Frances Near
* ''Into the Jaws of Death'' by Hugo First
* ''The Golden Stream'' by I.P. Freely
* ''The Golden Cascade'' by I.P. Standing
* ''Get Rich Quick'' By Robin Banks
* ''The Narrow Escape'' by Justin Thyme
* ''How to Sail'' by Ty Tanic
* ''Make Money Fast'' by Mary Rich
* "Introduction to Robotics" by Anne Droid
* The following examples come from the ''[[Series/SaturdayNightLive SNL]]'' sketch "Let's Talk Books" where the cast-members play stuffy English professors discussing the books on [=PBS=]:
** ''The Yellow River'' by I. P. Freely
** ''Lights Out at the Boys' School'' by Holden and Sharon Dix
** ''The Diary of a Hooker'' by Lotta Cox
** ''Through a Brown, Darkly'' by Ilene Dover
** ''Stain on the Great Wall'' by Hu Flung Pu
** ''How to Make Thirty Dollars'' by Chu Sum Wang
** ''Homosexuality in Irish Culture'' by Michael Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzmichael
** ''The Tiger's Revenge'' by Claude Balls
** ''Venereal Disease and its Effects'' by Maya P. Burns and Dick Hertz