The bartender slides the cup, mug or shot glass across the bar to a patron. Sometimes, the patron may fail to catch it and it falls off the bar, revealing that he has never visited a bar before.

Variations include:
* Sliding other items and/or objects directly into somebody's hand across a bar or other flat surface.
* A person [[WipeTheFloorWithYou being slid across]] the bar in a BarBrawl scene.

A common trope in [[TheWestern Westerns]].

For more complex bar-related theatrics, see FlairBartending.

!!! Bar Slide as a method of delivering drinks (or similar items)

* In ''Film/{{Penelope}}'', the heroine has left her house for the first time in her life and has gone into a bar to get the "real" experience. The bartender cheerfully slides her over a beer, but she is so insulated that she does not even know she is supposed to catch it and stares at the glass in surprise at it slides off the bar and shatters on the ground. The bartender explains that she is supposed to catch it and slides her another on the house.
* The ''Franchise/BackToTheFuture'' trilogy:
** George in the [[Film/BackToTheFuture first film]] goes into Lou's Cafe and needs some liquid courage. So he orders... a chocolate milk; [[MundaneMadeAwesome Lou slides the drink to him across the bar counter]] the second he orders it.
** The saloon tender slides Marty [=McFly=] a gun right before the big showdown in ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartIII''.
* In ''Film/HudsonHawk'', when Eddie orders a cappuccino, the bartender slides it down the bar to him.
* In ''Film/SpyKids'', Gregorio Cortez slides a ringbox across the railing of the Eiffel Tower to Ingrid to propose to her.
* In ''Film/HotTubTimeMachine'', Lou tries this to a girl. She's staring at him but ignores the shot-glass, which shatters on the wall next to her. As does the second one.
* ''Film/TheThreeStooges'' used this in a number of shorts, often with one of the Stooges bending over at the edge of the counter and the drink (or perhaps bowl of soup) spilling on his back.
%% * Used as a gag in an Italian movie: the [[ButtMonkey main character]] asks for a beer while in a Spanish bar/restaurant. The barman slides a very large mug of beer down the bar, hitting him squarely in the face.

* An episode of ''Series/{{Cheers}}'' revolved around Sam's incredible curving bar slide, which had never been seen before nor was ever seen again.
* Happens in that one ''Series/{{Friends}}'' episode where Joey is hired to be a perfume sample guy in a department store...wearing a cowboy outfit. Made even better by the fact that Chandler has squeezed a juice box into a tumbler for full effect.
* In ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', Future!Peter uses his telekinesis to visually invoke this. Sylar does the same thing, only with some coffee in a GreasySpoon instead of at a bar (Website/TelevisionWithoutPity: "So he can grab his coffee without moving his forearms? DAMN YOU, EVOLUTION!")
* One of Earl's deeds in ''Series/MyNameIsEarl'' was to fix the bar; otherwise, whenever someone tried to do this, someone had to grab the beer half-way through and move it over the dent in the bar.
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' had an extended homage to ''Film/{{Cocktail}}'' which involved this. Predictably, Barney and Ted broke a lot of glasses.
* One episode of ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' had Colin playing Sound Effects as an Old West sheriff. When the bartender starts slinging beers too fast, he blows up a glove cartoon-style and catches it, earning a round of applause from the audience.
* Happens in ''Series/TheGoodies'', specifically the [[TheWestern Western]] parody "Bunfight at the O.K. Tearooms". The surly barmaid slides two dainty teacups down the bar to Tim and Bill, who fail to catch them.
* Sam from ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' is a fan of the first variant, often sliding whatever is in his hand over to Dean. Dean does the reverse, but not as often.
* A task in Season 6 of ''Series/TheAmazingRace'' had the teams do this while aiming for a target on a bar made entirely of ice.
* The basis for [[ one of the physical challenges]] on ''Series/{{Double Dare|1986}}'' - though with a "[[FrothyMugsOfWater root beer-like substance]]", of course (and later green slime).
* A cute female bartender does this with a glass of root beer she serves the underage Eric on ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld''.
* Happens in Russ Abbot's ''High Noon'' parody. The bartender slides a metal mug of beer to Russ, but it stops short, so he produces a large horseshoe magnet to pull it the rest of the way.

* Music/{{Genesis}}' music video for their 1983 song "Illegal Alien" -- which is about [[TheIllegal exactly what you think it's about]] -- features one of these, with all three (British) band members dressed as Mexicans seated at a bar...[[EpicFail and all three miss the glass.]]
* [[ I Love This Bar]] by Toby Keith. The opening scene is a pretentious yuppie chewing somebody out over his cell phone as he strides into a blue-collar bar. He barks an order at the bartender, who slides it down. The yuppie misses. The glass continues down the bar, knocking the beers from the hands of two heavily tattooed, mustached, [[SunglassesAtNight sunglasses-wearing]] blue-collar bad boys. There is a collective [[OhCrap gasp]] from the bar at this faux pas. The regulars refuse to take it well, and the song begins as the yuppie starts receiving an ass-beating. It gets stranger from there. [[spoiler: the two regulars also use the second version of the trope by sliding the yuppie down the bar-much to the barkeep's dismay.]]
* The video for Music/TheArtOfNoise's cover of The ''Series/PeterGunn'' Theme opens with a dingy private detective in a dingy bar. The barman has several goes at sliding him a drink, which he misses every time.

* A weird example in ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaPortraitOfRuin'', where a skeleton bartender does this ''as an attack''. Not to mention ''his death animation''.
* Godot from ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyTrialsAndTribulations'' has this down to an art with mugs of coffee across his prosecutor bench.
* In Freddi Fish, an inexperienced bartender slides an ice cream float to Freddi and it smashes on the floor.
* The 1983 Midway arcade game ''{{VideoGame/Tapper}}'' featured this as a game mechanic. The force of the mug pushing the customer out the door is the only way to get them out of your hair. The empty mugs are slid back to you the same way.
* The Super NES game ''[[ Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage]]'' had bartenders sliding beers in level 2.1, which took place in a saloon.
* One of the microgames in the first ''VideoGame/WarioWare'' game is to catch a drink being slid down the bar.
** Its sequel, ''VideoGame/WarioWare: Twisted!'', has you passing a drink to the patron by physically tilting the bar itself.
* The Wild West chapter of ''VideoGame/LiveALive'' features one of the bad guys ordering a glass of milk and sliding it to the chapter's protagonist, the Sundown Kid. You can choose to slide it back.
* A primitive Game & Watch-style clamshell portable, ''Western Bar'', required the player to move back and forth to avoid getting hit by thrown ashtrays and plates while shooting plates and bottles being barslid by the 'tender.
* In ''VideoGame/FableII'', the bartender job consists entirely of filling frothy mugs and sliding them down the bar.
* In ''VideoGame/TheTownWithNoName'', one can order a drink which must be caught before it slides off.
* In ''VideoGame/TheSimpsonsBartVsTheWorld'', a MiniGame includes jumping over drinks that Moe slides down his bar, while catching the power-ups.
* The videogame adaptation of ''VideoGame/CoolWorld'' had an odd sequence where the player had to activate a bar slide of a bottle, navigate through a bit of platforming to get past the bottle, then catch it at the last moment so it can be given to another character.
* Naturally, the episode of ''VideoGame/SlyCooperThievesInTime'' set in the WildWest features this as a minigame. With [[FrothyMugsOfWater Sasparilla]], apparently.

* In the Creator/TexAvery cartoon "The Shooting of Dan [=McGoo=]," a beer thus slid navigates a sharp curve, then stops at a miniature intersection to let other beers cross. [[ Starts at 2:12.]]
* In one of the ''ComicBook/LuckyLuke'' cartoons, a bartender sends Luke his beer at the other end of the bar. Along the way, it swerves several times and even splits itself in half to go around a mug before being snatched up by one of the saloon girls.

* In ''Webcomic/ChampionsOfFaraus'', The barkeep in story chapter #3 does this.
-->'''Offscreen patron''': Hey barkeep, got any whiskey?
-->''[The barkeep fills a shot glass]''
-->'''Barkeep''':''[While sliding the drink across the bar]'' Apple juice coming up![[note]]The Barkeep actually does have ''some'' sort of alcohol under the bar, but it's for use in his "[[ImprovisedWeapon Explodey]] [[MolotovCocktail teacups]]".[[/note]]
-->'''Offscreen patron''': ''[Confused]'' Huh?

!!! Bar Sliding People

* Bethany in ''Film/{{Dogma}}'' slides herself down the length of the bar in order to reach the sink, which she's been ordered to bless.
* In ''Film/BillAndTed's Excellent Adventure'', Bill and Ted are slid down the bar and into a wall where some dancer girls are. Unsurprisingly, they try to go back for another peek after being pulled out.
* ''Film/SecondhandLions'' uses the fight scene variant when Hubb is fighting a group of thugs in a diner (?).
--> '''Walter:''' But there's four of 'em! * thug thrown over the bar* ''Three'' of 'em!
* In ''Film/ImGonnaGitYouSucka'', Momma slides a thug down the counter of a coffee shop.
* ''Film/BlazingSaddles''. Taggart is slid down the buffet counter of the Warner Bros. commissary. When he gets to the end, the register clerk charges him based on the splashes of food on his clothing.
* Happens in ''Film/{{Xanadu}}'' during the "country" portion of the closing musical number.
* In ''Film/SupermanII'' at the end Clark goes back to the diner they he got into a fight with a trucker jerk after having his powers taken away and getting himself beat up. After letting the guy hit him and hurt himself doing it he puts him on his food tray and slides him down into the bar into a pinball machine before paying them for the damage and leaving.
* The title character does this to a sleazy stalker in the opening scene of ''Film/TheAdventuresOfFordFairlane''.
* A Girl Scout does the Bar Slide during the bar Brawl scene in ''Film/{{Airplane}}''


[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' episode "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", Captain John slides Captain Jack across the bar as they fight, smashing the glasses he's been drinking out of as he does so.
* Gwaine from ''Series/{{Merlin 2008}}'' was slid across the bar during a brawl in 3x08.
* ''Series/{{SCTV}}'' - the "Fishin' Musician" show featured Gil (John Candy) taking guest Carl Perkins on an endless road trip, driving four days straight fueled by coffee and cigarettes. At a roadhouse he reels in dazedly, proceeds to get stupid drunk, and picks a fight with an innocuous little guy who proceeds to beat the tar out of him before giving him a bar slide through the window.
* The ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "The Trouble With Tribbles" has a man almost slide into Cyrano Jones' drinks during the Starfleet vs Klingons BarBrawl.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/TheMovies'' includes the option for a bar slide scene on the appropriate sets.
* ''{{VideoGame/Tapper}}'' again; if the slowly advancing customers make it to the end of the bar, they pull this on you as punishment for your slow service.
* LJN's ''[[VideoGame/BackToTheFuture1989 Back To The Future]]'' for the NES has Marty [=McFly=] being slid down the counter of Lou's Cafe and straight toward the door if he fails to stop Biff's goons from reaching the counter.