Band Geek

"How could you have a soccer team if all were goalkeepers? How would it be an orchestra if all were French horns?"
—Desmond Tutu

A staple in many American high schools, the Band Geek is an ubiquitous sight in the band room; they are usually seen traipsing down the hall with their instrument case, or jamming out in a practice room during study hall. (Sometimes, the more religious Band Geeks are found staring at their sheet music and annotating it, furiously fingering along to it if they can. Expect the sheet music to look insanely hard.) The Band Geek is by no means a rare breed; in fact, they have strength in numbers. Sometimes terrifying strength. See the previous link.

The Band Geek is not just about band; it can include orchestra kids too. (For those of you who don´t know the difference, band is usually the crowd with wind-related or percussion instruments, and orchestra is string instruments, like violin, cello, etc.)

Can be the result of parental pressure. A particularly talented Band Geek may be a Child Prodigy or Teen Genius. Most Band Geeks, however, do it just for fun. See Music Tropes for more information pertaining to Band Geeks.