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When a character needs to get from one room to another and the door is not an option, they will climb out the window and either [[ThePrecariousLedge shimmy along the ledge]] or jump from balcony to balcony until they can enter another window. Hotels and office buildings are common settings for this kind of stunt. It's also used a lot in stealth missions. The act adds an element of danger without actually requiring the character to be super fit or agile.

A sub trope of ThePrecariousLedge. Compare BathroomBreakOut and LoversLedge.

!! Examples:


* In ''Film/{{Charade}}'', Cary Grant's character follows an assailant out the window and across a few balconies.
* Silverstein does this in ''Tiempo De Valientes'' (an argentine film) to get into the restricted area of SIDE (the argentine intelligence agency).
* Indy does this in ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade''.
* Joe in ''Film/{{Looper}}'' tries this and ends up falling a couple stories.
* Subverted in ''Film/TheMatrix''. Neo is told to do this to escape the Agents looking for him near the beginning, but chokes when he sees the [[ThePrecariousLedge skinny ledge]] and great height.
* Maggie Carpenter does this in ''Film/RunawayBride'' to try and avoid getting caught snooping around the reporter's room.
* In ''Film/TheNakedGun'', Frank Drebin does this. He needs to grab hold of the carvings of naked men and women to maintain his balance. HilarityEnsues.
* A segment of the film ''Cat's Eye'' is based on Creator/StephenKing's "The Ledge" (listed below).
* In ''Film/TheManWhoKnewTooLittle'', Lori escapes from Boris' hotel room this way. Wallace asks why they just don't use the hallway.
* Attempted in ''Film/FourteenOhEight''. The protagonist attempts to escape from the cursed room by climbing out the window and going to an adjacent room. Unfortunately for him [[spoiler: all the other rooms disappear from the wall of the hotel]].
* In ''ThatManFromRio'', Adrian tracks his kidnapped girlfriend Agnes to a hotel, where she's kept in one room in a suite with a gunman in the front room. Adrian gets around him by climbing out a corridor window and creeping along a high, narrow ledge to her room.
* In ''Film/WickerPark'', Lisa escapes from her upset lover across balconies and ends up meeting Alex.
* In ''Film/{{Salt}}'', the title character escapes persecution by climbing from the window of her apartment to a neighbor's.
* In ''Film/GrandHotel'', [[GentlemanThief the Baron]] burgles a hotel room by climbing from balcony to balcony -- then finds his return path blocked when someone emerges onto an adjoining balcony, trapping him in the room at a plot-critical moment.

* In ''Fanfic/WhatAboutWitchQueen'' Hans' escape from Koenigsberg starts with him exiting his room through the window and climbing down the castle wall.

* Literature/AlexRider does this in ''Stormbreaker''
* The Creator/StephenKing short story "The Ledge" is a very slight variation on this, as the protagonist is forced to circumnavigate the building and return to the ''same'' window.
* Variation happens twice in the ''Literature/LosingChristina'' series. Book One Christina needs it to get out the Manor to rescue Anya. In Book three she and Val have to use the balcony to escape the fire.

* In ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2'', the survivors are forced to go out on the ledges of the Vannah Hotel to get around the fires.
* In Year One of ''VideoGame/GrimFandango'', Manny has to climb out the window of his office to get into his rival Domino's office next door.
* ''VideoGame/AmnesiaTheDarkDescent''. You have to smash a window, then hop across balconies to reach an otherwise blocked-off room.
* In ''VideoGame/PaperMario'', to get one of the badges, Mario has to enter one building, climb the stairs, exit through a window onto a ledge, go to the end of that ledge, hop to the next ledge, then enter through a ledge on that building... which has no visible street-level doors, even blocked or locked ones.
* Required frequently in ''VideoGame/SplinterCell''.
* In ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedI'' the only way to get into the local offices of the Assassins is to enter from the rooftop. Getting to that rooftop will often mandate some unconventional approaches.
* Franchise/JamesBond can sneak across a ledge to bypass most of the second mission in ''VideoGame/{{Nightfire}}''. Unfortunately, there are windows on the wall with guards on the other side, so he has to be careful.