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Due to Awesomeness Being a Force, the splinters and shrapnel don't touch him.

Badass is a term associated with prowess in physical fighting, durability or mere coolness. The term is primarily used to describe either a type of character with these attributes or describe the kind of actions that a character performs.

However, exactly what a badass person or action is can differ wildly depending on context or the people using the term. This is shown in how it can be used as a noun or an adjective. TV Tropes does not make an attempt to limit what Badass means, only trying to define how it is used. While there is no precise definition, there is a broad consensus on actions or people who could often be called badass. A list of such properties is in Analysis.Badass.

See also Mary Sue, another fandom term that sees varied usage.

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Alternative Title(s): Badass Furry, Hotshot, Anime, Comic Books, Film, Literature, Live Action TV, Mythology, Video Games, Western Animation, Real Life