This is an index for AnimatedShows that are made in Asia.

The most familiar Asian Animation in the Western World was probably {{Anime}} from Japan.
* ''Animation/AbuTheLittleDinosaur''
* ''Animation/AstroPlan''
* ''Animation/BlackCatDetective''
* ''Big Fish and The Begonia''
* ''Animation/CalabashBrothers''
* ''Film/ChineseGhostStory: [[AnimatedAdaptation The Animated Movie]]''
* ''[[ Princess Iron Fan]]'': China's first animated feature, highly influential in Asia, Osamu Tezuka even took notes from it.
* ''Animation/FruityRobo''
* ''Animation/HappyHeroes''
* ''Animation/HappyRunning''
* ''Animation/{{Kodama}}''
* ''Animation/KuangKuang''
* ''Animation/{{Kuiba}}''
* ''The Legend of Luo [=XiaoHei=]''
* ''Little Door Gods''
* ''Master Jiang and The Six Kingdoms''
* ''Animation/MissDaizi''
* ''Animation/MonkeyKingHeroIsBack''
* ''Animation/NanoCore''
* ''Animation/NineSongsOfTheMovingHeavens'': prequel series of ''Animation/QinsMoon''.
* ''Ori Princess''
* ''Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf''
* ''Potrait of Jianghu''
* ''Animation/QinsMoon''
* ''Animation/RainbowCatAndBlueRabbit''
* ''Film/TheSecretOfTheMagicGourd'' (A co-production with China Movie Co Ltd and Disney)
* ''Animation/ShittyTheCat''
* ''Animation/SweetsFairy''
* ''Anime/{{Zentrix}}''

* ''Adarna'': based on the epic ''Ibong Adarna''.
* ''Dayo''
* ''Animation/{{Mutya}}'': A short film.
* ''Animation/{{Urduja}}'': based on the legend of the warrior princess Urduja of Pangasina.
* ''Animation/RPGMetanoia'': The first 3D animated movie from the Philippines.

* See {{Anime}}

* See HangukManhwaAenimeisyeon


* Joseph Lai's works:
** ''Animation/AliBabaAndTheGoldRaiders''
** ''Animation/BeautyAndWarrior'': made in Indonesia, so its technically not an "anime" as it is claimed.
** ''Animation/SpaceThunderKids''
** ''The Thunder Prince''
* ''Akis'': A cartoon from Malaysia produced by Inspidea and in association with {{Creator/Nickelodeon}} and making the first {{Franchise/Nicktoons}} to produced in Asia.
* ''Animation/BoBoiBoy'' - Malaysia
* ''Animation/BurkaAvenger'' - Pakistan
* ''Animation/ClangInvasion'': flash series from Singapore with Western Animation visuals; seen on Canada and the UK.
* ''WebAnimation/{{Deathigner}}'': Taiwanese animated short.
* ''Animation/{{Gandahar}}'': Film by standard "[[LeFilmArtistique arty]]" Frenchman René Laloux, animated in North Korea of all places.
* ''Animation/MalekKhorshid'' - Iran
* ''Mischief Makers''
* ''Momontaros Divine Warriors'': The first Japanese feature-length animated film.
* ''The New Adventures of Hanuman'': related to the movie ''Animation/TheReturnOfHanuman'', which also comes from India.
* ''Animation/SquirrelAndHedgehog'': North Korean animated series.
* ''Super Norbs'' - Bhutan
* ''Animation/UpinAndIpin'' - Malaysia
* ''Yak: The Giant King'' - Thailand