->'''Strong Bad''': This is a sub-poe-eena! I summons Exhibit 4-B to my chambers!
->'''Homestar Runner''': Sustained! (hits self in face with gavel)
-->-- ''WebAnimation/StrongBadEmail'' [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail128.html #128]]

This is a listing of liberties taken with how law is presented.

Frequently an [[AcceptableBreaksFromReality Acceptable Break From Reality]] in that real litigation takes months, not minutes, and almost none of it happens in court. But watching lawyers read mountains of documents and write briefs isn't something anyone really wants to do. Lawyers don't, because if you're going to watch someone do legal work you may as well do it yourself (and get paid), and laypeople audiences don't because it's ''boring as hell''. So while most depictions of legal procedures outside of literature have very little to do with the way law is actually practiced, most people are okay with this, because real legal procedures tend to be [[TheLawOfConservationOfDetail No Fun At All]].

Note that laws vary across different countries and jurisdictions. What may be therefore seen as an example of this by people from one region may actually be valid legal procedure in another, and vice versa. (This can also be noted for historical works -- most legal systems have been fine-tuned over centuries; go back 200 years and chances are court procedures are comparatively sloppy.) Also note that as with all AcceptableBreaksFromReality, this can get out of hand, particularly when it's the substance of the law, not the procedure, that the creators are screwing up.

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* AmbulanceChaser
* AmoralAttorney
* BailEqualsFreedom
* ChalkOutline
* ChewbaccaDefense
* CitizenshipMarriage
* ConvictionByContradiction
* ConvictionByCounterfactualClue
* CopsNeedTheVigilante
* CourtroomAntic
* CrimeOfSelfDefense
* DisregardThatStatement
* DivorceAssetsConflict
* EmancipatedChild
* EmptyCopThreat
* EnhancedInterrogationTechniques
* FingertipDrugAnalysis
* AFoolForAClient
* FrivolousLawsuit
* HeroInsurance
* GradeSchoolCEO
* HighAltitudeInterrogation
* HilaritySues
* HollywoodLaw
* InhumanableAlienRights
* InsanityDefense
* InsuranceFraud and RealEstateScam
* InterrogationByVandalism
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique:
* MadeOutToBeAJerkass
* MotiveEqualsConclusiveEvidence
* MurderSimulators
* MustStateIfYoureACop
* NoBadgeNoProblem
* NotProven
* NoWarrantNoProblem
* OffOnATechnicality
* OmnidisciplinaryLawyer
* OnePhoneCall
* OnlyBadGuysCallTheirLawyers
* ThePerryMasonMethod
* PleaBargain
* PrecrimeArrest
* RapeAndRevenge
* ReadTheFinePrint
* ReadingYourRights
* SensitivityTraining
* SimpleCountryLawyer
* SocialServicesDoesNotExist
* SolomonDivorce
* SpousalPrivilege
* StopOrIWillShoot
* ThereIsNoHigherCourt
* WeAllLiveInAmerica
* WrongfulAccusationInsurance




[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]

* In ''Film/IronMan2''" during the Senate Committee hearing, when the ObstructiveBureaucrat senator orders Rhodes to read a single line from his report on the Iron Man armor -- ''clearly'' out of context -- about Iron Man being a potential threat, then cuts him off before he could explain what he meant. Tony had every right to ask Rhodes to finish his statement.
* The opening of ''Film/MichaelClayton'' suggests that the guy who handled your company's latest merger is rarely the guy you want representing you in a hit-and-run.



* Website/{{Cracked}} brings us [[http://www.cracked.com/article_18385_7-bullshit-police-myths-everyone-believes-thanks-to-movies.html 7 Bullshit Police Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)], discussing various ways that movies get real life law wrong, inclluding the InsanityDefense and MirandaRights.