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->''"Lincoln Sternn, you stand here accused of 12 counts of murder in the first degree, 14 counts of armed theft of Federation property, 22 counts of piracy in high space, 18 counts of fraud, 37 counts of rape...and one moving violation."''
-->-- '''Prosecutor''', ''WesternAnimation/HeavyMetal''

When listing three or more things, the comedy rule is to ''not'' finish strong, but to list some strong examples followed by a very weak example, for the funny. Sometimes this will stick to the RuleOfThree, but sometimes a longer list will increase the humor.

In the US and Canada, "jaywalking" means crossing the road in a dangerous manner, particularly ignoring the crosswalks when crossing city streets. In many other countries, not only are there almost no restrictions on where you can cross, but the idea of someone being fined for crossing the road is alien. In places where jaywalking is illegal, it's usually an infraction (i.e. like a parking ticket) rather than a proper criminal offense, and some cities don't even bother to enforce it.

See also: ListOfTransgressions, ArsonMurderAndLifeSaving, FelonyMisdemeanor, GoodNewsBadNews, OddNameOut, TheTriple. Compare PokeThePoodle, AllCrimesAreEqual, JaywalkingWillRuinYourLife, when the minor crime carries significant consequences. The inverse is BreadEggsMilkSquick, where a list of seemingly mundane things ends with something much darker. ClueEvidenceAndASmokingGun is a related inverse that deals with deductions rather than listing things.


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