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->''"Don't you EVER scare me like that again!"''

Alice is in love with Bob. Bob goes and does something crazy heroic, risking himself. Once the crisis is over, Alice rips into Bob with utmost anger. Eventually, she comes out and admits she was worried about him. This frequently occur in the context of the AfterActionPatchup.

Of course, this trope can apply to either gender on both the giving and receiving end; it's the caring that brings it about that makes the trope. It is also particularly common for parents to show this trope when their children return from whatever world saving adventure they've been on.

Related to HowDareYouDieOnMe, except it's milder, as in, "how dare you put yourself in so much danger." May also involve a SlapSlapKiss. Contrast TearfulSmile, which occurs when Alice is still distraught even when she's happy. Good odds for a [[{{Tsundere}} Punchy Love]]-type to be this if he/she is far enough on the "punchy" side. Compare IHaveJustOneThingToSay and ArsonMurderAndLifeSaving.



* Not shown directly, but certainly implied, in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pGImPcgOTA this Volkswagen commercial.]]

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
Since this trope is a requirement for all {{Tsundere}}s, expect a lot of the character archtype in the examples below...

* This is what happens in the end of ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic: The Second Raid'', although {{Tsundere}} Kaname Chidori was afraid not only for Sousuke (who disappeared without a word in the middle of the series) but also for herself (since villains are constantly after her and Sousuke was supposed to protect her). The progression of fear to relief to anger causes her to deliver an ''epic'' GetAHoldOfYourselfMan beatdown to Sousuke - himself in the throes of a massive HeroicBSOD - when they're finally reunited.
* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' played with this one in the Leliel/Sea of Dirac episode. Asuka is clearly aiming for the trope, but she keeps having to take a number as first Misato and then Rei "butt in", after Shinji reappears. She's left at a low simmer, but Shinji sees her the second time and seems to understand.
* In ''OuranHighSchoolHostClub'', Tamaki yells at Haruhi for trying to take on a group of bullies by herself and nearly getting killed in the process. The rest of the episode has Haruhi and Tamaki giving each other the silent treatment until they make up near the end.
** Also in ''Ouran'', the CreepyTwins Hikaru and Kaoru pull this off in the vacation episode to score {{Moe}} points through {{twincest}} subtext. Whether it was intentional or not is up to debate.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' goes to town with this. With only a few exceptions, Sakura always worries about Naruto's safety in a combat situation. This persists despite him proving his skills over and over, and her claims that she [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend doesn't feel "that" way about him.]]
** Possibly the best example is from Chapter 450 when Naruto returns after [[spoiler:defeating Pain]], Sakura punches him for being so reckless, then embraces him, thanking him.
** [[spoiler: Rin also seems to have felt this for Obito, as he would always try to act tough and hide his wounds from her, which greatly annoyed her.]]
* In ''Anime/PrincessTutu'', Fakir constantly treats Mytho harshly and orders him around. When Mytho begins to finally grow a backbone and stand up for himself, Fakir starts getting so distressed that his harsh demeanor escalates until he finally snaps and slaps Mytho. At first it's played to show him as a control freak, but it's soon revealed that he's really a JerkWithAHeartOfGold and he's ''terrified'' of Mytho getting hurt because of past experiences. (He just has a very, very poor way of expressing himself when he's upset.)
* ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}'':
** Kagome breaks down into tears when she thinks Inuyasha's dead, calling him "Idiot!" When Inuyasha shows up alive and well, she yells at him, causing him to think that she's mad at him at first before she says that she's just so relieved that he's alive.
** In the anime, a similar scene has Kagome yelling some more at him because she's embarrassed at having broken down in tears.
--> '''Kagome''': I'm not crying because I'm sad! I'M CRYING BECAUSE I FEEL HUMILIATED!
** And another after the defeat of the Thunder Brothers. When Inuyasha sees Shippo and Kagome surrounded in foxfire, and thinks they're ghosts.
* ''RanmaOneHalf'':
** Akane is wracked with worry over Ranma going to fight their first bonafide ''lethal'' opponent, who had locked him as a woman permanently. When he finally comes back, manhood restored (well, unlocked, anyway) he sneaks into the bathroom before greeting her. When she sees him, she's very obviously relieved to the point of tears, even as she's angry at him that he didn't go see her first.
** Shortly afterwards, Akane is the one who faces a [[{{Orochi}} legendary eight-headed dragon]] to repay a life debt, without asking for Ranma's help. After she's nearly killed, and Ranma rescues her, he berates her (albeit gently) for making him worry.
** After Shampoo and Akane have their first physical fight in the series, Ranma finds Akane unconscious on the grass. Thinking she might be dead, he urges her to wake up. When she does, he looks relieved, right before he promptly calls her an idiot and reprimands her for fighting Shampoo.
* In the ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaSoundStageX'', [[spoiler:Nove]] has this reaction when a [[http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y191/Liinna/Nanoha/random/SSX_Booklet_14-15.jpg severely wounded Subaru]] meets up with her after fighting her way out of some ruins.
* [[TheSnarkKnight Chisame]] from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' delivers one to Negi [[spoiler:after he risks his life trying to study Evangeline's BlackMagic]]. For all the chaos he has (unintentionally) [[TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive brought upon her]], she still cares about him [[{{Tsundere}} more than she's willing to admit]].
** Asuna does this to him quite often too.
* Miaka goes through a mild version of this in ''FushigiYuugi'' the first time Tamahome ''really'' risks his life saving her. When the tables are turned and she ends up risking her own life for her Seishi, Tamahome gives a MeaningfulEcho.
* ''Manga/SevenSeeds'': This is basically ''the'' meaning behind Semimaru's yelling. Since he made himself to be a tough guy, admitting that he was really worried in a heartfelt way would be too embarrassing, he opts to yell at people who made him worry. Particularly Arashi or [[LovingBully towards Natsu]].
* Happens in one episode of ''[[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam G Gundam]]'' involving Rain and Domon.
* Anemone from ''EurekaSeven'', [[spoiler:who has only just realized she is in love with Dominic when he leaves around the same time, goes to save him when she accidentally attacks him with her mech while he's falling from the sky, clinging to a ref board to try and save her. She admonishes him for doing something so reckless, even though they're ''both'' in a freefall at this point. Now she's normally been pretty harsh on poor [[DoggedNiceGuy Dominic]] until now, but fortunately for him, she lets it slide. Cue BigDamnKiss]].
* In the MaiHime side novel "Natsuki no Prelude," after Natsuki returns to school after her first battle with an Orphan, covered in wounds, Shizuru is quite shocked to see her hurt, and (not being a Hime at the time) tells her that if falling off her motorcycle caused it, she will keep her away from it even if she has to hit her. Natsuki insists that she's all right, but is touched that Shizuru cares about her.
* In ''Manga/KamisamaKiss'' Tomoe has a BodyguardCrush towards the heorine Nanami who she keeps pulling stunts that send his blood pressure sky-rocketing and causing him to rip her a new one verbally. It doesn't help that Tomoe is a definite JerkWithAHeartOfGold.
* This is a possible explanation for Maka's reaction in the SoulEater manga when [[spoiler:her partner, Soul, is possessed by the Black Blood and starts attacking her and their teammates]]. She was clearly worried about him, but when he snaps out of it her response is to [[{{Tsundere}} hit him on the head and then start kicking him]]. When asked, she claims it's payback for pulling her pigtails.
* In ''Anime/CodeGeass'', Shirley, who has a crush on Lelouch, gets frustrated over his delinquent tendencies, and worries that he doesn't apply himself.
* ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'': Kamina and Yoko had a moment like this in episode seven, after facing particularly overwhelming odds in a fight and almost being killed in the process. [[spoiler: A sad/bittersweet scene in hindsight as Yoko's worst fears come true one episode later when Kamina dies in battle, mere hours after they had kissed for the first time and revealed their feelings for each other.]]
--> '''Yoko:''' There's always been a method to your madness. I could always just tell myself, "if anybody can pull something off, Kamina can." But this afternoon was different. That wasn't reckless or even crazy; that was plain stupid! You rushed in there without thinking it through, and if Simon hadn't been there, you might very well have been killed!... I guess... that frightened me...
* In ''Manga/BlackLagoon'', at the end of the "Goat, Jihad and Rock and Roll" arc, Revy, having managed to rescue Rock from kidnappers with a mixture of her characteristic ultraviolence and uncharacteristic guile, rips strips off him for being dumb enough to be kidnapped: "This isn't some feel-good movie! The cost of this is coming out of ''your'' paycheck! The next time this happens, the only help you'll get is from the Almighty!" And then they go off together.
** Later, in the Japan arc, [[spoiler: after Balalaika comes very close to killing Rock, forcing Revy into a face-off with Balalaika and Boris]], Revy punches Rock a good one for being so foolhardy: "Over here, I'm your gun! I could keep you alive through Tarawa or the Alamo! But I can't protect someone who's that anxious to die! ...If you weren't you, I'd have shot you myself for being so stupid!"
* Ian from ''Manga/{{A Cruel God Reigns}}'' has several instances of this after bringing Jeremy back to England to help Jeremy get his life back together. They usually occur after Jeremy has [[spoiler: done drugs]] or [[spoiler: prostituted himself]], although sometimes they are in reaction to Jeremy's flippant behavior toward both and his [[RapeAsBackStory original problems]].
--> '''Ian''': "You were beat until you passed out! Don't act as if it happened to someone else!"
* It's never specifically said, but this was no doubt the reaction of [[Manga/YotsubaTo Mr. Koiwai]] after finding out Yotsuba had gone to Fuuka's school, by herself, without telling him where she was going. Absolutely justified, since there were at least two points on her adventure where she was ''very'' lucky she wasn't seriously hurt.
* There's a manga chapter in ''Anime/{{Doraemon}}'' where Nobita received this from his parents after coming home so late after playing outside. Unfortunately, [[InTouchWithHisFeminineSide Nobita]] [[UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist being Nobita]], it's too much for him and made him believe that his parents despise him. So he decided to leave his house. To made his action become much ''less'' sympathetic, he also stole some of Doraemon's tools and gadgets (including Bamboocopter) because he believe they will help him survive while living far away from his family. Predictably, it becomes much worse when he lost his bamboocopter and this caused him being trapped in a stranded island for next ''ten years'' until Doraemon finds him, when Nobita already becomes a {{Manchild}} and grows BeardOfSorrow. FromBadToWorse indeed.
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'': [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed]] example in Episode 3. When Mami and Madoka reach Sayaka and Kyubey, who had willingly let themselves be absorbed by a Witch's Barrier to prevent the Witch's escape, Mami berates Sayaka's rashness, but concedes that she's just relieved that they're both alright.
* ''Anime/MekakucityActors'': Episode 10. After a very peaceful opening showing the scenery of Japan several centuries in the past, we cut straight to Azami - arms crossed and brow furrowed - yelling "He's '''late'''!" at her daughter Shion. After some reassurance from Shion, Azami admits that she is worried for Tsukihiko (her husband)'s safety, since he left for the (extremely xenophobic) village over three days ago. [[spoiler:[[ProperlyParanoid As it turns out, she was right to worry;]] as she'd feared, the villagers ''had'' captured Tsukihiko, tortured him for her whereabouts, and despite him not saying anything, found the trail he'd left himself to return home - [[AdultFear and promptly come knocking to murder her and her daughter]]]].

* In ''[[ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog]]'' this was Princess Sally's reason for dumping Sonic. He had just returned from a lengthy absence during which he had been presumed dead, and yet he now continued risking his life at the drop of a hat. The fear of potentially having to mourn him a second time was more than she could stand.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* Causes a massive relationship crisis between Rainbow Dash and Brownie [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/73406/rainbow-in-the-dark in the later chapters]] of ''FanFic/RainbowInTheDark''.
* ''Cry For Eternity''. Twilight undergoes a procedure to become an Alicorn on Celestia's [[spoiler: posthumous]] wishes. The procedure knocks Twilight unconscious for a whole week, and once she wakes up, the first thing her mother, Velvet, does upon seeing her is to make it clear how ''[[UnderStatement very displeased]]'' she is that Twilight took such a risk. Likewise, Applejack also flat out says how mad she is, and Spike yells at her to never scare him like that again. [[ShrinkingViolet Fluttershy]] of course is too nice to be anything but concerned, so [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Angel Bunny]] takes care of the anger part for her.
* In Fanfic/WhiteDevilOfTheMoon, after Nanoha, who has recently been injured, collapses from using Divine Buster against Jadeite, Fate yells at her for using high-level magic despite her being warned about the strain on her Linker Core, before breaking down crying and telling her how worried she is about her.
* In Fanfic/ChristianHumberReloaded, Season-Bringer punches Blade for making him think that he'd died in the explosion that destroyed Chaos near the end of Part 2.
* In the ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' fanfic ''FanFic/{{Insontis}}'', kid!Kirk berates Spock for using a faulty transporter (which left injuries that nearly killed him) to go after him.
* In ''FanFic/KyonBigDamnHero'' Haruhi reacts this way to Kyon being injured after fighting some {{Yakuza}} [[PowerNullifier with all his supernatural tools disabled]].
* ''Fanfic/EarthAndSky'': In the first chapter, Pinkie's relief that her daughter Tootsie is safe is immediately replaced by anger that Tootsie left the house without telling anyone.
* In ''FanFic/BrokenFacades'' Light gets angry when he learns that Misa made the [[CastFromLifeSpan eye deal.]]
* ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9139830/1/Hit-and-Hug Hit and Hug]]''. Based on episode, "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E19PuttingYourHoofDown Putting Your Hoof Down]]", Rainbow Dash is really upset when she found out Fluttershy has TookALevelInJerkass that she hits her in the head for it. She catches her before she falls from the ground and hugs her for being back to her old ShrinkingViolet self.
* FanFic/AGrowingAffection: Tsunade and Sakura to Naruto in chapter 12. He nearly killed himself in the previous chapter [[spoiler:by helping Sakura with a series of medical jutsus that essentially brought back Hinata from the brink of death]], and both scold him quite thoroughly for it.
* Downplayed in ''FanFic/{{Heroes}}'' when Kirk is gone hunting for weapons material for a long time. Spock scolds him.
* ''Higher Learning'': Asuka towards Shinji after his [[HeroicBSOD nervous breakdown]]. Gets so bad that Misato has to pull one rather forceful SorkinRelationshipMoment.
* ''If Thems The Rules'', [[Franchise/HarryPotter Harry]] doesn't speak to [[RaiseHimRightThisTime Tom]] for a week after Tom passed out after attempting a floating charm without a wand.
* In the ''Manga/SoulEater'' fic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9440756/1/Alive Alive]], Maka's reaction to Crona finally returning to Death City after running away and going back to Medusa is to hug him tight, make sure he's okay, and then Maka-Chop him.
--> '''Crona''': ''(holding his head)'' Ow, why did you do that?
--> '''Maka''': That's for making me worry about you!
* In ''FanFic/ASnowflakeInSpring'', Anna undergoes an AngstComa of sorts after [[spoiler:her brother Hans loses his visitation rights]]. She crashes at Kristoff's house, losing contact with the world for three days. Her new friend Megara, who has no idea what's going on, sends her a series of texts that progress from annoyed to concerned to nearly hysterical. When Anna finally recovers and calls her, Meg practically explodes at her over the phone.
* In the ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8935062/1/Shards-To-A-Whole Shards To a Whole]]'', shortly after Tim [=McGee=] and Abby Scuito move in together and begin planning a life together, Tim, Gibbs, Tony and Ziva nearly die of hypothermia after being locked in a walk-in freezer full of Sarin gas canisters by a group of terrorists. Once they are rescued, and after everyone has more or less makes a full recovery, Abby, after a few days of nursing Tim back to health, lays into him big-time, shouting, "You do not get to dangle this perfect fantasy life in front of me: married, house, kids, grow old together and then take it away by dying on me! You don't get to make me want that, need it, and then take it away!" Realizing how much his nearly dying upset Abby helps Tim decide to apply for the position of Head of Cybercrime, which he believed would be mostly a desk job.
* In ''[[Fanfic/{{Curses}} Curses!]]'', Lili finds Raz in the treehouse and slaps him across the face as soon as he comes out of Fannie's mind. When she heard the wolves, she tried to call him, and [[AdultFear he never answered.]]
-->'''Raz:''' I did what I had to to, y'know, ''not die!''
-->'''Lili:''' Well ''how the heck was I supposed to know [[TearJerker that you weren't dead?!]]''
* Tsume and Hanabi exhibit this at different points to different people in ''FanFic/KitsuneNoKenFistOfTheFox''. After Kiba risks his life [[spoiler:rescuing Naruto from Mizuki's gang and Akatsuki's [[TortureTechnician Monjin]]]], Tsume slaps him and snaps at him for being so reckless...and then tightly embraces him moments later. A couple of chapters afterward, when a hospitalized Kabuto cheerfully greets the Hyuga family, Hanabi chastises him for being so flippant about his injuries, even while she's holding back her own tears.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/MonstersInc'', when Sulley and Mike find Boo after she ran away in the office building and [[spoiler:they presumed she got killed in a garbage masher]], Sulley reveals his parental instinct toward her by sternly saying "Don't you EVER run away from me again, young lady!" Then he hugs her and adds "But I'm so glad you're safe...!"
* In ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon'', after Hiccup recovers from the final battle with the Green Death, Astrid punches him, saying, "That's for scaring me!" She then kisses him, clearly grateful that he was alive and well.
* ''Disney/BigHero6'':
** The first thing Tadashi does when he rescues Hiro from some thugs is to ask if he is all right before chewing him out for getting in trouble.
** After having to bail Hiro and Tadashi out of prison in the beginning, Aunt Cass swings between ranting at them about how worried she was and eating comfort food from her café.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/TheDarkKnight'', [[spoiler:Jim Gordon [[FakingTheDead pretends to be dead in order to capture the Joker]] and doesn't inform his family of this {{plan}}. Upon seeing her "dead" husband on the front porch, his wife immediately slaps him across the face, then starts sobbing and hugs him.]]
* In ''Film/{{Thor}}'', Odin gets furious at Thor when he foolishly goes to Jotunheim to pick a fight with the Frost Giants which nearly gets him, his brother, and his friends killed. This leads to Thor getting stripped of his powers and banished from Asgard to teach him some humility and wisdom on Midgard.
* ''Film/NowAndThen'': Chrissy when Roberta had thought it would be a good prank to pretend she'd been killed jumping into a river. Touching as Chrissy only gets the punch in because she's bending over Roberta as the only one of the three girls who was prepared to give rescue breaths.
* In ''Film/TheHobbit'', Thorin furiously yells at [[spoiler: Bilbo]] after [[spoiler: the latter had put himself in danger to protect Thorin from Azog and his mooks]]. After listing all his potential failings and reasons why [[spoiler: Bilbo]] doesn't belong with the company, Thorin then [[spoiler: pulls Bilbo into a hug and declares "I've never been so wrong in all my life."]]
* After Aragorn was believed to be dead in ''Film/LordOfTheRings'' and made it safely to Helms Deep, Gimli pushed past the crowd of Rohan people, all the while furiously exclaiming that he was going to kill Aragorn. But the second he saw Aragorn, his anger simply melts into relief and he happily proclaims he's glad to see that Aragorn was all right before grabbing him in a ManHug.
* Katniss yells at Peeta in ''Film/TheHungerGames'' after hearing a cannon and thinking he's been killed. Played up for maximum [[ShipTease ship teasing]].

* Creator/CSLewis's ''[[{{Narnia}} Voyage of the Dawn Treader]]'' - Reepicheep goes overboard, and the first mate burst into exclamations that he's more trouble than the rest of the crew and ought to be thrown into irons.
* ''Literature/{{Belgariad}}'' - Polgara and Durnik, after the fight with the mud creatures.
* In the third KateDaniels book by Ilona Andrews, we get this exchange.
-->''Kate'': "What the fuck is wrong with you? He was silver! I had it under control. What was going through your head? Here's a toxic silver golem; I think I'll jump on his back! That's a damn good idea!"
-->''Curran'': "Were you worried about me?"
-->''Kate'': "No, I'm ranting for fun, because I'm a disagreeable bitch!"
* Twisted inside-out and upside-down by Darken Rahl in ''[[SwordOfTruth Wizard's First Rule]]''. While brainwashing a young child whom he intends to sacrifice, he asks about the boy's dog. The boy tells him that his dog once ran away, but was greeted lovingly when he was found. But one time the boy ran off without telling anyone and was punished with a belt when he returned. Darken Rahl asks him if his parents really love him, if they're willing to beat him and PetTheDog for the same offense. While the boy's parents undoubtedly abided by this trope, Rahl managed to convince him that it was [[InvertedTrope inverted]] just for him, causing the boy's love for them to be shaken.
* In Creator/PatriciaAMcKillip's ''The Book of Atrix Wolfe'', when Tanis was unhorsed and injured, and then [[FullBoarAction had to kill a boar]], his brother descends on him dragging him away and pounded him -- only when Tanis recovers from his shock does he realize he's saying that he thought Tanis had been killed.
* In ''The Battle Of The Labyrinth'', the fourth book of ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'', [[spoiler: Annabeth]] has this reaction when [[spoiler: Percy returns from Calypso's island, having been thought dead after an explosion in Hephaestus's workshop.]]
** And again in ''Literature/The Heroes of Olympus when Annabeth is reunited with Percy at Camp Jupiter.
* In John Connolly's Charlie Parker series, side characters Angel and Louis are lovers, gay, comic relief, snarky, kind of sort of insane, and just happen to be ''incredibly'' BadAss. Near the end of their own book where they act as main characters rather than supporting cast, there is a moment where Louis pretends to be dead to fake out the antagonist. Angel, wounded, weaponless, is pretty convinced Louis is dead, too, and has to fight to put aside emotion and focus. When it's revealed, then, that Louis was a big fat lying liar who was barely wounded, rather than being pleased, Angel ''kicks him'', repeatedly, and without being gentle about it. It's made rather obvious this reaction is born of fear and adrenaline, and Louis takes it all in semi-amused stride.
-->'''Louis''': I got ''shot''!
-->'''Angel''': Not shot enough!
* In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberofSecrets'', Mrs. Weasley's reaction to her children and Harry arriving at the Burrow - "Beds empty! No note! Car gone - could have crashed - out of my mind with worry - did you care?"
** In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'', [[spoiler: Ron finds Harry and Hermione in the woods after leaving them several weeks prior. He saves Harry's life and destroys a horcrux before actually returning to the camp.]] Hermione greets him with nearly hysterical anger.
* In Creator/SeananMcGuire's ''Literature/OctoberDaye'' novel ''Rosemary and Rue'', Toby comments on how Luna is generally angry only when she's worried.
* Katniss throws an angry fit at Peeta in ''Literature/TheHungerGames'' after she heard the cannon and thought he had been killed.
** Partially because he wasn't returning the mockingjay signal, which is what happened with Rue right before she [[spoiler: was killed]]. This was also one of the first times that shows that she's really starting to care about him, and not ''just'' playing it up for the cameras.
* In ''[[Literature/TheImmortals The Realms of the Gods]]'', this exchange between Daine and Numair:
-->"Don't you ever - ''ever'' - frighten me that way again!" He shook her for punctuation, then wrapped his arms around her so tightly that she thought she might just pop. "''Ever''," he added, and kissed her thoroughly before releasing her.
-->"I don't know," she said impishly, smiling up at him. "I like this particular kind of tantrum."

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Inara does this to Mal in ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. She even gave his unconscious but alive body a kiss, however it was also played with when her relief turns to anger when she realizes that the knockout agent Saffron used was on his lips, and she passes out moments later while halfway through insulting Mal's parentage.
** At the end of the episode, just as she is about to admit that she kissed him, Mal assumes she instead [[LesYay kissed Saffron]]. Inara doesn't deny this, because she would rather not face the consequences of kissing Mal.
* On WhiteCollar, this is Peter's reaction every time Neal does something heedless. So every episode.
* Ziva and Tony on ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' have a tendency to yell at each other and get really annoyed when they were worried about the other person. They'll both deny it's worry, though.
* Brennan on ''{{Bones}}'' punches Booth [[spoiler: when it turns out he wasn't really dead.]] She claimed it was because he didn't tell her. According to him, he requested that she be told, but his superiors decided not to. The audience can probably figure out why.
* ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'': Kirk and Spock are all over this one. In the episode "[[Recap/StarTrekS2E5TheApple The Apple,]]" Spock [[TakingTheBullet takes a poisoned dart for Kirk]]. Upon Spock's waking up, Kirk berates him for putting himself in danger, then afterwards adds "[[{{Tsundere}} but thanks]]." This would be a Crowning Moment Of HoYay for any other couple, but for [[HoYay/StarTrek Kirk and Spock, for whom the original]] SlashFic [[HoYay/StarTrek was written, this sort of Ho Yay is just par for the course.]]
* In ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'', the events of the first movie has three out of four of Ryotaro's partner Imagin [[spoiler:disappear from the timeline. When they reappeared just fine later]] the fourth Imagin, Momotaros (a possible male {{Tsundere}}), [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG-oCyfsMF0#t=5m50s shows us]] how much he missed them.
* In the ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode "The Impossible Astronaut", River Song greets the Doctor with a slap after [[spoiler:she's just seen his future self die.]]
** Sarah Jane Smith had a lot of this when she traveled with the Fourth Doctor. A classic example is "Pyramids of Mars"--she thinks he's dead, and starts weeping over him, only to be flustered when he says, "You're soaking my shirt."
** The Eleventh Doctor is rather prone to this -- he can be quite harsh with Amy and Rory when he's exceptionally frightened for their safety.
* In ''Series/{{Misfits}}'', once the team has learned that Nathan is still alive [[spoiler: and actually immortal]] after [[spoiler: getting impaled on a fence post and being buried in the local cemetary for the past few weeks]], Kelly immediately flies into a rage and starts hitting him.
* Dean Winchester of ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' is the poster boy for this trope. His brother, his father figure, his best friend--if they put themselves in danger, they can expect to get snarled and yelled at.
* Jules in ''Series/{{Flashpoint}}'' gave TeamDad Parker a WhatTheHellHero after he had put himself in danger to protect a girl from one of his previous cases and almost died because of it. Half of the lecture was about Parker placing himself in that situation without calling for backup. The other half was causing the team to go frantic with worry.
* Nina gets like this a lot during ''Series/HouseOfAnubis'' in season 2. She had a tendency to get mad at her friends for trying to help save her life, because it was putting themselves in danger, too.
* Happens a lot in ''Series/{{The Vampire Diaries}}'' between Bonnie and Jeremy.
* In ''Series/{{Helix}}'' {{Downplayed|Trope}} between CDC [[WorkingWithTheEx coworkers]] Alan and Julia. For the first two days of their mission at research base Arctic Biosystems, Alan needlessly bickers with ex-wife Julia while pulling rank as mission lead and dictating where Julia focuses her efforts at containing an outbreak of SyntheticPlague. He later apologizes and reveals that he's snappish because he feels he can't protect her from TheVirus if he doesn't know her whereabouts. She chides him mildly, but its made clear that, in their brief time together, he's reignited his [[OldFlame old torch]].
* In "FZZT", an episode of ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'', Simmons [[spoiler: gets infected with a Chitauri virus that's already killed others, and all the anti-serums she and Fitz come up with have failed. Knowing she's putting the plane at risks if she stays, she jumps out without a parachute, right as Fitz discovers one of the anti-serums actually works. Fortunately, Ward is able to jump out of the plane, inject her and save her, but that doesn't make Coulson any less pissed when they return.]]
* In the first episode of season 3 of ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'', the titular character reveals himself to be alive after a 2-year absence. John proceeds to punch, strangle, and headbutt him after each attempt at an explanation. The creators of the show agreed that this is a far more natural reaction than that of Watson in the book (he faints).

In ''{{Series/Terrahawks}}'', the episode "Mind Monster" ends with Tiger [[spoiler: trapping the eponymous monster by allowing it to invade his brain and then having it wiped out, risking permanent brain damage in the process]]. Mary has a few choice words for him on the subject:
-->Mary: "Tiger... what you did was a marvellous, brave, foolhardy, pigheaded, ''stupid'' thing to do!"

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''DynastyWarriors 5'', if you're fighting on the side of Wei and your character takes a beating, Cao Cao will berate you, all the while sounding concerned for your well being.
-->'''Cao Cao''': ''Are you trying to kill yourself!? Fall back!''
* In ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'', [[IdiotHero Arado]] covered [[{{Tsundere}} Seolla]] from fire and almost died for it. Seolla then angrily chews out Arado.
-->'''Seolla''': ''Do you know much I am worried!?''
-->'''Arado''': ''...[[GagBoobs As big as your breasts, maybe?]]''
** Cue to a [[PervertRevengeMode slap]] and more chewing from Seolla. But shortly after she expresses that she is thankful for the cover.
* In the end to ''VideoGame/StarOceanTheLastHope'', [[spoiler:the party is forced to leave Edge behind in the collapsing dungeon because he was slowed down trying to help Faize. When Edge walks back into the ship after escaping by other means, Reimi immediately slaps him (again), then falls into his arms crying in relief.]]
* In ''VideoGame/MegaManZero 3'', Ciel pulls something similar. After Zero [[spoiler:leaps onto a launching missile in an attempt to stop it from destroying innocent lives (he fails to stop the missile, though)]], she tells him to promise that he'll never do anything like that again. His response? "I'll think about it." [[spoiler:Considering what happens to him in the ''next'' game, he never learns.]] Also consider that, technically, Ciel is Zero's superior, and that ''both'' times he's acted against her orders...
* In ''[[BaldursGate Baldur's Gate 2]]'', one event that shows up if you try to romance [[ActionGirl Jaheira]] is for the party to be ambushed by bandits who [[HostageSituation take her hostage]] to rob you. If the protagonist tries to exchange himself with her as a hostage, you'll get arrowed for half your current hit points, Jaheira fights free, and this trope will get evoked once the bandits are dead.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'': [[spoiler:[[TheHero Zidane]] has opted to stay behind and rescue [[CainAndAbel his brother]] [[BigBad Kuja]], and, after a year, was presumed dead.]] Cue [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCn7V4OI66I this]] [[CrowningMomentofHeartwarming absolutely touching ending]].
** Interestingly enough, [[spoiler: not long before this the BigBad quotes the TropeNamer speech from ''Franchise/StarWars'' almost verbatim]].
** Also one from Tifa to Cloud in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' after Cloud regains his memory.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Grandia}}'', Justin must go through one of two magical portals. The right one will let him put an end to the deadly, acidic rain that's harming the locals, while the wrong one will kill him outright. When he doesn't immediately come back out, Feena (who chose the portal) begins to panic. He only shows up again as they're leaving the collapsing dungeon, and Feena responds as expected.
* In the [[MultipleEndings True Ending]] for ''VideoGame/BlazBlueCalamityTrigger'', Noel Vermillion [[spoiler:manages to save Ragna the Bloodedge from a long fall into the Cauldron and a horrible fate as the Black Beast. As soon as she manages to haul him out of the Cauldron, she]] begins screaming at Ragna about how scared she was that he was going to die, repeatedly calling him stupid and punching his chest. It actually manages to get through the [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold stoic attitude]] he tries to wear fairly quickly.
** Noel does it again in the True Ending of ''Continuum Shift'' after Ragna [[spoiler:frees her from Terumi's brainwashing and loses his arm in the process.]]
* In ''{{Solatorobo}}'', after Red takes on [[spoiler:Nero and Blanck]] for the first time, he barely escapes with his life. Once he wakes up and everyone is sure he's okay, Elh socks him a few times for being such an idiot. [[SlapSlapKiss Then they comment on how it's good to see each other again after several months.]]
* Yang's ending in VideoGame/StreetFighterIII Third Strike has his childhood friend Shaomei mentioning the trope to him when him and Yun come back home and her older sister Houmei gets '''pissed''' at them.
-->''Shaomei'': My sister can be so clumsy... She has been worried. She just has a hard time showing her relief. You know, she didn't eat a thing while you were gone.
* In the ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' DLC "Leviathan", if you brought Shepard's love interest along as a squadmate to [[spoiler:2181 Desponia]], they will chide Shepard with this after he/she surfaces after meeting the titular Leviathan and is barely conscious.
* Elara Dorne, the Republic Trooper's CombatMedic companion in ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'', will often [[DialogDuringGameplay angrily berate you for not standing still while she is trying to heal you]]--especially if you are in a [[RomanceSidequest relationship]] [[LikeAnOldMarriedCouple with her]].
* Similarly, soldiers equipped with medpacks in ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown'' will angrily scoff at lower-ranked teammates while restoring their health.
* ''VideoGame/ResonanceOfFate'': After saving Zephyr from being killed by Lagerfeld, Leanne slaps him upside the head and angrily berates him for his [[DeathSeeker death wish]]... only to collapse and tearfully beg him to at least "[[FaceDeathWithDignity die with courage]]."
* In ''VideoGame/SandsOfDestruction'', after the Front travels to the Temple of Light to visit the Crimson Sun [[spoiler:and ask him to bring Kyrie back from death]], Morte is [[KissKissSlap at first overjoyed to see Kyrie, but soon switches to screaming at him]]. She even punches him, much to the amusement of their teammates.
-->'''Morte:''' Did I ''ask'' you to [[spoiler:die for me]]!?

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Saber from ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' has this reaction whenever Shirou puts himself in danger. Makes a lot of sense, since she is essentially his bodyguard and he's less than cooperative with her efforts to protect him.
** [[{{Tsundere}} Rin]] goes so far as to attack Shirou, out anger that he could be so thoughtless about the dangers of the Grail War that his ability to survive it worries her, which feeds back into anger about her worry about him. Though many of her attacks are lethal, the one that gets him actually protects his life by removing his Servant and his memory about the War.
* In his route of ''VisualNovel/InYourArmsTonight'', Ginnosuke Oguri warns the protagonist to be wary of [[spoiler:Ai Yashima]]. When her failure to follow his advice gets her drugged and [[AttemptedRape almost raped]], Ginnosuke quickly comes to her rescue - and once she's safe, he slaps her across the face and berates her for not paying attention to his warnings.
* Tyrna spends a lot of ''VisualNovel/SwordDaughter'' in various forms of danger, and Gavin spends a lot of ''his'' time yelling at her about it, contributing significantly to their general dynamic of BelligerentSexualTension.

* Sar'nel of ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'' is Post TimeSkip the officer of a squad with Ariel, Faen, Kau and Shala. He is at almost ''all'' times annoyed by Shala, who keeps making mistakes and general screw ups. Faen points out his constant state of annoyance is because he cares about her and the girl just ''keeps on'' screwing up.
* ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive''. The first panel of [[http://egscomics.com/?date=2004-06-30 this strip]], in which Mr. Verres expresses his feelings after the kids get back from defeating Damien.
* In ''Webcomic/WapsiSquare'' [[http://wapsisquare.com/comic/she-loves-me/ Amanda yelled at Monica]] for making her worry due to a little basement debacle. Monica in turn was GenreSavvy enough to realize that this showed how much Amanda cared about her.
* ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob''-- [[http://bobadventures.comicgenesis.com/d/20101218.html This]] is how Princess Voluptua let slip to [[spoiler: Hibachi]] that she has feelings for him.
* [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20030324 This]] ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' strip involves the Baron calling out his son for a foolish and risky move, mostly out of concern for his safety.
* In ''Webcomic/FauxPas'', [[http://www.ozfoxes.net/cgi/pl-fp1.cgi?652 Penny returns after they feared she'd been eaten -- to a hug and a scolding.]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In ''Literature/{{Worm}}'', Brian is prone to this -- in [[http://parahumans.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/snare-13-10/ Chapter 13.10]], he yells at Taylor for having risked her life to [[spoiler:rescue him from Bonesaw]].
* In ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'', [[CoolBigSis Yang Xiao Long]] angrily begged [[TheInsomniac Blake Belladonna]] to stop obsessing over [[BigBad Roman Torchwick]], because it was causing her to lose sleep, which in turn was causing Blake to break down physically and emotionally. Yang explained that she had been there, and would've died along with Ruby if it weren't for her uncle. When Blake refused with equal vehemence, Yang resorted to shoving her. To prove Yang's point, Blake was too weak to fight back.
* In ''WebVideo/{{Carmilla}}'', this is Danny's reaction to a lot of what Laura does, particularly [[spoiler: when she learns Laura's untied Carmilla]]. This is also what leads to [[spoiler: their unofficial breakup, since Laura doesn't want anyone worrying about her]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''JusticeLeagueUnlimited'' (2004):
-->[after Flash narrowly survives a death-defying fall]
-->'''Hawkgirl:''' [shouting] Don't you ever scare me like that again! [stalks off]
-->'''The Flash:''' [to Fire] She loves me. Seriously, she's like the big sister I never had. Only, you know, shorter.
** Another ''JusticeLeagueUnlimited'' example:
--->'''Big Barda:''' "Scott! I thought you were dead! ... You insufferable showboat! I thought you were dead!"
** In that same episode we have this exchange between Barda and Scott's assitant Oberon:
--->'''Barda''': Always were more trouble than you were worth, little man.\\
'''Oberon''': All legs and no heart.\\
'''Barda'''(smiling warmly): You're just too far away to hear it. (kneels down and hugs Oberon)
* ''TheSecretSaturdays'':
-->'''Drew:''' [angrily] Do you have ''any idea how DANGEROUS'' that was?!
-->'''Zak:''' [a little bewildered] Mom...you ''taught me'' that move!
-->'''Drew:''' [calming to look sheepish] I know... I'm... just so proud you nailed it.
* ''TheSpectacularSpiderMan'': Peter has to sneak off to fight the Sinister Six as Spider-Man, and Gwen thinks he has been crushed by the giant tree in Times Square. When he shows himself again, complete with lame excuse, she throws her arms around him and exclaims "PETE!" ''Then'' she starts with the "Where have you been, I thought you were dead!"
** Then there's [[AlphaBitch Sally Avril]], who despite strongly disliking Peter is genuinely horrified when she thinks he's been killed in the episode "Probable Cause". She does hug him when he reappears and then demands, "Wait! How come you're still alive?!", and then punches him, saying "Do you know what you put me through?". Peter, taken aback, says that he didn't know she cared. Sally said that she didn't, but she didn't want him blown to bits either, she's not a monster. Then she tells him that if he told ''anyone'' that she'd hugged him, he'd wish that he'd died.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SWATKats'' episode "Mutation City", when it's revealed T-Bone can't swim (and the city happens to be flooded), Razor has to rescue him from the rising water-levels. His reaction;
-->'''Razor''': If you drown, [[HypocriticalHumor I'm gonna kill ya]]!!
* SpongebobSquarepants: Mr. Krabs does this during the episode "Hooky", when he believes Patrick and Spongebob were caught on hooks and fished.
-->'''Mr. Krabs''': Oh, if I could just hold 'em in me arms one last time... ''(Spongebob and Patrick float safely back down)'' I'D THROTTLE 'EM!
* In the ''WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog'' episode "The Lady in the Puddle", after Courage saves Eustace from being [[BlackWidow seduced and eaten]] by the eponymous Lady, Muriel goes from distraught to relieved, then to clocking Eustace with a rolling pin and angrily asking "''Where'' have you been?!"
* In ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales'', "[[Recap/DuckTalesS1E53HeroForHire Hero for Hire]]", Scrooge's joy that Launchpad was only FakingTheDead soon becomes rage.
-->'''Scrooge''': Launchpad, you're alive! ''I'm going to kill you!''

[[folder:Real Life]]
* An example of this occurred with a British teenager travelling in Australia. He went out for a trek alone without a mobile phone or supplies and got lost. He survived two weeks in the wild. His dad, on hearing the news, said he felt partly, "Yay! My son is alive and well!" and partly, "OMG! What a fucking idiot! I am going to kick his arse!".
* In fact, a common reaction by parents whose children have done something silly like wandering off in a shop or park and getting lost is -- upon retrieving the child -- to tear them off a strip about it. The same can be said of parents that punish their kids for being out past curfew, especially if the children never called to say they'd run late.
* In a more serious version, is why relationships between "normal healthy" people and those who are disadvantaged/disabled in some way (from a physical illness to a mental illness to an addiction or whatever, or who simply are on the extreme other side of the class divide etcetera) ''and'' relationships that are between the disadvantaged/disabled but where one partner is more capable of functioning/appearing normal take a lot more effort to maintain than relationships between people who are roughly at the same point. For example, a normal healthy person may feel this way over his/her depressed partner's suicidal feelings - and make them ''worse'' accidentally by the depressed partner taking the anger as being personal hatred toward them and/or another reason why they're better off dead.