One of the most common go to names for a fictional TV news program is to add a usually-random letter to "NN" (or in some cases, ''two'' letters to "N") as a reference to Creator/{{CNN}} ("Cable News Network"). Popular choices for the first word in the acronym are a reference to the area the network covers (such as Galaxy or Global) or a reference to the work. Often the logo will be inspired by the CNN logo as well.

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* Former {{Macintosh}} clone manufacturer (back in the short days when Macs had clones) Power Computing had a multi-media promotional CD with fake television shows on it, and the TagLine "You're watching PNN, a [[TitleDrop Power Computing]] network."


[[folder: Anime ]]

* ''{{Gundam 00}}'' had JNN. The odd thing is that JNN is a ''real world'' network; it is the news division of TBS, the broadcaster for the series.
* ''Anime/SonicX'' had an instance of SXN, "Sonic X Network".


* Averted in Comics/{{XIII}}: the channel broadcasting [[spoiler:president Wally Sheridan]]'s "judgement" is ABS, a clear cross of ABC and CBS.

[[folder: Film ]]

* ''Film/BatmanForever'' and ''Film/TheDarkKnight'' uses GNN, "The Gotham News Network" to provide exposition.
* Buck Williams in the ''Film/LeftBehind'' films works for Global News Network, also GNN.
** ''Film/Anchorman2TheLegendContinues'' also has a news network called GNN, which the main characters work for.
* Helen Hannah in the Film/{{Apocalypse}} film series works for World News Network, WNN.
* The film version of ''Film/AtlasShrugged'' inverts this with NNT.
* ''Film/CountdownToLookingGlass'' has CVN.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Cars}}'' has RSN (Racing Sports Network).

[[folder: Literature ]]
* The ''Literature/LeftBehind'' book series has GCCNN, which is basically the Global Community owning the original CNN.

[[folder: Live Action TV ]]
* ZNN on ''Series/{{JAG}}'', ''Series/FirstMonday'', ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' and everything else [[DonaldPBellisario Bellisario-produced]].
** In the very first ''JAG'' episode it appears in, "We the People", it seems to inexplicably stand for "Satellite News Network".
* ''Series/LoisAndClark'' had LNN, Luthor News Network.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** "The Daemons" has an interesting variation when everyone's watching news on BBC3. It's worth pointing out that at the time it was made there wasn't even a [=BBC2=].
** The relaunch generally uses the BBC for main news and has [[ AMNN]] for American news during any given NewsMonopoly.
* ''TheChaser'' called their fake news network CNNNN (Chaser's [=NoN=]-stop News Network).
** The final episode of the first season had a look back at the station's 40-year history: originally, it was CNNN (for Chaser Nonstop News Network), but inexplicably added a fourth N: the extra N is "explained" in an [[TheUnreveal unreveal]].
* ''Series/BrassEye'' would air broadcasts from affiliate station 10NN in all news stories from the United States, as did the preceding series from the same writers, ''Series/TheDayToday''.
* On ''Series/BabylonFive'' they have ISN, the "[=InterStellar=] Network News". While at first an independent--if blatantly sensationalist and ratings-driven--network, it becomes [[spoiler:the dictatorial Clark Administration's PropagandaMachine starting in Season 3.]]
* ''{{Dinosaurs}}'' has DNN, the Dinosaur News Network.
* TheOnion is the owner of the Onion News Network, or [Onion logo]NN.
* Casseta & Planeta, a Brazilian group of comedians, had NNN, aimed for the nasal-voiced viewer. It was never stated what the first "N" stands for.


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* When RandyOrton was sidelined with an injury in 2002, Wrestling/{{WWE}} kept him on television in humorous weekly vignettes in which he updated fans on his medical condition; these were done under the heading of "Randy News Network" or "RNN".
* In 1991, Paul Neu debuted in {{WCW}} as a [[WrestlingDoesntPay wrestling rapper]] named P. N. News. He sometimes shaved a "PNN" logo into his hair, in imitation of the Creator/{{CNN}} logo; back then, of course, {{WCW}} and Creator/{{CNN}} had the same parent company: Turner Broadcasting.


[[folder: Tabletop Games ]]

* In TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}, CNN itself became NN ([=NewsNet=]) when it was re-organized in accordance with Ted Turner's will.
* One of the playable factions in [[{{Netrunner}} Android: Netrunner]] is NBN, which changed what it stands for so often that NBN became it's whole name.
* EclipsePhase makes a mention of the irreverent news review cast MRGCNN, the Monster Raving Goblin Cock News Network.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* ''VideoGame/AlphaProtocol'' shows a TV displaying INN.
* ''VideoGame/BlackMarket'' has the Tricorp News Network, TNN, provide commentary (and exposition) at key moments.
* The ''VideoGame/MasterOfOrion'' games have the GNN (Galactic News Network) reporting some random evennts and statistics. The anchor is, naturally, a robot.[[note]]A [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]] one, at that.[[/note]]
* ''MetalWolfChaos'' has DNN.
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' fandom knows CNN as "Cirno News Network", thanks to some pretty bad CowboyBebopAtHisComputer.
* ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl'' has Sinnoh News Net, which, while not abbreviated in the game, does make SNN if you do abbreviate it.
* ''DesertStrike'' and its sequel, ''Jungle Strike'' both feature EANN, Electronic Arts News Network.
* ''{{Crysis}}'' in the Kremlin has GNN representing News from American sources. It is never stated in-game what it stands for.
* ''VideoGame/VegaStrike'' has procedurally generated News from GNN readable on base computers, mostly concerning space fights between factions, with occasional mentions of {{Privateer}}s' help, that is completed PlayerCharacter missions.
* ''VideoGame/StarCraft'' and especially ''VideoGame/StarCraftII'' have UNN (Universal News Network) as the primary news source for Terran civilization, and the propaganda outlet for whatever government currently controls it. The network plays a large role in some stories set in the ExpandedUniverse as well.
* ''VideoGame/EscapeVelocity Nova'' has Hyper News Network (the Federation's news service), as well as two News Services, two News Corps, two Info Commands, one Info Service and one Intel Corps -- all of them with three-letter acronyms.
* The ''VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork'' series had DNN.


[[folder: Web Comics ]]

* ''GoneToGround'' has DNN (Da Nooz Network).
* The webcomic (later the graphic novel) "Shooting War" had GNN: Global News Network.
* ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' has the [[SubspaceAnsible HyperNet]] News Network, or HN[[superscript:3]].


[[folder: Web Original ]]

* ''Website/TheEscapist'' has ENN.
* Website/AnimeNewsNetwork
* [[ This]] game review gives us ACNN during a parody news cast. We're never told what it stands for though...
* The ''GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'' features INN (the "International News Network").

[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* ''OsmosisJones'' has NNN. Since it takes place inside the human body, the first N stands for Nerve.
* The ''WesternAnimation/VeggieTales'' episode "Sumo of the Opera" is Japan-themed, and has ESN (Emperor's Sports Network), a cross between CNN and ESPN.
* A ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode had it revealed that Atlanta's bigshots would eventually move the town into the ocean. CNN was then renamed [[PunnyName ''SeaNN'']].
* In the episode ''Terry Unmarried'' on TheClevelandShow, there's an [[InvertedTrope inversion]]. After [[spoiler: Cleveland figures out Terry's gay]], he freaks out and his babbling becomes scrolling details with a headline. At the bottom left, you see CNN and directly under it, you see '''''C'''leveland '''N'''ews '''N'''etwork''.
* The ''WesternAnimation/AllDogsGoToHeaven'' ChristmasSpecial has CCN.
* ''WesternAnimation/LibertysKids'' has LNN.


[[folder: Real Life ]]

* Besides Creator/{{CNN}} there are a lot of small channels that use the news network nomenclature, such as Ohio-based Ohio News Network.
* All the major commercial Japanese network television news divisions use these:
** '''A'''ll-Nippon '''N'''ews '''N'''etwork (Creator/TVAsahi)
** '''F'''uji '''N'''ews '''N'''etwork (Fuji Television)
** '''J'''apan '''N'''ews '''N'''etwork (Creator/TokyoBroadcastingSystem)
** '''N'''ippon '''N'''ews '''N'''etwork (Nippon Television Network)