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[[caption-width-right:350:The blackness of my hair tells you how I feel of your opinion.]]
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%% Is she tall?
%% Is she aloof?
%% Does she have admirers?
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The '''Aloof Dark-haired Girl''' is a fairly common character type combining both appearance and personality. They will generally be [[StatuesqueStunner taller]] than their peers, more [[BuxomIsBetter physically developed]], and their hair will be [[RapunzelHair very long]] and dark. Frequently, their skin will in contrast be [[RavenHairIvorySkin very pale]]. They look older and more beautiful and meet a [[YamatoNadeshiko certain classic ideal of feminine beauty]] combining maturity, a quiet attitude and a combination of long hair and very pale skin.

The Aloof Dark-haired Girl will not merely ''look'' older than her peers, however. Frequently, she will also act more reserved and aloof and thus seem more mature, which may earn her some younger female admirers. It is not uncommon for them to be fond of teasing their peers or acting as their big sisters, though in all cases they will still maintain their dignity. Occasionally, she will even look [[IceQueen cold and distant]], but in this case she is still probably [[SugarAndIcePersonality a nice person]] deep down. Finally, it is essential to remember that despite the usual popularity of the girl in question, they do not seek it out. Instead, people simply gravitate towards them with admiration.

Compare OneeSama. May lead to EvenTheGirlsWantHer in the right sort of series.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Kikyo from ''Manga/InuYasha''. A woman who's very tall, very quiet (out of NoSocialSkills when alive, and out of deeply hurt feelings when she CameBackWrong), referred to as incredibly beautiful, and a BrokenBird who after a brief {{yandere}} stint, keeps her constantly muddled emotions under control.
* Kuroyukihime from ''LightNovel/AccelWorld''. She's tall, a SchoolIdol, very calm and graceful and has very long black hair.
* Futaba from ''{{Amanchu}}'' is rather withdrawn, but [[RomanticTwoGirlfriendship as things look now]], she may score cute Hikari as her girlfriend.
* Hourai Touko from ''{{Aphorism}}''. Tall, beautiful, and Hinata's [[AloofBigBrother Aloof Big Sister]].
* Akira in ''Manga/{{ARIA}}''. She has a number of admirers, mostly female, and behaves in a composed lady-like manner, in front of costumers, anyway.
* Sakaki in ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' is a subversion - her apparent aloofness is really because she's a ShrinkingViolet, in spite of her physical appearance.
* Chane Laforet from ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' is dark-haired, pale-skinned, and acts as TheStoic most of the time.
* Ai Shinozaki from ''Anime/CorrectorYui'' is tall, dark-haired, and very aloof. She begins defrosting little by little, thanks to the titular Corrector Yui
* The ''other'' Ai Shinozaki, from Manga/HellTeacherNube, has the looks and the admirers... and ''seems'' to have the attitude, but deep down she is [[LonelyRichKid more socially awkward]] than aloof. And ''desperately'' [[IJustWantToHaveFriends wants to have more friends]], but since the other kids see her as a peerless beauty who shouldn't be approached lest she'll be tainted, she cannot fulfill this wish.
* Erika from ''Anime/{{Daimos}}'' is tall, with waist-length black-hair, and she is calm and rational.
* Jun Fudo in ''DevilmanLady'' anime is a shy and timid supermodel.
* Namie Yagiri from ''LightNovel/{{Durarara}}'' is tall, has long dark hair, and displays an extremely aloof and cold attitude towards anyone who isn't her brother.
* Isuzu 'Rin' Sohma from ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' fits this trope to a T. She's tall, has waist length black hair, and severe trust issues courtesy of her emotionally AbusiveParents. Bonus points for being, according to WordOfGod, "the character in charge of sexiness."
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'': Lust, who is tall, aloof, and [[TheVamp as deadly as she is beautiful]].
* [[AffablyEvil Fasalina]] from ''GunXSword'' is one. She's tall ([[MayDecemberRomance especially compared to her love interest, Michael]]), has black hair, is ''very'' cool-headed and composed almost the entire show, and is very beautiful and [[EvilIsSexy seductive]] as well as respected by the people she's working with under [[BigBad The Claw]] to bring [[AssimilationPlot his]] [[DarkMessiah plans]] to fruition.
* Konoe Tsurugi in ''Anime/HanaukyoMaidTai'' is the tall and stern head of the Security department for the main character's MaidCorps. She has long black hair and in the reboot her Adjutant, Yashima has a crush on her.
* Chifuyu Orimura from ''LightNovel/InfiniteStratos'' is the main character's tall, raven-haired sister. She's a [[SternTeacher stern and strict teacher]] who's also admired by most of her students in the academy.
* Mari from ''Manga/KangokuGakuen'' has long black hair, is the StudentCouncilPresident of her school, has admirers, and is usually calm and reserved ([[NotSoStoic usually]]).
* Chikane Himemiya in ''KannazukiNoMiko''. She is tall, graceful, very popular among the girls of her school and has very long dark blue hair.
* Ran, titular character of ''KazemakaseTsukikageRan'', is a textbook example of this trope, particularly in that she attracts trouble like a magnet (or is attracted to it?) and has a {{Moe}} ChineseGirl following her around most of the time. However, she dresses and acts in a masculine way, despite looking quite feminine; if she were ever taken for a boy (oddly, no one makes this mistake), she would be bounced right over into {{Bifauxnen}} territory.
** People are often in the dark about her gender until she starts ''talking'', though.
* Mio from ''Manga/KOn'', complete with an all-girl fanclub and also being the tallest of the main characters. However, she's a subversion who's quite similar to [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Sakaki]] in that she's painfully [[ShrinkingViolet shy]].
* Motoko Aoyama in ''Manga/LoveHina'' is tall, dark-haired, serious and aloof. [[{{Tsundere}} Most of the time, though]]
* Micaiah Chevelle of ''Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaVivid'' has long, black hair and is one of the tallest females of the cast. As befitting her traditional Japanese {{Samurai}} motif, she is always calm, reserved, mature, and highly respected by other characters who often go to her for advice. Eventually, gets a LampshadeHanging by Nove, who expresses surprise that Micaiah knows how to cry.
--> '''Nove:''' Micaiah-chan cries too? I just can't imagine that.\\
'''Micaiah:''' How rude! I may look like this, but I'm still a girl, you know? I cry when it's time to cry!
* ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'':
** Akira Ookuchi is tall, very quiet and has very long dark hair.
** Mana is very tall, attractive, aloof and has long black hair.
** Setsuna ''tries'' to fit this trope, and manages it for a few chapters, but after a volume or two the facade cracks and she turns out to be NotSoAboveItAll.
* Ogasawara Sachiko in ''LightNovel/MariaSamaGaMiteru'' is tall, has long [[PurpleIsTheNewBlack purple hair]], and is described as cold and aloof despite being universally admired throughout her school.
* Maki Izumi from ''MartianSuccessorNadesico'' is something of a subversion of this. Physically speaking, she's quite attractive; however, she's always cracking bad {{pun}}s, has a habit for playing the ukulele (terribly), and nobody seems sexually interested in her while she never shows any sexual interest in anyone else. [[spoiler:At least, not until the episode where everyone's repressed personalities come to the forefront and her sexual side tries to convince both Akito and Akatsuki to have sex with her. Of course, this is also the episode where it's explained that she's repressed said sexual side because both of her fiancees died young and she's convinced if she opens up to anyone, they'll inevitably die as well and she'll just be alone and heartbroken again.]]
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** Nico Robin is the third tallest member of the crew, has long flowing dark locks, is widely considered to be the most attractive member of the crew, and has an austere and sophisticated personality.
** Boa Hancock, who is even taller, has long black hair, is extremely aloof to anyone who isn't Luffy and is considered the WorldsMostBeautifulWoman by both men and women.
* "Mona Lisa" Komabayashi and "Vampanella" Hoshino, membresses of the Sorority in ''OniisamaE''. Fukiko Ichinomiya are Rei Asaka are both Tall ''Blond'' And Bishoujo.
** Mariko Shinobu has the looks, but she's younger and more...troubled than the standard, but let's give her a few years. Her mother Hisako as well as Nanako's unnamed mom fit quite well, whereas Kaoru Orihara has some traits despite being TheLadette most of the time. [[spoiler: And [[SheIsAllGrownUp the grown-up Nanako]] from the last episode of the anime resembles the archetype VERY strongly.]]
* Suzuka in ''OutlawStar'' is tall (almost six feet), has long black hair, the most attractive female in the main cast and even after joining Gene's crew she prefers to be left alone.
* Lt. Kanuka Clancy from ''Anime/{{Patlabor}}'' has long raven-black hair and acts cool and collected at all times. She's very much TheStoic.
* The black-haired Rikako Oryo from ''Anime/PsychoPass'' is the aloof, beautiful daughter of a celebrated painter. Her female classmates admire her beauty, elegance and talent in painting, but she happens to be a sociopathic SerialKiller.
* Homura Akemi from ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' has long dark hair and acts so aloof and cold that she appears as an EmotionlessGirl. [[spoiler: Subverted in that we see how she was in the past... as an {{adorkable}} ShrinkingViolet who became an ADHG [[BreakTheCutie out of sheer trauma]].]]
* ''Franchise/SailorMoon'':
** Rei "Sailor Mars" Hino is black-haired with pale skin, but her characterization only appears in the [[Manga/SailorMoon manga]]. Whereas in the first [[Anime/SailorMoon anime]] she is a loud, fiery tsundere, in the manga she's cold, calculating and serious. ''Anime/SailorMoonCrystal'' makes her closer to her original incarnation, but she still has some NotSoStoic moments.
** Setsuna "Sailor Pluto" Meiou has long, black hair with shades of dark green, and is one of the most imposing warriors as she's older than the rest. Personality-wise, she tends to be mysterious and detached--traits necessary as she's isolated guarding the gate of time. Still, when she does allow herself to show a kinder side, she's very sweet.
* Zakuro in ''Manga/TokyoMewMew'' is tall, a famous model and actress, and has many admirers. She's also a loner who's the last member of the team to be introduced.
* Whenever Sunako Nakahara from ''Manga/TheWallflower'' gains enough confidence to break out of her SuperDeformed mode, she looks like a beautiful and tall dark-haired girl and is able to act very aloof and graceful.
* Kagari Ayaka from ''Manga/WitchCraftWorks'' (pictured) has long black hair, and is at least a head taller than the protagonist and most of the other students at her school. Despite having an aloof and reserved personality she's the most popular person in her school and even has her own fan club.
* [[TheStoic Kyouko]] from ''Manga/{{Working}}'' is noticeably tall, dark-haired, aloof, and pretty.
* Mikasa Ackerman from ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' has shorter hair than usual, but otherwise fits this trope. There's a lack of female characters younger than her, but if there were, you'd be sure they'd be looking up to her. It's also a kind of a plot point: her black hair comes from her being one of the ''very'' few people of Asian ancestry in her CrapsackWorld...
* Princess Cornelia from ''Anime/CodeGeass''. Tall, good-looking, and a [[DarkActionGirl competent fighter]], [[FourStarBadass leader]] and [[TheChessmaster strategist]], with dark purple hair and eyes to match. She's reserved, arrogant and proud, but [[MoralityPet harbours a deep soft spot for her younger sister]] [[AllLovingHero Euphemia]].
* Satsuki Kiryuin from ''Anime/KillLaKill'' ticks all the boxes. She has long black hair and pale skin and towers over all the other students, both in height as in presence. She is the StudentCouncilPresident and she doesn't care about what other people think of her ([[ShamelessFanserviceGirl or her body]]), but leaves her students in awe because of her beauty and massive charisma. She has a SugarAndIcePersonality, acting cool, distant and arrogant in public, staying in control of her emotions at all times, but allows herself to smile and relax a bit more among the select few she genuinely trusts and respects.
* In PrivateActress, Shiho Kobayakawa is a tall beauty with long dark hair and a polite yet aloof attitude at school. She does show a warmer side, but it's not easy to see since she's an actress and many of her works have her playing one or another role in people's lives.
** Subverted by Mariko Soriarno, who has the looks and ''seems'' to have the attitude at first, but as soon as she befriends Shiho she's revealed to be a NaiveNewcomer instead.
* Utaha Kasumigaoka of ''LightNovel/SaenaiHeroineNoSodatekata'' has long black hair, is admired among many at her school, and acts cold and distant to most people.

[[folder:Comic Book]]
* Veronica in ArchieComics who tends to act aloof to her friends due to her social class. Her dad, a self-made man, said he sent her to Riverdale High specifically so she wouldn't end up a snob. It...''kinda'' worked?
* ComicBook/{{X 23}} is pretty, with long, dark hair. She's also very quiet and aloof with her friends and teammates, and when she does speak her words are generally short, precise, and to the point.

%% [[folder: Film]]
%% * ''Film/XMen'':
%% ** Kayla Silverfox in ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine''. Works particularly with Logan.
%% ** ''Film/XMenFirstClass'':\\\
%% Moira [=McTaggart=].\\\
%% Angel.
%% [[/folder]]

* Isabelle Lightwood from ''Literature/TheMortalInstruments'' is described as a StatuesqueStunner with waist-length dark hair. She's also very proud and distant, as well as an accomplished Shadowhunter.
* China Sorrows from ''Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant'' is very much this trope: she's tall, beautiful, dark-haired, aloof, and can make men [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer and women]] fall head-over-heels in love with her.
* Katniss Everdeen from ''Literature/TheHungerGames'' could qualify. She is aloof, dark-haired, and admired by many, whether it be her "fans" from the Capitol or some of her fellow soldiers and tributes in The Hunger Games.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Fiona Coyne of ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'' carried all the pinnings of this trope, just in a western setting. This includes the crossover with TheOjou and some TallDarkAndSnarky for good measure. She's spent her whole run fighting boys off, even after she came out, and trouble is not of short supply. Her girlfriend even fits the ShrinkingViolet (when it comes to their relationship) trope.
* Ziva David from Series/{{NCIS}} is a tall, beautiful woman who is a definite IceQueen to her teammates. She [[TookALevelInKindness mellowed down considerably]] to the rest of the team by season 7, however. Her predecessor Caitlin Todd was not only also an IceQueen, but was more of a DeadpanSnarker than Ziva ever was.
* Lady Mary Crawley of ''Series/DowntonAbbey'' is a textbook example: a tall, dark-haired beauty, persistently frosty, haughty, and detached, with several suitors that we've seen, to say nothing of her sister Edith's persistent but almost entirely one-sided rivalry.
* In ''Series/{{Supernatural}}, there is [[Characters/SupernaturalReapers Tessa]] from [[Recap/SupernaturalS02E01InMyTimeOfDying "In My Time of Dying" (S02, Ep1)]].

* CliffRichard's hit song [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuIStvKF7ps "Devil Woman"]] is about this kind of woman.

* In the ''Heike Monogatari'', an account of the Genpei War, Tomoe Gozen, a female samurai of the Minamoto clan, is described as "especially beautiful, with white skin, long hair, and charming features". She was also recorded as being "[[LadyOfWar a remarkably strong archer, and as a swordswoman]] she was [[OneManArmy a warrior worth a thousand]], ready to confront a demon or a god, mounted or on foot." She was one of the last warriors standing at the [[LastStand Battle of Awazu]], even outliving her master who was struck down by an arrow during the fight.
--> (An excerpt from the Encyclopedia in ''VideoGame/TotalWarShogun2'')

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''[[VideoGame/AdvancedVariableGeo Advanced V.G. II]]'': Kyoko Kirishima is a rare {{bifauxnen}} example. As a member of one of [[BadassFamily the Masuda]] [[{{ninja}} Clan's]] branch families, she's a woman of distinction, and maintains her dignified manner [[LadyOfWar even in the heat of battle.]]
* Shanoa from ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia'' is tall, [[EmotionlessGirl shows little emotion]], and even has some of the women she rescues [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer flirting with her]].
* Yukiko Amagi from ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' is a subversion. She has long, black hair in a traditional HimeCut and is very popular at school for her beautiful appearance. Her classmates admire her, but find her impossible to approach romantically since she rejects everyone. However, Yukiko is revealed to be an utter goofball who bursts into laughing fits when hearing silly jokes, instead of the seemingly perfect YamatoNadeshiko she's thought to be. Not only that, but when she's comfortable with the people around her, she gets very excited about telling scary stories.
* Lulu from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX''. She is cynical, stoic and snarky to boot. She initially appears detached from everyone other than Yuna, and acts dismissive even towards her childhood friend Wakka.
* Ikaruga from ''VideoGame/SenranKagura''. Physically she is the closest to the ideal of YamatoNadeshiko beauty, she is the most mature of the Hanzo girls, and some family issues has made her some kind of a loner, or at least someone who have difficulties opening up to the others (she's already recovering by the beginning of the game, but remains somewhat aloof). Subverted in the anime, where the staff loved to make fun of her personnality.
* [[GlacierWaif Kanae]] from VideoGame/AkatsukiBlitzkampf is a beautiful, dark-haired ActionGirl with a height that's nothing to sneeze at (specially thanks to [[ShesGotLegs her gorgeous legs]]) and a serious, professional attitude.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Orihime Tsukishima in ''VisualNovel/KaraNoShoujo'' who is the tall, elegant, aloof, and refined StudentCouncilPresident. [[spoiler:She's also highly repressed and ends up starting a prostitution ring involving herself and girls that she knows who feel the same way.]]
* ''VisualNovel/LittleBusters'' has Kurugaya, who styles herself as a sexy, [[TheAce competent]] CoolBigSis who loves [[TheGadfly teasing]] her cute classmates.
* Azuma Hazuki in ''VisualNovel/YamiToBoushiToHonNoTabibito'', for whom the term was created, with {{Yuri Fan}}s checking to see if anyone else fits the pattern.
* Tsugumi from ''VisualNovel/{{Ever17}}'' is tall, has long dark hair, and takes quite a while to warm up to the other characters.
* Kotonoha Katsura from ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' is a subversion; she looks the part (is tall, dark-haired, and buxom) and has a number of admirers (mostly male). People assume she's aloof and uncaring because she keeps to herself a lot, but the true reason she does so is due to a lack of self-confidence. It's also deconstructed a bit as well; her beauty, apparent aloofness, and popularity with her male admirers mean that most of her ''female'' classmates think that she's some sort of seductress out to steal "their" men, which spurs some of them to bully her using [[StockShoujoBullyingTactics almost every trick in the book]].
* Rin Tohsaka from ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' has long raven hair, is beautiful, elegant and intelligent, but mildly averts this trope by being rather [[{{Tsundere}} infamously standoffish]] instead of cool and distant.

* ''WebComic/EerieCuties'': Layla Delacroix is [[LovableAlphaBitch the most popular girl]] at [[AllGhoulsSchool Charybdis Heights]], but is the DefrostingIceQueen variety. She initially comes across as [[DeadpanSnarker aloof and snarky]], but her interactions with her best friend, [[WebComic/MagickChicks Tiffany]], reveals [[http://www.eeriecuties.com/strips-ec/final_showdown her]] [[http://www.eeriecuties.com/strips-ec/i_am_your_best_friend softer side.]]
* Susan of ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' is the tallest girl in the main cast, has dark blue hair (previously dyed, now permanent), and is generally aloof and composed.
* When Javert got [[GenderBender gender flipped]] for a short time in ''{{Webcomic/Roommates}}'' he became this archetype. Tall (the tallest cast member), graceful, with long dark hair and aloof (at times [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]]) personality, who was the voice of reason and maturity in the madness. Also many, many fangirls thought it was a shame, when the magic ended.
* ''Webcomic/SandraOnTheRocks'': Zo actually fits this trope very well, in both appearance (she's tall, fairly pale, and supermodel-grade beautiful) and manner (being aloof and controlled); she also has a few admirers, although she earns them by being very good at what she does. She comes at the trope from a slightly unusual direction, though, being TallDarkAndSnarky and not treating many other members of the cast as friends. The only problem is that her aloofness is prone to being compromised when she loses her temper with other, less sensible characters.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Azula, the imposing dark-haired princess of the Fire Nation from ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''. Also Mai, who is tall, dark-haired and {{emotionless| girl}} most of the time.
** It should be noted that Azula, while fulfilling the rest of the trope's criteria, would be considered a remarkably short example.
* Asami Sato from ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra''. She's beautiful, raven-haired, and much more calm and mature than the other members of the New Team Avatar.
* Shego from ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible''. She's tall, has long black hair, and a very imposing and aloof attitude.
* Ava aka White Tiger in ''WesternAnimation/UltimateSpiderMan'' tends to act a bit more professional that the rest of the team. This because she needs to keep herself in control to prevent the Tiger amulet from taking her over, and turning her feral.
* {{Daria}} is dark-haired, aloof, and bases her personality on the dignity of [[DeadpanSnarker being snarky and superior]]. According to her own self-image at least, she is much more mature than her peers (an easy claim to make at Lawndale High School) and that's why she has relatively few friends.