->''"capital letters are just one of society's conventions that [[HypocriticalHumor I]] choose to ignore. you've just been programmed to be one of society. you're a sheep."''
-->-- '''theimprobableone''' on [[http://www.johnwatsonblog.co.uk/blog/07february john watson's blog,]] ''Series/{{sherlock}}''

[[SelfDemonstratingArticle a stylistic choice in which all text is in lowercase letters.]] it can be thought of as the opposite of [[BoldInflation writing in all caps]] when [[LargeHam emphasizing a point]], in which case it can be used to give a melancholic feel to whatever you're writing. it is [[WantonCrueltyToTheCommonComma not generally thought of as orthographically correct]], giving it (if only in the eyes of advertisers) a casual, hip feel. also used in a [[PaintingTheMedium visual narrative]] sense to indicate childishness or, in some cases, idiocy.

on a more dark note, however, this trope also has a tendency to show up in many an {{apocalyptic log}} where it usually is used to denote the point where the unfortunate author has gone insane or otherwise given up all hope.

can also occur in internet forums monitored by censorship daemons programmed to demote [[CapsLock all-caps]] entries, since all-lower-case text is much easier on the eyes than no-lower-case.

subtrope of {{xtreme kool letterz}}. see also {{no punctuation period}} and {{no indoor voice}}. contrast {{caps lock}}.




* "i'm lovin' it." actually, all [[UsefulNotes/McDonalds mcdonald's]] advertising since the switch to this slogan.
* vitamin water labels.
* the advertising for european cosmetics company essence, though they use normal case in their us and canada marketing.

* in addition to his more well known logo-like signature, Creator/{{norman rockwell}} occasionally signed his paintings in all lowercase cursive.

[[folder:fan works]]
* the title of ''[[FanFic/LegolasByLaura legolas by laura]].''
* downplayed in the original version of ''[[Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheMovie calvin and hobbes: the movie]]'': chapter 7 and onwards have a pretty bad deal with capitalization.
* there seems to be a minor--but growing--trend in {{fanfiction}} to have the story's title written entirely in lowercase, while the story itself uses correct capitalizations (though stories written in all lowercase is not unheard of). for some reason, these stories tend to be well-written, full of {{shipping}} and particularly {{angst}}y.
* Creator/{{garfieldodie}}'s name.
* the title of ''FanFic/AMillionMilesOfFun''.

* the opening and closing credits of the [[Creator/WoodyAllen woody allen]] film ''bananas''.
* the opening and closing credits of the 1985 film ''[[Film/BetterOffDead better off dead]]'' as well.
* the "[[BroughtToYouByTheLetterS a]]" on alvin's shirt in ''[[Film/LittleAlvinAndTheMiniMunks little alvin and the minimunks]]''.
* the 1958 movie adaptation the of english folklore character ''[[Literature/TomThumb tom thumb]]'' was simply titled ''tom thumb'' in lower caps, starring russ tamblyn as the titular character and [[Creator/AlanYoung alan young]], terry-thomson, [[Creator/PeterSellers peter sellers]], jessie matthews and bernard miles as supporting characters.
* rufus excalibur ffolkes in ''[[Film/NorthSeaHijack north sea hijack]]''.
* the title to [[Film/IAmSam i am sam]].
* the advertising for [[Film/{{Arthur}} arthur]] in all its incarnations (the original 1981 [[Creator/DudleyMoore dudley moore]]/[[LizaMinnelli liza minnelli]] film, [[{{Sequelitis}} the less successful 1988 sequel]], and the 2011 remake with [[Creator/RussellBrand russell brand]]).
* the opening and closing credits of [[Creator/PaulNewman paul newman's]] directorial debut, ''[[Film/RachelRachel rachel, rachel]]''.
* the opening and closing credits of horror classic [[Film/Carrie1976 carrie]]
* the title of [[Film/Mother2017 mother!]] is lowercase, yet has an exclamation mark. all of the credits are in lowercase except for the character of [[spoiler:HIM, played by [[Creator/JavierBardem javier bardem]]]]

[[folder:let's play]]
* LetsPlay/{{slowbeef}}'s name.
* both LetsPlay/{{pokecapn}} and LetsPlay/{{medibot}} type their names like this. pokecapn also uses it for his Website/{{youtube}} video descriptions and comments, though his Website/{{something awful}} posts [[AvertedTrope aren't like this.]]
* LetsPlay/{{raocow}}. besides the fact that his name is spelled that way, he often writes video titles and descriptions in all-lowercase.
* LetsPlay/{{sips}}. anything he types in-game, including names, will be all lowercase. all of his tweets and everything on his subreddit (including comments by other users) are defaulted to lowercase as well.
* LetsPlay/{{chuggaaconroy}}'s name. in his 50 facts video he revealed he wanted to use the name chugga a. conroy (with uppercase c's), but youtube username restrictions (at the time) prevented him from using this name. however, when youtube gave him the option to change his name to one with several words, he still kept his username as it was, possibly because his fans recognize him as it has been for several years.
** on {{Website/facebook}} and {{Website/twitter}}, though, his name is written with an uppercase c in the beginning.

* a rare in-story example in the ''[[Literature/KPax kpax]]'' novels by gene brewer: prot's species doesn't capitalize the names of individual beings, titles or locations smaller than a celestial body, but capitalizes every letter of things like the planet k-pax, the planet earth, the suns k-mon and k-ril, the constellation lyra, etc.
* because it is written in the perspective of two different people, half of the john green/david levithan book ''[[Literature/WillGraysonWillGrayson will grayson, will grayson]]'' is written this way.
* in [[Creator/DouglasCoupland douglas coupland's]] novel ''jpod'', a number of characters from a lesbian commune spell their names in lower case, because they see upper case as "privileging" certain letters over others.
* feminist author [[BellHooks bell hooks']] pen name.
* author [[AndrewJOffutt andrew j offutt]] likes to write his name in all lowercase.
* [[Creator/EECummings e e cummings']] editor published him this way to make him stand out, and now everybody writes his name this way.
* don marquis wrote a series of newspaper columns in the early 20th century supposedly typed by archy the cockroach, who, while he had the strength to work the keys (by climbing up on top of the type writer and jumping down on the keys) did not have enough strength to work the shift. there was a whole cast of characters in archy's world, including a cat mehitabel. some of the ''Literature/{{archy and mehitabel}}'' columns were collected into a series of books.
* in the hungarian book ''pál utcai fiúk'' (''the boys from paul street'') nemecsek ernő's name is written in the titular gang's book with all lower case and with black ink as a mean of dishonor. due to [[PopCulturalOsmosis pop cultural osmosis]], doing this deliberately in a publication became a means of insult in hungarian.
* [[Literature/AfterTheQuake after the quake's]] chapter titles are all written in lowercase. the english version of the book also has the title in lowercase.
* australian poet joanne burns actually changed her name to lowercase. however, she does use uppercase letters ''occasionally'' in her work.
* ''[[Literature/TheImmortalsSeries the immortals series]]'' does it on covers. even the author's name, yes.
* this is how angolan-portuguese writer [[ValterHugoMae valter hugo mãe]] writes his entire books and signs his own name.
* [[Creator/CharlesBukowski charles bukowski]] uses only lowercase in his early works.
* all of felurian's dialogue in ''[[Literature/TheWiseMansFear the wise man's fear]]'' is written in this fashion.
* arthur hailey's book ''[[{{Film/Airport}} airport]]'' tells how tanya livingston had a mechanic file off all the capitals on her typewriter, and writes all notes and memos she sends out in lower case.

[[folder:live action tv]]
* ''Series/{{dinnerladies}}''' title text.
* ''Series/{{in the heat of the night}}'', on the title card.
* the credits of ''Series/{{jackass}}''.
* all text in ''[[Series/HowIMetYourMother how i met your mother]]''.
* ''Series/{{thirtysomething}}''
* ''{{perception}}'', a crime procedural show on tnt starring [[Series/WillAndGrace eric mccormack]]
* the episode "all things" from ''[[Series/TheXFiles the x-files]]'', written and directed by gillian anderson who was a lead actress on the show, playing agent dana scully.
* the title text and credits for ''Series/{{glee}}''
* the opening credits for ''[[Series/{{ER}} er]]''
* the logo of ''[[Series/DancingWithTheStars dancing with the stars]]''.
* in the early 1960s, the credits for ''[[Series/ToTellTheTruth to tell the truth]]'' and ''[[Series/IveGotASecret i've got a secret]]'' affected this.
* paratext for both ''[[Series/TheOfficeUK the office (uk)]]'' and ''[[Series/TheOfficeUS the office (us)]]'' have the title as this, although the actual title cards ''don't''.

* most text from ''[[Machinima/Supermarioglitchy4sSuperMario64Bloopers supermarioglitchy4's super mario 64 bloopers]]'' is written this way, except when emphasis is needed.
* bedrockperson from, obviously, ''[[Machinima/BedrockPerson bedrock person]]''.

%% note: these examples are alphabetical by artist. please add new examples alphabetically.
* lots of song lyrics are written this way\\
without punctuation \\
to give a flow-of-consciousness feel \\
and look more poetic \\
see also poetry
* [[Music/ToriAmos tori amos]]. she even has an album title in all lowercase letters (''from the choirgirl hotel'').
* 65daysofstatic
* theaudience
* the [[Music/BeastieBoys beastie boys']] albums ''[[Music/PaulsBoutique paul's boutique]]'' and ''hello nasty'' take this trope [[UpToEleven up to eleven]] by having the liner notes be a simple fold-out with all the lyrics printed in lowercase without punctuation, making for a [[WallOfText wall of text]] that can be difficult to follow at times. ''check your head'' side-steps the issue entirely by not having lyrics, while ''ill communication'' has all the lyrics written normally but in an eye-strainingly small font.
* an early example is [[Music/TheBeatles the beatles']] second album ''[[Music/WithTheBeatles with the beatles]]''.
* [[Music/{{Bjork}} björk]]
* gnash
* two of the founding members of [[Music/BlackEyedPeas the black eyed peas]], will.i.am and apl.de.ap.
* Music/{{blur}}
* bond, not to be confused with [[Franchise/JamesBond the other guy]]
* busbee, a country-pop songwriter/producer
* Music/{{david byrne}}'s self-titled album has all text (the front and back covers, and all lyrics and liner notes) written in lowercase.
* [[Music/TheCars the cars]]
* Music/{{childish gambino}} used this on his album ''because the internet'' as well as on all the song titles.
* Music/{{coheed and cambria}}'s first album, ''the second stage turbine blade'' uses all lowercase letters for the band name, album title, song titles, and lyrics.
* Music/{{deadmau5}}
* dead prez
* [[{{Music/Eels}} eels]] stylized their name on the cover art to their first two albums, ''[[Music/BeautifulFreak beautiful freak]]'' and ''electro-shock blues'', this way. from ''daisies of the galaxy'' onward, the name was always printed in all-caps, [[TextlessAlbumCover if there was any text on the cover at all]]. they've never used a properly capitalized name on their artwork, possibly just because an upper-case e followed by a lower case one would look a little asymmetrical.
* to date Music/{{elbow}} have rarely stylized their name with a capital at the beginning... for no apparent reason.
* Music/{{exist trace}} and guitarist miko.
* [[http://florsounds.com/ flor]] use lowercase text everywhere.
* Music/{{fun}}.
* [[Music/PeterGabriel peter gabriel]] signs his work as such.
* one of the later logos of Music/{{genesis}} (featured most prominently on the cover of ''we can't dance'') stylizes the band's name in this way.
* [[Music/{{Hexode}} hexode]] uses this on his first two albums' names and every track from the first two albums as well as tagträumer.
* Music/{{iamamiwhoami}}; their song titles (such as "b", "u-1", and "; john") are all lowercase letters as well
* Music/{{joyelectric}}
* the name of the swedish rock band kent is spelled, well, like that.
* [[Music/KendrickLamar kendrick lamar's]] album ''Music/GoodKidMAADCity'' has a track named "good kid" , written without capital letters. then he followed the album with a new single called "i." kendrick likes this trope.
* k.d. lang
* irish indie-pop band Music/LittleXsForEyes.
* maybeshewill
* mc chris
* mclusky tended to stylize their name this way. future of the left, the band andy falkous started after mclusky, generally go for all caps instead, but their album ''the plot against common sense'' was an exception.
* mind.in.a.box, including their album titles.
* moe.
* [[Music/{{Mothy}} mothy]]
* [[Music/NineInchNails nine inch nails]]
* Music/{{beth orton}}'s album ''daybreaker'' does something similar to the beastie boys example above.
* [[Music/{{Paramore}} paramore]]'s 3rd album ''brand new eyes'' was written this way.
* christina perri's album, lovestrong.
* [[Music/{{TheRollingStones}}the rolling stone's]] album abiggerbang.
* set fire to flames
* [[Music/{{Silverchair}} silverchair]]
* [[Music/{{Slint}} slint's]] landmark album ''spiderland'' has (very minimal) liner notes written in this style.
* the liner notes to [[Music/TheSmashingPumpkins the smashing pumpkins]]' ''[[Music/SiameseDream siamese dream]]'' and ''[[Music/MellonCollieAndTheInfiniteSadness mellon collie and the infinite sadness]]'' are written this way.
* sillyworld by stone sour is written this way
* that dog. as with fun., the period is officially part of their name.
* [[Music/TwentyOnePilots twenty | one | pilots]]
* Music/{{underworld}}'s album: ''Music/{{dubnobasswithmyheadman}}''.
* Music/{{keith urban}}, but only on his first american album. he went to normal capitalization for all subsequent albums.
* Music/{{weezer}}'s logo uses all lower-case, though no one actually types their name that way. the albums ''make believe'' and ''maladroit'' have all lower-case titles, but on the other hand ''raditude'', ''death to false metal'' and ''everything will be alright in the end'' have [[BoldInflation all caps]] titles.
* there are [[ImageSong image songs]] for all six main girls of ''[[Manga/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirl monster musume]]''. mero's song titles are written in all lowercase letters on the cds: "moon and mermaid" and "frothy love".
* japanese video game composer daiki kasho stylizes his name this way

* Creator/AdultSwim.
* the logo of the [[Creator/{{ABC}} american broadcasting company]] consists of the lowercase letters "abc" in a black circle.
* Creator/{{tbs}} is stylized with all lowercase letters, as is the slogan "very funny".

[[folder:newspaper comics]]
* ''[[ComicStrip/JumpStart jump start]]'' uses this for the speech of small children, originally as a [[TranslationConvention translation convention]].
* moe from ''[[ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes calvin and hobbes]]'' talks like this, in addition to having his own [[PaintingTheMedium distinctive font]].
* baby grumpling in ''[[Comicstrip/ThePerishers the perishers]]'' talks in lowercase to distinguish his speech from the older kids.

* this and [[NoPunctuationPeriod lack of punctuation]] (other than\\
parentheses) were the signature style (and it spawned plenty\\
of [[FollowTheLeader imitators]]) of [[Creator/EECummings e e cummings']] poetry
* [[Literature/ArchyAndMehitabel archy the cockroach]] types in lowercase because his body is too small to depress the shift key and another key at the same time.

[[folder:puppet shows]]
* the title card of ''[[Series/TheMuppets the muppets]]'', using the font associated with ''the office (us)'', american typewriter medium.

[[folder:video games]]
* ''VideoGame/{{heretic}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{hexen}}'', except for the title logos.
* the title of {{roguelike}} platformer ''VideoGame/{{hets}}''.
* ''VideoGame/{{cat planet}}!''
* ''VideoGame/{{the white chamber}}'''s title.
* ''[[VideoGame/{{UIN}} uin]]'s'' dialogue.
* chaos from ''VideoGame/{{xenosaga}}'' which is done in contrast to the all caps KOS-MOS
* planet's speech in ''[[VideoGame/SidMeiersAlphaCentauri sid meier's alpha centauri]]'' is never capitalized. it also constantly refers to specific people as "earth<name>" (e.g. earthdeirdre).
* ''luminesweeper'' for UsefulNotes/{{game boy advance}} uses lowercase arial bold throughout its on-screen text.
* ''VideoGame/{{skate}}'' is always marketed as ''skate.''
* vell-os telepathy in ''[[VideoGame/EscapeVelocity ev nova]]'' is depicted as all-lowercase with [[NoPunctuationPeriod no punctuation period]].
* ''[[VisualNovel/DontTakeItPersonallyBabeItJustAintYourStory don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story]],'' in which much of the dialogue takes place between teenagers on their school's chatroom.
* john calhoun, author of ''VideoGame/{{glider}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{pararena}}'', writes his name in all lowercase.
* the opening text of ''[[VideoGame/DynamiteDux dynamite dux]]''.
* the [[UsefulNotes/GameCom game.com]] was styled in this way.
* ''VideoGame/{{jubeat}}'' and many of its sequels: ''jubeat ripples'', ''jubeat knit'', ''jubeat copious'', ''jubeat saucer'', ''jubeat saucer [[ExpansionPack fulfill]]'', ''jubeat prop'', and ''jubeat clan''.
* ''[[VideoGame/ADarkRoom a dark room]]'' uses mainly lowercase text.
* the hacker in ''VideoGame/{{monaco}}'' talks like this. his lines also [[MotorMouth lack space bar usage]].
* the gameboy micro used lowercase letters for the buttons.
* in ''VideoGame/{{Rymdkapsel}}'' all text is in lower-case.
* the ruler of [[VideoGame/MogekoCastle mogeko castle]] differentiates himself from all other mogeko by always spelling his name in lowercase letters.
* minor example in ''[[Disgaea4APromiseUnforgotten disgaea 4]]'', where one of the random generic character names is "my name is too low".
* ''[[VideoGame/BattleGirl battle-girl]]'''s title, and the name of its eponymous heroine.
* the logo for [[Creator/{{nintendo}} nintendo]]'s {{amiibo}} figures.
* the title of the kongregate game [[VideoGame/NoOneHasToDie no one has to die]].
* ''VideoGame/{{undertale}}'':
** napstablook in speaks in all lowercase, likely due to being depressed.
** sans seems to speak in all lowercase as well, to contrast his brother papyrus who speaks in [[CapsLock all capitals]], but then you see sans capitalize the word "i" sometimes; the joke is that he talks like he's typing and is too lazy to type properly. [[spoiler:if he speaks in proper capitalization, it means he's being [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness very serious]].]]
** alphys' logs in [[spoiler:the true lab]] fully lapse into this after her 9th entry, but goes back to capital letters for the 14th and 15th entries.
* in the first[[note]]second in japan[[/note]] ''[[VideoGame/{{PokemonStadium}} pokémon stadium]]'', the cueball's pokémon are named this way.
* [[VideoGame/{{EmilyIsAway}} emily is away]] does this, [[spoiler: until things start getting serious towards the end of the game.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{maimai}}''[='=]s title. sequels introduce subtitles that avert this trope, however.

* ''Webcomic/{{gunnerkrigg court}}'' uses the [[http://www.blambot.com/font_aleandwenches.shtml ale and wenches font]], most of whose letters[[labelnote:*]](in fact, all but the "i" vowel)[[/labelnote]] look the same in uppercase and lowercase. tom siddell's melancholic use of this and [[NoPunctuationPeriod no punctuation period]] are also evident in his [[ConceptArt concept art]] [[http://tea-san.deviantart.com/art/Gamma-Zeta-5061159 here]].
* because most dialogue in ''Webcomic/{{homestuck}}'' is typed, not spoken, several characters 'speak' like this, including jade, john, dave, aradia, sollux, nepeta and eridan.
** some exiles also type like this, but only because [[AfterTheEnd they have never typed before]].
*** though more of them talk more '''[[BoldInflation emphatically]]'''.
* ''Webcomic/{{minus}}''. both for the comic and the titular character.
* ''[[Webcomic/PicturesForSadChildren pictures for sad children]]'' uses this to add to its cynical and fatalistic tone.
* ''[[Webcomic/{{XKCD}} xkcd]]'' in some of the earlier comics.
* ''[[Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick the order of the stick]]'':
** '''orcs talk like this, but [[LampshadeHanging capital letters intrigue mungu]].'''
** eric greenhilt too. "hi roy! wanna play blocks with me?"
* ''Webcomic/{{damaged tape}}'' used to be titled in all lowercase, before it moved to an official website--the titles of each new strip are still this trope, however.
* ''Webcomic/{{achewood}}'s'' roast beef speaks like this dogg complete with no punctuation because he is hella quiet and subdued very much a defining characteristic
* the inhabitants of ''Webcomic/{{monospace}}'' speak this way.
* ''Webcomic/{{chainsawsuit}}'', though it occasionally uses capital letters for emphasis.
* davan in ''[[Webcomic/SomethingPositive something positive]]'' writes like this in instant messenger. it becomes a minor plot point when eva's ex pretends to be davan online, but fails to fool jason because he writes with correct capitalization.
* ickle's name from ''Webcomic/{{my milk toof}}'' is always spelt in lowercase to exaggerate his size.
* alda henning from the ''[[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/20101018.php breeder]]'' arc in ''Webcomic/{{unity}}'', who only capitalizes the name of her mistress
** also, the cartoonist goes by an all-lowercase "fluffy," although this is claimed more to be for typographic purity.
* luna lovegood speaks this way in ''[[Webcomic/VoldemortsChildren voldemort's children]]'', even though no other character does.
* used in ''Webcomic/{{runewriters}}'' to show the deaf character tareth's difficulty in speaking.

[[folder:web original]]
* [[http://www.metroid2002.com/ this]] famous ''VideoGame/{{metroid}}'' fansite uses this style.
* sloshy from ''[[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner homestar runner]]'' uses this in their logo. and they have it written upside down for bonus style points.
** also, the names of almost every [[WebAnimation/StrongBadEmail sbemail]], at least on the sbemail menu and the titles of their [[Wiki/HomestarRunnerWiki hrwiki]] articles.
* indie developer [[http://www.auntiepixelante.com auntie pixelante's blog.]]
* mr.coconut, the Website/{{neopets}} editorial's most recent meme.
* [[Website/YouTube youtube]] video captions generated using their transcribe audio feature are often like this.
* the WebAnimation/{{asdfmovie}} series.
* LetsPlay/{{sips}} never tweets using proper capitals, and most of his subreddit posts are written the same way (though his grammar is better). his video descriptions proper avert this.
* custom tags on {{Website/archive of our own}} ignore any capitalization when the work is saved, and appear in all lowercase until the tagging team makes them canon.
* WebVideo/{{wroetoshaw}} and WebVideo/{{miniminter}} of the Creator/{{ultimate sidemen}}.
* Website/{{facebook}} , both its logo and some postings.
* Website/{{texts from last night}}, if the senders' auto-correct isn't on.
* both of Website/{{ebay}}'s logos.
* Website/{{tumblr}} spells their logo this way. additionally the majority of their users type in lowercase.
* many of WebVideo/BillWurtz's videos, most notably WebVideo/HistoryOfJapan and WebVideo/HistoryOfTheEntireWorldIGuess.
* juice from ''WebOriginal/SeventeenThousandSevenHundredSeventySix'' types this way.
* as seen in the page quote, one of the (fictional) commentators on john's {{character blog}} in ''Series/{{sherlock}}'' does this. it gets a {{lampshade hanging}} when he uses [[CapsLock block caps]] to express his excitement that sherlock's alive, and john's friend mike points it out.

[[folder:western animation]]
* lampshaded in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{the simpsons}}'' where marge tried a [[BlandNameProduct bland name product]] version of vitamin water, and--after noticing the label was in all-lowercase--commented that it was like drinking [[Creator/EECummings e e cummings]].
* just about every on-screen word in ''WesternAnimation/{{caillou}}'' is printed in lowercase letters.
* when [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes warner bros.]] sold their pre-1948 color and b/w merrie melodies films (and paramount their theatrical [[{{Popeye}} popeye]] package to associated artists productions in 1956 for TV distribution, all the cartoons bore the a.a.p. title openings with everything in lowercase.


[[folder:tv tropes wiki]]
* [[SelfDemonstratingArticle this page]], obviously.
* some tropers like to do this with their troper names.
* the tv tropes logo.

[[folder:real life]]
* many transcriptions of latin and greek texts use only lower-case letters. this is because the original texts in the classical period had no capital or lower case distinction, and everything used what are now the capital letters. nowadays they seem to be written with [[BoldInflation bold inflation]]. but since in most modern typefaces it is much easier on the eyes to read all lower-case letters, they are usually inverted to preserve the original feel. such ancient texts in their original forms also contained [[NoPunctuationPeriod neither punctuation]] nor any spaces, but are given both in modern renditions.
* original texts in greek minuscule and roman-era latin cursive (to a lesser extent than greek, as many of the letterforms are too different from their modern counterparts to be recognisable) look like precisely this trope to today's readers.
* herbert bayer, from the famous german bauhaus school of design, banned the use of uppercase letters in school materials in 1925 ("we only use small characters because it saves time. moreover, why have 2 alphabets when one will do? why write capitals if we cannot speak capitals?"). the most iconic "bauhaus" typeform is based on his "[[http://www.type.nu/bayer/univer.html universal]]" typeface.
* s3 buckets for amazon web services have all globally unique names that only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens.
* social media researcher [[http://www.zephoria.org/ danah boyd's]] name.
* porn star jessica drake signs her name like this.
* high school debate personality jon sharpe's name.
* [[SerialKiller serial killer]] ted bundy always signed letters like this: "peace, ted"
* some logo examples:
** the 2009 pepsi logo.
** the 2000 bp logo.
** the 1998-2003 ford focus logo.
** the 2008 xerox logo.
** the word "quattro" on audi's all wheel drive models.
* officially, the ''[[Ride/ItsASmallWorld "it's a small world"]]'' attraction at [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks disney theme parks]] is "properly" spelled with all lowercase letters. it's still frequently referred to using capitalization though, even by disney themselves.
* some grammar textbooks for grade school kids will have exercises with the directions to rewrite sentences written like this with properly capitalized words. the popular joke example of this, "i helped my uncle jack off a horse", is used in gags about why capitalisation is important.
* elementary school students learning cursive are usually taught lowercase letters first, resulting in this when they attempt to write names or sentences in cursive before finishing the unit.
* the guardian newspaper's title is written like this, [[PrivateEye along with the rest of the paper]].
* [[Creator/ZacharyQuinto zachary quinto]] writes everything on his twitter or in other places in all lowercase letters. sometimes without paragraph breaks, as well. someone on reddit asked him is he was afraid of capitalization, to which he joked (or not) in [[DeadpanSnarker all caps that he was terrified.]]
* christopher poole (aka moot or mootykins), creator of [[Website/FourChan 4chan]] and its spin-off ''canv.as'', always types like this when replying to his users.
* adidas uses lowercase in the wordmark portion of its logo (for both the "trefoil" that currently serves as their retro brand, and their current "three-stripes" logo), and insists on using its name in lower-case in all of its documentation, including press releases from any organization they are partnered with.
* new balance prints a lowercase logo on many of its shoes.
* there are certain scripts that are entirely monocase, having no differentiation between lowercase and uppercase. an example would be the georgian alphabet.
* most of [[http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites craigslist]].
* text posts on [[https://www.tumblr.com tumblr]] quite often use all-lowercase letters. pair it with [[NoPunctuationIsFunnier no punctuation is funnier]] and you have the basis for a lot of comedic posts.
* a running joke in scientific circles holds that the prestige of your name appearing in print is inversely proportional to the number of capital letters in it:
** your name in all caps = author or co-author of a research paper (not insignificant, but thousands are produced each year).
** your name with the first letters capitalized = a scientific principle, law, or constant associated with you (e.g., kepler's laws, fermat's last theorem, or avogadro's number).
** your name in all lowercase = a unit of measurement (e.g., the watt or tesla).
* british bank first direct is branded this way (albeit with the name '''first direct''' always in bold to make it stand out in a sentence).
* pie five (a pizza chain) does this in their website and menus.
* [[WebVideo/DanIsNotOnFire danisnotonfire's]] youtube channel name and the way he types.
* the unix operating system [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illumos illumos]] is spelled this way.