'''''Alice in Wonderland''''' can refer to:
* ''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland'' (1865) and ''Through the Looking-Glass'' (1871), a duology of novels by Creator/LewisCarroll.

Or to one of the following adaptations:
* ''Alice in Wonderland'' (1933), the first (and so far only) live action Hollywood-produced film adapting the original stories.
* ''Disney/AliceInWonderland'' (1951), the animated movie by Disney.
* ''The New Alice in Wonderland'' (1966), an animated TV movie by Creator/HannaBarbera [no page yet].
* ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' (1972), a British film musical [no page yet]
* ''Anime/FushigiNoKuniNoAlice'' (1983), a Japanese anime series predominantly based on the original novels.
* ''Film/AliceInWonderland1985'', a two-part American made for TV live action movie.
* ''Alice in Wonderland'' (1988), direct-to-video animated adaptation by Creator/BurbankFilmsAustralia. [no page yet]
* ''Film/AliceInWonderland1999'', another made for TV live action/puppetry movie
* ''Film/AliceInWonderland2010'', the film directed by Creator/TimBurton and starring Creator/MiaWasikowska and Creator/JohnnyDepp.
** ''Film/AliceThroughTheLookingGlass'' (2016), the sequel to the Tim Burton film directed by James Bobin.
** ''VideoGame/AliceInWonderland'' (2010), the video game based on the Tim Burton movie.
* ''Theatre/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland'' (2011), a ballet.

Or you may be looking for one of the following:
* ''WesternAnimation/AliceOfWonderlandInParis'', (1966) an animated film
* ''Film/{{Alice}}'' (original title: ''Něco z Alenky'') (1988), film that combines live action and {{stop motion}} animation, directed by Creator/JanSvankmajer.
* ''Series/AdventuresInWonderland'' (1991-95), a KidCom on Creator/DisneyChannel.
* ''Literature/{{Aliss}}'' (2000) Patrick Senécal's French-language novel, set in Montréal.
* ''VideoGame/AmericanMcGeesAlice'' (2000), the video game released by Creator/ElectronicArts.
** ''VideoGame/AliceMadnessReturns'' (2012), the sequel to the above.
* ''Series/{{Alice|2009}}'' (2009), a Creator/{{Syfy}} miniseries.
* ''VideoGame/AliceIsDead'' (2009), a flash game.

If you are looking for a trope, try '''AliceAllusion''' or '''DownTheRabbitHole'''.

See here for the parody ''Literature/AliceInBrexitland'', by Lucien Young (though the cover says by Leavis Carroll).