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[[caption-width-right:200: Don't you just want to [[CatchPhrase die for her]]?]]

''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland'' is a pretty well-known work and can be associated with [[TrappedInAnotherWorld surreal fantasy]], [[StonerFlick drug imagery]], [[ElegantGothicLolita lolita fashion]], GothicHorror (it's a frequent target of {{Grimmification}}) and other aspects of Victorian England, including SteamPunk, political satire, and who knows what else.

The name "Alice", when used in a reference to ''Alice in Wonderland'', therefore tends to be used for fantastical, ethereal characters or concepts, and that goes double if her last name is a variation on Carroll or Liddell (as Alice Liddell was a real girl who inspired Creator/LewisCarroll's character of Alice). Dolls are also often involved, presumably by their association with the Victorian era.

Allusions like this, when not full of 1960s psychedelia, tend to be rather dark and grim, but this makes a lot of sense considering their original source. ''[[Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]]'' and its sequel are full of BlackComedy (although the death jokes and the like in the books tend to be subtle), something that can often surprise someone who reads the original versions.

Other frequent references to ''Alice in Wonderland'' include [[WhiteBunny magical white rabbits,]] [[DownTheRabbitHole rabbit-holes,]] [[PlayingCardMotifs play-card iconography,]] [[MagicMushroom mushrooms,]] and so forth. If her appearance is shown or described, she'll most likely look like a little blonde girl wearing [[TrueBlueFemininity a blue and white dress,]] as popularized in the Creator/{{Disney}} [[Disney/AliceInWonderland animated adaptation]].

Adaptations of ''[[Literature/AliceInWonderland Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]]'' are not part of this trope. [[StockShoutOuts Allusions, however, are.]]

Note that this trope is ''only'' for cases where a clear connection can be made between the name "Alice" and a reference to ''Alice in Wonderland''. This trope is not intended to be a general list of every work (or even every fantasy or fantastical work) containing anyone named Alice, only when that name is clearly used in an effort to evoke the book. If you can't make a clear connection to ''Alice in Wonderland'' beyond the name "Alice" and a fantasy or magical-realism genre, don't list it here.

Conversely, references to ''Alice in Wonderland'' can be listed even if they don't specifically use the name "Alice", since they are not a distinct trope.

A SubTrope of ShoutOut. Is related to the OneMarioLimit, in that there may be several "Alices" in a work, but a character may bear the name specifically to invoke Wonderland imagery.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/{{Alice 19th}}'', where the protagonist (who has magical powers) is called Alice and her guide/teacher takes the form of a white rabbit. The magic system? [[WordsCanBreakMyBones Based on wordplay]]...
* In ''Manga/AliceAcademy'', the gift that gives people supernatural powers is called Alice. This is deliberately supposed to invoke ''Alice in Wonderland'', as the currency is called "rabbits" and the main character is trapped at a WizardingSchool chasing someone who's evading her.
* ''Manga/{{Servamp}}'' brings this many times. One of the main characters is Misono Alicien, and his [[spoiler: half]] brother Mikuni Alicien shares the same feature as well. Bonus points for their father welcoming the protagonists into the Alicien mansion with the line "welcome to Wonderland".
* In ''Anime/TheAnimatrix'', the episode "Detective Story" features a detective communicating with Trinity through lines and details from ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''.
* ''AudioPlay/AreYouAlice'' the protagonist strays to Wonderland and was given the name Alice, and is about to join the "Game to Kill the White Rabbit". Is there a need to mention that Alice and the Queen of Hearts are both male? Talk about Rules Don't Apply Here.
* Alice Carroll from ''Manga/{{ARIA}}'' -- look at her full name, even.
* In ''Manga/BlackBloodBrothers'' the vampire that turned the main character is a source blood named Alice. She appears in flash backs and occasional references but she died ten years before the start of the series.
* ''Anime/BlackButler'' also ventures into Wonderland with the two part OVA "Ciel in Wonderland".
* An episode of ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'' invokes this by having Sakura wear the dress while having to catch a rabbit-shaped Clow Card.
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'' has an OVA where the cast act out the tale of ''Alice in Wonderland''.
* In the 2001 version of ''Manga/{{Cyborg 009}}'', Joe befriends a tiny girl named Alice who seems to know a looooot about him. [[spoiler: She's a {{Time Travel}}ler, and is also implied to be the past self of Joe's MissingMom.]]
* The ending sequence of the ''Manga/DagashiKashi'' anime is a series of famous Wonderland scenes with the straight-laced Saya playing Alice and the wackier Hotaru playing an assortment of Wonderland denizens. Other characters also turn up, such as To and Kokonotsu's faces on mini-donuts chased by Hotaru's Walrus.
* Alice [=McCoy=], the mysterious, possibly dead DeusExMachina of ''Anime/DigimonTamers''. She's also a blonde gothloli, for extra points. Writer Chiaki J. Konaka favours this trope.
%%* ''VideoGame/HeartNoKuniNoAlice''
* ''Manga/KagihimeMonogatari'' has Arisu/Alice Arisugawa as its main character, and the series in general is drowning in Wonderland motifs.
* Fujisaki Arisu of ''Anime/KidouTenshiAngelicLayer'' names her [[{{Mons}} Angel]], Alice, after herself. This does not explain why the Angel is dressed as a [[http://www.twinisles.com/japan/culture/c011.php classic lolita]] with blonde hair and white [[PettingZooPeople bunny ears]].
* ''Manga/KingOfThorn'' has a MysteriousWaif named Alice. Naturally, when she needs a protector, she creates one in the form of a giant white rabbit.
* In ''Manga/KurobaraAlice'', a woman named Azusa makes a DealWithTheDevil and is reborn as another person named Alice. The similarities with the book stop here, though.
* ''Anime/{{Kyousogiga}}'' is supposed to be based off ''Through the Looking-Glass'', though you'd have a hard time knowing it if not for the whole "finding the rabbit" gig, chess imagery, and quotes from the books.
* ''LightNovel/MagicalGirlRaisingProject'' has Hardgore Alice, a magical girl who wears a black version of Alice's outfit and carries a white rabbit plushie. Her unique power besides the usual enhanced strength and speed all magical girls get is a very powerful HealingFactor that lets her recover from being reduced to LudicrousGibs.
* No mention of Alice, but ''Manga/MiyukiChanInWonderland'' is a parody wherein a teenage girl has several {{Homoerotic Dream}}s, and includes [[{{Dominatrix}} the Queen of Hearts]], the [[CatGirl Cheshire Cat]], the cards painting the roses red, [[PlayboyBunny the White Rabbit]], and the Mad Tea Party.
* No use of the name Alice, but ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' contains an episode titled "Haruhi in Wonderland". The contents of the episode are exactly what the title implies.
* ''Manga/PandoraHearts'' has a rabbit character named Alice along with some other ''Alice in Wonderland''-related imagery. For example: The amount of {{Alice Allusion}}s are far too many to list here, but suffice to say, practically every event, theme, character and idea from the books shall be referenced in some way, though it probably won't be obvious to the reader unless they have a very good knowledge of the books. The plots even parallel at times, so in some ways the series is a darker, more complex take on the books. As well as this, some references are even made to Carroll and the real-life Alice, Alice Liddell.
* The first episode of the ''Manga/PetshopOfHorrors'' anime (she doesn't show up until later in the manga) features a white rabbit named Alice, who is given to a pair of grieving parents whose only daughter died of a drug overdose. [[spoiler:The "new" Alice also ends up dying, in a truly horrific way.]]
* Arisu Sakaguchi from ''Manga/PleaseSaveMyEarth'' is named after Alice from ''Alice in Wonderland'', but her parents actually made up kanji to spell it with rather than using katakana.
* ''Manga/ProjectARMS'' has all ARMS named after characters from the Alice books. Later, it is revealed that one of the Egrigori team members and experimental child is a blonde girl named Alice (she even reads ''Alice in Wonderland'' to the other children at one point). [[spoiler: after she is absorbed by an alien life form, she refers to the world she creates as Wonderland.]]
* ''Anime/QueensBlade'':
** ''Queen's Gate'': Alice has two subordinates named Hatter and March Hare. Her mother is named Lewis after Lewis Carroll, and their last name is Dodgson (Lewis Carroll's real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).
** ''Queen's Blade Grimoire'': Alicia is TrappedInAnotherWorld, Mel Fair Land, which greatly resembles Wonderland. Her outfit resembles a sexy version of the Disney Alice's outfit, and her rapier is named Liddell.
* The Alice Game from ''Manga/RozenMaiden'', the [[ThereCanBeOnlyOne deadly tournament]] and reason for being of seven beautifully made [[LivingToys Victorian dolls]]. They are guided by a white rabbit demon in a tuxedo. There's also lots of [[SuckMyRose roses]] and [[SpotOfTea tea parties]].
* In ''Manga/OnePiece'', Wonderland themes are prevalent in Totto Land, with several rabbit-like PettingZooPeople (Carrot on the heroes' side, Randolph on the villains'), soldiers with a chess and playing card theme in Big Mom's army, and Big Mom herself being a Queen of Hearts {{expy}}, being a big woman in a pink dress with an uncontrollable temper who is known for beheading people.
* Alice Mizuki from ''Anime/SerialExperimentsLain'', as [[http://www.cjas.org/~leng/alice.htm confirmed]] by WordOfGod: Writer Chiaki J. Konaka states "Alice" is Lewis Carol's (sic). I often use the "Alice" as the metaphor in my scenarios. Alice in "lain" is same. Alice even mentions that her name sound weird (her and Lain are the only characters with non-Japanese names, bar some TokenWhite characters). The official subtitles didn't seem to get the message though and [[SpellMyNameWithAnS translated her name as "Arisu"]].
* "[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Arisu (Aluce? Ellis?)]]", from ''Anime/TweenyWitches''.
* The Ending Theme for ''Manga/VampireKnight'', "Still Doll", starts off with the lyrics "Hi, Miss Alice" in English, with the rest of the lyrics seeming to be about a melancholy young girl. The song is sung by Kanon Wakeshima, an ElegantGothicLolita, and the MusicVideo is full of spooky Victorian atmosphere.
* ''Manga/TheVoynichHotel'''s Alice has a few Wonderland elements surrounding her character. Besides her name, she invokes the same imagery as the original Alice by being an oblivious blonde-haired child in the middle of a war-scarred isle full of overall crazyness, having a sister who borrows her name from another of Lewis Carroll's works [[spoiler: ("Snark", who is a serial killer)]], and wearing a rabbit mask [[spoiler: that is actually a demonic tool obtained through said sister's DealWithTheDevil]].
* An episode of ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' has a creepy doll named Alice. She uses Doll cards that allude to the Alice story.

[[folder: Audio Drama]]
* ''AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho'':
** When the Eleventh Doctor invites Dr Alice Watson into the TARDIS in the audio drama ''[[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWhoDOTD11TheTimeMachine Destiny of the Doctor: The Time Machine]]'', he says "Ready to go down the rabbit hole, Alice?" Since she has never in her life read any work of literature, she [[PopCulturalOsmosisFailure has no idea what he's talking about]].
** Likewise, ''[[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWho050Zagreus Zagreus]]'' is one big trip into Wonderland, as the [[spoiler: anti-time infected]] Doctor encounters mysterious talking Cats that run him around in logic circles while Charley gets dragged down the rabbit hole by a representation of the TARDIS consciousness. In the end, it turns out [[spoiler: the TARDIS was trying to fight off the anti-time infection with the biggest load of nonsense it could find - which, in this case, was ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.'']]

* The title of the Season 9 ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' comic ''Willow: Wonderland''. Willow also makes a ShoutOut or two. There is even a demon that claims that the green caterpillar was based on him.
* The main character in ''Lullaby'' is named Alice, and dresses as you might expect. The series begins with her parents dying in a car accident after swerving to avoid a white rabbit in the road.
* ''Alice in Sunderland'' is a brilliant exploration of the history of the character of Alice, among ''many'' other subject, by Creator/BryanTalbot.
* ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'':
** Alice is the name of a villain in Creator/GregRucka's ''ComicBook/{{Batwoman}}'' run, who speaks almost entirely in quotes from Lewis Carroll's Alice stories.
** The Mad Hatter is obsessed with finding "his" Alice, who likely isn't much more than a figment of his insane imaginings.
** There's also the cousins Tweedledee and Tweedledum. In fact, Batman seems to have a large amount of Lewis Carroll themed villains in his rogues gallery. He even has Humpty Dumpty!
** At one point the Tweedles and Hatter joined forces, along with a Hare, a Walrus and a Carpenter (a BreakOutCharacter when she went semi-straight as an actual carpenter). It turned out [[spoiler: the Tweedles had used Tetch's own mind control on him after he said the idea was just too obvious]].
* The ''Comicbook/TeenTitans'' villainess Cheshire. More so in the ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' and ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' animated series, where she wears a grinning cat mask.
* Creator/MarvelComics has its own Lewis Carroll themed villain, the White Rabbit. At least for a while, she was written as [[HarmlessVillain an utter joke of a villain]], meaning she could be a TakeThat against other ''Alice'' inspired villains.
* A minor sympathetic villain in the ''ComicBook/AstroCity'' comic calls himself "The Mock Turtle" and is a huge fan of Carroll's novels.
* Comicbook/DoctorStrange's CosmicEntity ally Agamotto appears to him as a giant caterpillar on an equally-large mushroom, smoking a hookah. Justified, since Agamotto assumes AFormYouAreComfortableWith out of Strange's memories of ''Alice in Wonderland''.
* [[ComicBook/StormDonLawrence Storm]] has a goddess that likes to create Alice Allusions to draw the main character's attention, culminating in her manifesting as Alice herself.
* ''Comicbook/TheFlash'' had a storyline called ''Wonderland'', in which Wally West was trapped in AnotherDimension where Keystone City was a dystopia. Each issue opens with a quote from the ''Alice'' books. He discovers he was trapped there by Mirror Master (they've gone "through the looking glass") at the behest of [[TheManBehindTheMan another villain]], who turns out to be fairy-tale monarch Brother Grimm. The second half of the story is set in a Grimmified Keystone where things are even more Alice-y, including the Rogues as the Card Soldiers and Linda as the Queen of Hearts.
* In ''Comicbook/{{Superboy}}'' #92, Conner is suffering PTSD following ''Comicbook/OurWorldsAtWar'' and has a dream in which he follows Impulse (in rabbit ears) through a very Wonderlandish environment, with Steel as the talking doorknob from the Disney version, various bird-themed characters making their way through a huge pool in Penguin's umbrella, Granny Goodness and General Good as the Queen and King of Hearts, and so on. Amusingly, even though it's his own mind pulling out these images, he [[PopCulturalOsmosisFailure doesn't get the reference.]]
* ''Comicbook/LeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen'' has lots of these. The cover of Volume 1 has Alice's face appearing in a mirror, the New Traveller's Almanack references a "Miss A.L." who fell down a hole in the ground and who died from starvation due to her organs being reversed in terms of arrangement after coming out of a looking-glass.
* ''Comicbook/JaxEpochAndTheQuickenForbidden'' loves this trope. At the beginning of volume 1, Jax chased after a white rabbit that escaped its cage, but then ended up stepping into an interdimensional portal into Realmsend, mirrioring the scene of Alice going down the rabbit hole
* Taken further in the comicbook ''Comicbook/NightmaresOnElmStreet'', as Freddy traps Alice into a dreamscape resembling ''Aice in Wonderland'' and for the climax takes the form of Literature/{{Jabberwocky}}.
* One of the Female Furies in ''Comicbook/NewGods'' is Malice Vunderbar, who has control of a disembodied maw called Chessure.

* The ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' fic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5169257/1/White-Rabbit White Rabbit]]'' takes the chain of allusions a step further: whilst training as a Mature Entry Assassin, Miss Alice Band gets overconfident in Mr Mericet's Poisons lab. She notices her latex glove is torn, but ignores it, despite having been warned the chemical agent they are preparing may be absorbed through the skin. Thus, the super-refined active agent found in ergot fungus, used by Assassins to distract the attention of the client's bodyguards whilst not actually killing them - LSD - takes her on a ''mother'' of a trip, set to music by Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane.
* ''Fanfic/TheLegendOfTotalDramaIsland'':
** When Heather positions herself as her team's leader during the first challenge, Gwen compares her to [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen the Queen of Hearts]], implying that Gwen does not expect Heather to be a wise or benevolent leader.
** During "[[IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming The Tale of the Awake-a-thon]]", {{the Storyteller}} samples the poem, "The Walrus and the Carpenter" from ''Through the Looking-Glass''.
* In ''Fanfic/HopToIt'', Rabbit arrives at a meeting a few minutes after Ladybug and Chat Noir. The latter takes pleasure in singing to her, "You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date."
* [[http://waitingforthet.tumblr.com/post/157937896015/come-on-there-are-tons-of-fantasy-lands-with-rich#note-container This]] ''Comicbook/{{Batman}}'' fanart mocks the number of Wonderland-themed villains.
* In ''Fanfic/EchoesOfEternity'' Maria Robotnik's favourite book is ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''. She uses it as {{escapism}}. She's a terminally ill child who has lived on ARK her entire life, so Alice's adventures resonate with Maria. She wishes that her life on ARK was AllJustADream. Maria herself is a blue eyed, blonde girl who wears blue dresses.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The Creator/WoodyAllen film entitled ''Alice''. It's the main character's name, and definitely playing with the ''Alice in Wonderland'' thing.
* ''Film/TheAvengers1998'' has a Ministry agent named Alice. This is just one of the five {{Shout Out}}s to ''Alice in Wonderland'' in the movie.
* ''Film/TheCompanyOfWolves'' is [[JustForFun/XMeetsY Alice in Wonderland meets Red Riding Hood]]. The main character's sister is called Alice and the dream starts off by following Alice through a surreal passage full of oversized toys (referencing going down the rabbit role, and the shrinking). Alice is also colour-coded with white, and Rosaleen with red (the White Queen and the Red Queen). Rosaleen also comes across a white rabbit as she strays from the beaten path.
* After the identity swap in ''Film/LostHighway'', Eddie encounters a doppelganger of Renee. Her name, "Alice Wakefield", seems to refer to "Alice in Wonderland", and to imply that Alice and Eddie are alternate universe, "down the rabbit-hole" versions of Fred and Renee.
* ''Film/TheMatrix'' has two major references: Trinity's "FollowTheWhiteRabbit" clue to Neo which leads him to the club where they meet, and the ever-so-famous speech about the [[RedPillBluePill red pill or the blue]].
-->You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
* ''Film/ANightmareOnElmStreet4TheDreamMaster'' has Alice Johnson, who over the course of the film acquaints herself with spectacular control over dreams ("Wonderland" anyone?), and faces her newly-uncovered looking glass before her final showdown with Fred Krueger (who she ''defeats'' by showing him a shard from a mirror).
-->Welcome to Wonderland, Alice!
* The ''Film/ResidentEvil'' movies' main character is named Alice, and in the first film there's a supercomputer called the Red Queen with a little girl as its avatar. Additionally in the first movie, they go underground to the Hive through an elevator with mirrored doors (through the looking glass), and Alice sees the T-virus being tested on a white rabbit.
* ''Film/TheSight'' stars Andrew [=McCarthy=] as Michael Creator/{{Lewis|Carroll}}, an architect who ends up following a child murderer across London with the help of the dead. There are a lot of Alice references, such as Lewis being hired to work on the Hatter's Hotel and Alice being the name of one of the victims.
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'':
** In ''Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome'' Kirk says "Hello Alice, welcome to Wonderland" after beaming Gillian on board the Klingon ship.
** Two scientists at the Genesis Project in ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan'' are called Madison and March. The {{Novelization}} goes into further details about their fondness for Lewis Carroll.
* ''Film/SuckerPunch'' has a lot of this. Babydoll looks similar to Alice, white rabbit images appear everywhere, and the song "White Rabbit" plays during the WWI sequence.
* In ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'', Alice is a [[DeceptivelyHumanRobots Deceptively Human Robot]]. With some degree of naughty tentacles [[note]](but she's got nothing on Soundwave)[[/note]]. In the adaptations, it's stated that she scanned her disguise from an ''Alice in Wonderland'' animatronic.
* John Carpenter's ''Film/TheWard'', a story set in an insane asylum with a toy rabbit as a plot point, has Alice as the name of a ghost that apparently haunts the asylum [[spoiler: but then it is revealed Alice is the protagonist's real name...]]
* The costume designer on ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'' acknowledged the Caterpillar from ''Alice'' as an inspiration for Jabba the Hutt (although Creator/RogerEbert pointed out that Jabba's face looks more like the Cheshire Cat).

* Alice Samara of Michelle Latiolais's ''A Proper Knowledge'' is known for her intriguingly unconventional floral sculptures and becomes the ManicPixieDreamGirl for Luke, the brooding male protagonist.
* ''Literature/{{Aliss}}'':
** This French-Canadian horror novel by Patrick Sénécal is a very dark, gory and sexually explicit retelling of ''Alice in Wonderland''. Wonderland is a strange neighbourhood in Montreal, the white rabbit is a ashamed pedophiliac based on Lewis Carroll, the Red Queen is a sadistic bordello owner and the Cheshire Cat is smiling junkie. Yeesh.
** The Mad Hatter and the March Hare are lovers, their names are Bone and Chair ("Bone" is from the English and "Chair" is French from "Flesh" and they kill and dissect people to prove that humans have no souls.) The Knave of Heart is Alice's lover (at least, from her point of view.) The Catterpillar (called "Verrue" which mean "Wart") is a drug addict junkie who think that he'll became a butterfly one day. (Even if he's human like all the others characters.) The Duchess and the White Queen are fused into one character who's name is Andromaque; she's also a a bordello owner but she's nicer and more classy than the Red Queen... and she always talk in rhymes. The Cheshire Cat (called Chess) is not just a regular smiling junkie. [[spoiler: He's a smiling junkie whose only drug is souls of dying humans.]]
* In ''Girl in the Shadows'' by Creator/VCAndrews, the protagonist was named Alice in the hope that she would one day "fall into a Wonderland" and escape the fate of her mother, who is in a mental institution.
%%* ''Literature/GoAskAlice''
* "Never Seen By Waking Eyes" and "The Vision of a Vanished Good" by Creator/StephenDedman feature an eight-year-old girl named Alice who's been eight years old long enough to have known Lewis Carroll personally.
* In ''Literature/JaneOfLanternHill'' by Creator/LMMontgomery, Jane explicitly tried sitting before mirrors in hopes she could emulate Alice. She finally stopped when accused of doing it for vanity.
* Alisa Seleznyova of the ''Literature/AliceGirlFromTheFuture'' stories by Creator/KirBulychev is a girl of about ten who has all sorts of adventures, meeting strange space creatures and falling through time.
* One of the secondary characters in ''Literature/NightWatch'' and ''Day Watch'' is a witch named Alisa Donnikova. In a story told from her viewpoint, she briefly compares herself to her namesake from Creator/LewisCarroll's story.
* Near the end of Mark Dunn's ''Under the Harrow,'' a girl named Alice is saved from [[spoiler: dying in a massacre]] by falling down a dark hole.
* In ''Literature/{{Snyper}}'', Phil criticizes Persephone's "Queen of Hearts" treatment of his blonde secretary Ashley, leading to a greater discussion and a suggestion that the girl dress as Alice for Halloween. Ash [[PopCulturalOsmosisFailure doesn't get the reference]], thinking she means ''Film/ResidentEvil''.
* Sort of in [[Literature/{{Dragons}} The Last Dragon Chronicles]]. When David reads her an [[spoiler:alternate universe version of Alice in Wonderland, Penny imagines up an image of a dragon child as Alice.]]
* ''Mimsy Were the Borogoves'' is a science fiction short story by Lewis Padgett (a pseudonym of Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore) where it is revealed that the words in ''Jabberwocky'' come from a future language that [[ChildrenAreSpecial only children can fully understand]]. The children protagonists of the story acquire a set of scripts of this language which, if properly comprehended, can construct the formula for a time-space equation enabling them to travel to the alien destination, which they are actually able to do. (Another scene in the story shows a young Alice Liddell - the real one - talking to Carroll while reading a different set of the futuristic scripts (presumably with a different purpose); she can only partially understand them, as she's around twelve now, and he can't comprehend them at all, but he says he'll use them in his writings...)
* In the science fiction novel ''Literature/NationOfTheThirdEye'' by K.K. Savage, the main female character is Alice Grant. Together with her friends she develops unusual abilities - opening of the ThirdEye, AstralProjection, meeting strange HumanAliens and not so human ones. . . There is another character by the name of Commander Hatfield - a reference to the Mad Hatter. One of the earliest scenes is where they all have tea in the Captain's library that looks like straight out of 19th century Victorian England, even though it is located on a spaceship carrier. It is during this "tea party" that the male protagonist [[spoiler: has his first past-life vision, which starts off by him falling for a long time.]]
* The narrator of Creator/ThomasLigotti's "Alice's Last Adventure" finds her life turning into an ever-darkening Wonderland.
* Creator/FrancesHardinge's ''Literature/AFaceLikeGlass'' has the protagonist, Neverfell, led out of her confinement by a white rabbit. Besides, the world that Neverfell inhabits operates under rather warped logic and many characters, including the protagonist herself, are at least a little mad.
* The ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' has a minor character called Lady Alice Venturi, a noblewoman from one of Ankh-Morpork's great families, who led a sheltered life and then decided what she'd ''really'' like to do was to explore the Disc's {{Expy}} of DarkestAfrica. Unfortunately her sheltered life led her to be blissfully ignorant of a lot of the things the natives got up to; her sketches, paintings and descriptions of native fertility rites thus became best-sellers when she got home, recouping the costs of her expeditions many times over, attracting packed houses to her lectures (with lantern-slides), and several obscenity actions. Her passage through "Africa" was marked by groups of sniggering natives wondering how much more crap they could get past the radar, in the guise of newly-invented traditional fertility dances, before she cottoned on. Mainly meant as a parody of those GrandeDame Victorian women who went to Africa on solo journeys, and who got out alive by looking imperious and shouting ''very loudly'' at the natives, Creator/TerryPratchett slips in a concealed joke here: an innocent Victorian woman knowing nothing about sex and going "oh my goodness!" in a bizarrely strange place is, of course, ''Alice in [[DarkestAfrica Howondaland]]''. One thing of note about this ShoutOut in particular is that Terry Pratchett HATED Alice In Wonderland, so this would also classify as a TakeThat .
* Luna Lovegood from ''Literature/HarryPotter'' series. How intentional they are is difficult to gauge, but Luna has many ''Alice in Wonderland'' parallels to her; she's a young blonde girl with an (over)active imagination, is associated with hares and rabbits and often seen as "mad".

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Alice [=DeRaey=], the protagonist on the appropriately-titled ''Series/ThisIsWonderland'', which also started its opening credits with Lewis Carroll's poem "You Are Old, Father William," includes characters like a StepfordSmiler with a heart-motif coffeecup, a [[CheshireCatGrin perpetually grinning]] and capricious judge, a man who loses track of time and runs away, a tea-drinking man who wears a big hat sometimes, and a scruffy, over-excitable March Hare type. A few of these connections may be FanWank, however. Unlike most Alices, she was a DeadpanSnarker who swore under her breath.
* In ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', Angela Petrelli's sister is named Alice. Her favorite book was ''Alice in Wonderland''.
* Alice shows up on ''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}'' after she gets out of the mirror, but she's AxCrazy. Bonus points awarded for using the Jefferson Airplane song in the soundtrack of the episode.
* ''Series/{{CSI}}'':
** An episode features three college students doing research into the afterlife involving heavy use of paralytics, hallucinogenics, and sensory deprivation. The sole female student [[spoiler:and the only one to make it out alive]] was named Alice. Especially jarring given she was Japanese.
** The episode called "Malice in Wonderland", in which an ''Alice in Wonderland''-themed wedding ended up with the groom dying when [[spoiler: the force from a blank round propelled the button on his Mad Hatter hat into his brain.]]
** ''Series/{{CSINY}}'' used the title "Down The Rabbit Hole" in its Second Life-themed episode, making a 'Second Life/Wonderland' comparison.
* One of episode of ''Series/{{Raines}}'' has a victim named Alice. The connection to Wonderland shapes some of Raines's hallucinations of her.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'' is filled with literary allusions in general, and is especially fond of stories where someone is magically transported to another place. This goes for ''Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz'', ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia'', and the Alice books. For example, Christian Shepherd is compared to the White Rabbit in a first season episode of the same name. In the sixth season, sideways-Jack finds his old house's keys under a White Rabbit statue.
* On ''Series/{{Leverage}}'', Parker often uses the alias Alice White. And one of the main character in the series is something of a chess fiend, which also plays a thematic role and code throughout the series. In the last shot of the series, it could be said Parker crossed the Red King's chessboard and became a queen herself, much like Alice did.
* In ''Series/TheXFiles'' episode "Paper Hearts", Agent Mulder has to face again a convicted [[PaedoHunt child molester]] and SerialKiller who was caught thanks to Mulder's psychological profile. He cut [[CreepySouvenir cloth hearts]] from his victims' clothes and kept them hidden in a copy of ''Alice in Wonderland''. The phrase 'Mad Hat' appeared in Mulder's dreams and also as a mark near a newly found crime scene. The murderer used to live in Alice Road in Boston, and Mulder concludes that that's how he got the idea and that he took the role of the Hatter. There was a shot with the hearts and the little girls' names attached to them, but none of them was named Alice, yet one victim was not identified...
* ''Series/MurdochMysteries'': The season 4 finale called "Murdoch in Wonderland" abounds with references and allusions to ''Alice in Wonderland''. The characters go to a costume party to honour the late Creator/LewisCarroll. Detective Murdoch is dressed as the Mad Hatter and Dr. Julia Ogden is Alice. They play croquet, drink "potion" from flasks and write together a non-sense mirror-flipped poem. Murdoch gets [[IntoxicationEnsues drugged]] and has disturbing visions of falling down the hole or being too big to enter a door. A piece of beauty, this episode.
* In the season 8 episode of ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' "Malice in Wonderland" teenagers, all of whom are named with some variation of the name “Alice” (Alicia, Alexis, Alistair) are being lured down a manhole by a demon, who either shape-shifted into a white rabbit or was wearing a t-shirt with a white rabbit on it inviting them to a garden party and telling them they are very late. They turn up later with no memory and appear to have gone insane from the Wonderland-inspired illusions they experienced “down the rabbit hole”.
* The ''{{Series/Dollhouse}}'' season 1 episode "Echoes" has Echo leave an engagement to follow a news story to a nearby college, where she becomes infected with a hallucinogenic memory drug, meets various characters known to both Echo and Caroline who aren’t quite themselves and uses a manhole to break into a building. The personality imprint she has at the time is named “Alice”, and she is wearing a sort tunic dress, thigh high stockings and Mary Jane style high heeled shoes.
* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' serial "The Mind Robber" involves the crew falling into a story dimension that has a great deal of influence from ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''. They are lured into it by a White Robot.
* The B-plot of the ''Series/{{Grimm}}'' episodes "Dyin' On a Prayer" and "Cry Luison" has Adalind running through Kronenberg Castle trying to find her baby. In the first one she finds herself in a room full of stone heads which start crying, creating a pool of tears that almost drowns her. In the second, she chases her reflection, finds herself in a nursery with a door that's too small to get through, and sees the baby in a basket ... and when she picks the baby up, it turns into a pig and she falls through a hole in the floor. (The episode before "Dyin' On a Prayer", "The Last Fight", also had a subtle nod to the cake that says "EAT ME", when Adalind is given a brownie ... which frankly [[MushroomSamba could explain a lot of what followed]].)
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'':
** The ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "Shore Leave" starts with [=McCoy=] comparing an alien planet to ''Alice in Wonderland''--before running into a talking rabbit and a little blonde girl.
** In the ''Series/StarTrekDiscovery'' episode "[[Recap/StarTrekDiscoveryS1E03ContextIsForKings Context Is for Kings]]", Burnham quotes the passage down the rabbit hole to herself while crawling through an AirVentPassageway to escape the enraged tardigrade. She later tells her roommate Cadet Tilly that her foster mother Amanda Grayson used to read it to her and her brother Spock when they were kids.
--->'''Burnham:''' That's how I learned that the real world doesn't always adhere to logic. Sometimes down is up. Sometimes up is down. Sometimes, when you're lost, you're found.
* ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' has one episode where she ends up going down the rabbit hole to look after four clues on her boyfriend's watch. Down there she finds counterparts of her friends as the Caterpillar, Mad Hatter, March Hare and Queen of Hearts.
* The ''Series/OnceUponATime'' episode that introduces Wonderland has a few of these, despite being an origin story for the Mad Hatter. His young daughter is a blond-haired Alice lookalike, she has a stuffed white rabbit and makes him promise not to be late for her tea party.

* Music/JeffersonAirplane singer Grace Slick has always said that "White Rabbit" from ''Music/SurrealisticPillow'' was intended as a slap toward parents who read their children stories such as ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' (in which Alice uses several drug-like substances in order to change herself) and then wondered why their children grew up to do drugs. For Grace and others in the '60s, drugs were an inevitable part of mind-expanding and social experimentation. Remade by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collide_(band) Collide]] for ''Film/ResidentEvilExtinction''
* Dom Mclennon from Music/{{BROCKHAMPTON}} mentions Alice in "Bump", as a reference to how strong his drug of choice is.
--> ''Smoke some shit straight outta Alice in Wonderland''
* Music/AliceCooper. He even wears a big top hat, like the Mad Hatter.
* Music/BuckTick has "Alice In [=WonderUnderground=]."
%% commented out as Administrivia/ZeroContextExample, WeblinksAreNotExample * [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgCS4X3Uzeo Hey Alice]] by Rachel Macwhirter is essentially a song of asking Alice.
* Music/{{Vocaloid}}... there are countless songs based on Alice In Wonderland; the most famous example being [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6MltGHO-lE Hitobashira Alice/Alice Human Sacrifice]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoeAiJJx03s&feature=related Another]] is GUMI's "[[{{GrowingUpSucks}} Goodbye To Alice]]
* Arika Takarano from ALI Project used to wear this image quite often. "Megalopolice-ALICE", "Atashi ga ALICE datta Koro", etc. Their Rozen Maiden openings, because the ALICE metaphor was a key one in this anime, and we have Allica's photo with Shinku's doll in her hands...
* Music/EmilieAutumn uses a lot of Alice imagery, such as lolita fashion, Victorian furniture and MagicalRealism.(most notable in her book, Literature/TheAsylumForWaywardVictorianGirls)
* There are references to Alice in two different Music/{{Nightwish}} songs in the album ''Imaginaerum''.
-->''Follow the madness Alice you know once did...''
--> ''Where's dear Alice knocking on the door? Where's the trapdoor that takes me there? Where the real is shattered by a Mad March Hare.''
* [[ElectronicMusic Electronic dance music]] event organizer Insomniac Events puts on several Wonderland-themed festivals: [[LighterAndSofter Beyond Wonderland]], [[DarkerAndEdgier Nocturnal Wonderland]], [[HalloweenEpisode Escape from Wonderland]], [[NewYearHasCome White Wonderland]], and [[PoolEpisode Wet Wonderland]].
* VisualKei band Music/{{D}} briefly had this as their theme, with the single "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtpeyJItnno Yami no kuni no Alice]]" and the Alice in Dark Edge tour.
* In the music video for "Walking on Air" by Music/{{Kerli}}, the old man delivering the doll in the beginning resembles the Mad Hatter.
* An instrumental by ex-Music/{{Yes}} drummer Bill Bruford is called "Fainting In Coils", a reference to a comment the Mock Turtle makes about an "old conger-eel" "drawling, stretching and fainting in coils". [[spoiler:A pun on art critic John Ruskin visiting the Liddells, teaching them tips on ''drawing, sketching and painting in oils'', according to Wiki/TheOtherWiki]].
* [[TheSeventies 1970s]] ProgressiveRock label Charisma, home to The Nice, Lindisfarne and Music/{{Genesis}}, often had a sketch by John Tenniel of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party on the record label, [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8b/The_famous_Charisma_label.jpg as can be seen here]].
* Music/JohnLennon of Music/TheBeatles fame was a huge fan of Creator/LewisCarroll. He said that "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" from ''Music/SgtPeppersLonelyHeartsClubBand'' was inspired by the novel. Incidentally, Carroll also appears on the album cover. Lennon also [[WordOfGod mentioned in interviews]] that "I Am The Walrus" from ''Music/MagicalMysteryTour'' is a reference to "The Walrus And The Carpenter", but in retrospect, was embarrassed to learn that the hero of the poem was supposed to be the carpenter.
* The music video for Music/TomPetty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" is a surrealistic ''Alice In Wonderland'' pastiche with Petty as the Mad Hatter, complete with top hat.
* The Music/{{Ayria}} song "Blue Alice" alludes to Alice and the Mad Hatter, as well as other fairy tale figures.
* Music/{{Radiohead}}'s "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" from ''Music/InRainbows''
--> ''You got a Cheshire cat grin''
* Music/CaptainBeefheart's "Beatle Bones And Smokin' Stones" from ''Music/StrictlyPersonal'':
--> ''Soft-cracker bats, Cheshire cats''
* ASP's ''Im Märchenland'' contains serveral Alice-Allusions, for example the line "Komm, iss mich, trink mich und versink!" (Come on, eat me, drink me and sink in), along with references to other fairy tales.
* The music video for [[Music/NoDoubt Gwen Stefani's]] ''What You Waiting For''.
* "Her name is Alice" by Music/{{Shinedown}} is one big reference to the books.
-->''I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time\\
And every creature lends themself to change your state of mind\\
And the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine, and took the pill\\
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels''
* "Mad Hatter" by Music/MelanieMartinez is a SanitySlippageSong where the protagonist compares herself to the MadHatter.
* "White Rabbit" by Music/EgyptCentral references the famous opening of the original book as a metaphor for an abusive relationship.
-->''Your magic, white rabbit\\
Has left its writing on the wall\\
We follow, like Alice\\
And just keep falling down the hole''
* Music/LindseyStirling and ZZ Ward has one song, "Hold My Heart", where [[GenderFlip Alex]] falls down a rabbit hole, then goes after the rabbit (played by Lindsey) while ZZ Ward sings as the Red Queen. There is even a tea party.
* The Music/FlorenceAndTheMachine song "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" contains several literary references, including ''Alice in Wonderland'' ones.
--->''The looking glass, so shiny and new\\
How quickly the glamour fades\\
I started spinning, slipping out of time\\
Was that the wrong pill to take?''

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''ComicStrip/PearlsBeforeSwine'' has a bizarre version that starts when Zebra and Larry go down a gopher hole and meet characters that are a cross between their friends and the original characters from ''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland'', all ending with everyone getting eaten by the "Raterpillar." It's then revealed that Rat drew the series while Stephan Pastis was on vacation.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/SLAIndustries'', there is a drug named Alice that causes severe hallucinations that replace the user's normal senses so well that he thinks the hallucinations are the real world.
* ''TabletopGame/JAGSWonderland'' is all about the chaotic, infectious, hungry mess that Wonderland really is.
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'':
** ''EX1 Dungeonland'' and ''EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror'', are "D&D-ified" versions of the ''Alice'' books. (The Mock Turtle becomes a dragon turtle, the "monstrous crow" is a roc, etc.)
** The 5th edition module ''Out of the Abyss'' draws inspiration from Wonderland for its presentation of the Underdark. Although no direct references are made, the Foreward for the module credits it as one its the primary inspirations.

* In ''Theatre/{{Mystere}}'', Alice is the unofficial name of the toy snail and [[SecurityBlanket lovey]] that the baby girl loses at the beginning of the story, which results in a journey through a MagicalLand to find it.

* ''Toys/EverAfterHigh'' stars the SpinOffspring of various fairy tale and fairy tale-esque characters. Madeline "Maddie" Hatter is the daughter of the MadHatter, Kitty Cheshire is the Cheshire cat's daughter, and, in a rare male example, Alistar Wonderland is the son of Alice.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'':
** Alice is a [[TheOjou spoiled]] little girl under the care of the [[ThoseTwoBadGuys Baron in Black and the Count in Red]]. She's actually a powerful DarkMagicalGirl who CameBackWrong and the two nobles are [[Literature/ArsGoetia Belial and Nebiros]], powerful demons who turn innocent people into undead to make sure they won't leave Alice. She returns frequently in many sequels and spin-offs, start since ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiII'' as a BonusBoss.
** ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona'':
*** In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'', Alice is the second highest-leveled [[TarotMotifs Death]] persona, just below Thanatos. Furthermore, she's the ''only'' one who learns the most potent Darkness-type attack, ''Die For Me!'' According to the description, she's 'the ghost of an English girl who died in 18-something'... and she looks sort of like the traditional depiction of Alice. Add on top of that that the animation for the attack ''Die For Me!'' involves card soldiers falling out of the sky...
*** In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'', [[spoiler:Human!Teddie]] dresses up as a fairly convincing Alice in a beauty pageant. The Alice persona also returns, again holding the second highest rank among the Death personas.
*** Alice also appears ''VideoGame/{{Persona 5}}'', as the ultimate Persona of the Death Arcana.
*** The first dungeon of ''VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth'' is named "You in Wonderland". Most of it is spent chasing after a rabbit-shaped creature, Card Soldiers appear as [[RoamingEnemy FOEs]], and the end boss is the Queen of Hearts.
** In ''VideoGame/RaidouKuzunohaVsKingAbaddon'', she is a boss looking for friends. Once you beat her, she can join you, and is one of the few demons that can max out magic.
-->"Will you be my friend? You can only be my friend if you're dead...will you die for me?!"
** In ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiStrangeJourney'' she's chasing a white rabbit. Said rabbit turns out to be the Hare of Inaba, who runs away from her because she tends to express her "love" through full-body skinning, boiling the Hare in saltwater, and devouring him ''[[EatenAlive alive]]''. Turns out both are undead memories of a girl beloved by demons, who by accepting a bit of their magic rendered herself insane until her death. Both were doomed to continue the same cycle of senseless horror over and over, until the Protagonist killed Alice and allowed both to move on.
** In ''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor2'' Alice is the ultimate BonusBoss. On your second playthrough you can encounter a slew of optional bosses. Two of those are Belial and Nebiros, if you defeat them instead of dying they just run away. On Saturday you can fight Alice, Belial, and Nebiros all in one battle.
* An Alice-lookalike [[ShoutOut also appears]] in Creator/{{Atlus}}'s ''VideoGame/EtrianOdyssey III: The Drowned City'' as one of the optional [[FarmBoy Farmer]] designs.
* In the ''VideoGame/BloodyRoar'' series of {{fighting game}}s, where every character has a furry SuperMode, Alice can turn into a white rabbit.
* Alice Carrol (not the one from ''ARIA'') of ''VideoGame/RageOfTheDragons'' looks almost exactly like the traditional depiction of Alice, except more... [[EmoTeen moody]]. She's an obvious reference to the character, though, despite her dark backstory and personality.
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'':
** Alice Margatroid's Extra Stage in her PC-98 incarnation had most of the {{Mooks}} be card soldiers, and the BGM for the stage was even titled ''Alice in Wonderland''. Another character in the game she first appears in can be though of as a ''red queen''. The creative team's (kind of, it's only one person) name is Shanghai ''Alice''. Her later incarnation also uses dolls, as per the trope. Furthermore, she resides in Gensokyo, which can be translated into "Fantasy Land" a.k.a. "Wonderland".
** The fan comic Webcomic/TouhouNekokayou gives the future Alice Margatroid and Marisa Kirisame a daughter ([[HomosexualReproduction they won't say how]]) named Carroll Kirisame.
* Alice Elliot in ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts'' is a good example of the loli interpretation. While she herself isn't particularly gothy, the surreal nature of the entire rest of the game makes up for it. [[spoiler: Plus she dies in the end.]] If [[spoiler: you fail to read the new tomb stone in Yuri's graveyard. Reading it gets you the good ending.]]
* Alice Hazel, a young girl psychic in ''VideoGame/MetalGearAcid''.
* Cutesy sadist Alice from the ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld''. Her colour scheme is inverted (white and pink) but the style of her clothing is unmistakably gothic loli flavoured. Also, [[spoiler: she had at one point a DealWithTheDevil to control monsters, until the heroes defeated the demon... and she's since relegated to torturing them with {{Mind Control Device}}s instead.]] The contrast between her almost doll-like appearance and her sociopathy is extremely unnerving.
* The online game trilogy ''[[http://www.somethingamiss.com/ Something Amiss]]'' is about a girl named Alice who finds herself at the center of a mystery and keeps on wandering into places where things don't match up.
* In the online multiplayer PC game ''VideoGame/RagnarokOnline'', there's a mission gravitating around the story of Kiel Hyre. He's a genius robot maker who fell in love with a woman named Allysia, then accidentally killed her. Then he went on to make a robot looking and called after her, which poses as her secretary, and four more robots (whom attack you as monsters), Alice, Aliza, Alicel and Aliot (though Aliot is a guy).
* Queen Alice of ''VideoGame/AWitchsTale'', the revered sorceress who sealed away the Eld Witch. The protagonist of the game is a young girl named Liddell [[spoiler:implied to be Alice's daughter.]] Liddell's doll Dayna takes her name from Alice's cat Dinah, and the game has other characters from Alice in Wonderland, including the Cheshire Cat, Jabberwock, Mad Hatter, March Hare, White Rabbit, and Dormouse.
* Reiji Arisu from ''VideoGame/NamcoXCapcom'', somewhat unusual since he's '''male'''. He and his partner Xiaomu are the only members of Shinra organization the player actually sees. Their job is to deal with the evil Ouma organization, which always involves inter-dimensional travel. Both of them later appear as major characters in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars OG Saga VideoGame/EndlessFrontier'', where most (if not all) characters have some fairy-tale namesake, but Reiji's is the only one [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by the protagonist. ''VideoGame/ProjectXZone'' makes it quite obvious that it's an Alice Allusion (if it wasn't already), with Reiji's debut chapter being titled Arisu in Wonderland.
* Alice, the mascot character of ''Creator/AliceSoft''.
* The sequel to ''VideoGame/DragonsLair'' has a whole Wonderland-based level.
* ''VideoGame/AmericanMcGeesAlice'': The protagonist is implied to be the one who went down the rabbit hole in the first place, but considering she is in an insane asylum and battling through Wonderland to get her sanity back, who truly knows? The sequel, ''VideoGame/AliceMadnessReturns'', does state that her last name is Liddell, in a sequence taking place ''outside'' Wonderland. There is also an oblique reference to Dodgson and the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis_Lock Isis]] - part of the canal system where the original stories were told.
* ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsL''. TheHero's partner is RobotMaid AL-3 Alice who has ability to break the dimensional wall and draw energy from another dimension.
* Lots in ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing''. In addition to the Looking Glass Clan VIP item, which takes you to Wonderland, there is also the Cheshire Bat, the Wild Hare (which carries a pocketwatch), a Mad Hatrack, a Frumious Bandersnatch, the Alice's Army card game (where the cards take the form similar to the soldiers from the Disney film). This is because each month new special donation content is added, and this usually has a theme related to the month. March = March Hare = Alice in Wonderland is the usual March theme.
* Alice, the TokenMiniMoe in the ''VideoGame/{{Asura|Series}}'' series.
* The ''VideoGame/{{Bioshock 2}}'' ARG "There Is Something In The Sea" has Orrin Oscar [[MeaningfulName Lutwidge]] ([[IHaveManyNames AKA]] [[ThemeNaming Orson Orville Liddel, Ogdred O. Lewis and RØd Killian Quain]]), an ''Alice in Wonderland''-obsessed polymath trickster who found out about the existence of Rapture and became possibly the only normal person from the surface to visit it and return to tell the tale.
* ''Videogame/FateExtra'' has a Master [[spoiler:''and her Servant'' who are both]] named Alice.
* ''Monster Girl Quest'' has [[spoiler:Black Alice looking like the typical Alice.]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheLongestJourney'', when [[EccentricMentor Cortez]] helps April travel to [[AnotherDimension Arcadia]] for the first time, he deliberately invokes this imagery to her: "Why, Alice, I am sending you Literature/{{through the looking glass}}!"
* ''VideoGame/TheMatrixPathOfNeo'' has this during a level in the city library, in a ContinuityNod to the original movie. The librarian has seen AGlitchInTheMatrix, specifically, a certain book that keeps on reappearing after she takes it out. She has taken it out so often that there's a small pile at her feet. A few minutes later:
-->'''Neo:''' What book was it ?\\
'''Librarian:''' ''Literature/AliceInWonderLand'' \\
'''Neo:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Of course,]] [[SarcasmMode it was.]]
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'' is set in a strange, unusual land with mushrooms that make you shrink and grow, strange turtles and everything seems to be alive. Additionally, in ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'', ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'', ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy2'' and ''VideoGame/SuperMario3DWorld'', you actually have to chase white rabbits. Lastly, ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2'' begins with the player falling into a strange land and Princess Peach [[ParachutePetticoat can use her skirt to float through the air temporarily]], just like Alice descending down the rabbit hole; the game's setting also happens to be a dream world (Subcon).
* ''VideoGame/EpicMickey'' does not feature any Alice, but [[Main/MickeyMouse Mickey]] accesses Wasteland (which is only a few letters away from Wonderland and intentionally so) by going through a mirror and spends the first half of the game trying to get to [[WesternAnimation/OswaldTheLuckyRabbit a rabbit]]. The parallel was to be lampshaded in a line of the later cancelled graphic novel sequel; after the Mad Doctor would sing his first song and then use his machine to go away in a flash, Mickey was to comment: "People come and go so quickly here…".
* Accidentally done, according to WordOfGod, in ''VideoGame/WeirdAndUnfortunateThingsAreHappening'', as while Alicia does do into an EldritchLocation, Alicia wasn't named to reference Alice. Instead: "I've always liked the names of the two knights that work with Agrias and end up joining you in Final Fantasy Tactics. Their names are Alicia and Lavian. So that's where [Alicia's] name comes from XD;;;"
* ''VideoGame/FranBow'' has a generally DarkerandEdgier wonderland theme, with a small EasterEgg photo showing the main character posing with an Alice lookalike.
* ''VideoGame/TheMaidOfFairewellHeights'': There's an Alice costume for the Alice Shop, which sells Cakes, Tea, Mushrooms, and Cards, and whose customers are Queens who use OffWithHisHead, and servants. Also, the first customer is one who is worrying about being late.
* Arisu Tachibana in ''VideoGame/TheIdolmasterCinderellaGirls'' is implied to be named after Alice, though she thinks it's childish and would usually prefer people call her on a LastNameBasis. The radio drama track of her CD single is indeed called "Arisu in Wonderland", where she is persuaded into saying dialogue like a fairy tale for a concert with [[BunnyGirl Nana]].
* The second game of ''VideoGame/AzureStrikerGunvolt'' features villains in FairytaleMotif, and one villain [[spoiler:(The main villain, even)]] sports AliceAllusion, starting from her blond hair topped with HairDecoration that looks like rabbit ears and goes on from there.
* Issue #9 of ''VideoGame/TheSecretWorld'' is absolutely ''saturated'' with Alice In Wonderland references - appropriate, given that Tokyo after the Filth Bomb is meant to beyond the norm even by Secret World standards: the issue's lore begins with quotes from the Jefferson Airplane song; the mission to Kaidan begins with players being transported into the Tokyo subways, the rabbit hole of Ground Zero; the first character they meet is [[spoiler: the half-crazed Sarah]], who is also wearing a white-and-blue jacket for good measure; [[LadyOfWar Gozen]] of the [[{{Samurai}} Jingu Clan]] is a stand-in for the Duchess, and even has a violently aggressive cook on the payroll; lore entries actually call the enigmatic, perpetually-grinning [[MagnificentBastard Daimon Kiyota]] as "a Cheshire Cat in sharp lapels"; [[CloudCuckooLander Yuichi]] is instantly recognized by his distinctive "space hat," and spends his days in an objectiveless haze of paranoia and online gaming with his hyperactive sister Harumi - making them obvious stand-ins for the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. And of course, half the issue is spent following the trail of a mysterious assassin dressed in an oversized rabbit mask - often referred to as "The White Rabbit"!
* ''VideoGame/MarySkelterNightmares'', being heavily based on fairy tales, has Alice as the leading female. The part of the Jail where she and main character [[Literature/JackAndTheBeanstalk Jack]] are held is heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland, her Blood Ability "Rabbit Hole" lets her save the game and instantly escape the dungeon, she has an obsession with logic, and she has a minor freak-out when she sees a tea set for the first time and instantly knows everything about tea parties. It turns out that she (and the rest of the primary cast, for that matter) [[spoiler:is a HalfHumanHybrid born from a pregnant woman being transformed into a fairy tale-themed monster by the Jail, and that her subconscious is actively trying to mimic traits of Alice from ''Alice in Wonderland''.]] She has short black hair despite all of this, closer to Alice Liddell than the traditional blonde depiction of Alice.
* The first case in ''VideoGame/TheDarksideDetective'' is titled "Malice in Wonderland", and revolves around a little girl called Alice who has gone missing [[spoiler:after going through a magical portal and getting trapped in another world]].

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The secret BlackMarket auction in ''VisualNovel/KissedByTheBaddestBidder'' has a whiff of an ''Alice in Wonderland'' motif. It's referred to on at least one occasion as The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, with "rabbit" as the password to gain entrance, and the auctioneer wears a Mad Hatter-esque costume. In addition, when he first encounters the protagonist at the I.V.C. party, Ota compares her to Alice having fallen down the rabbit hole.
* In ''VisualNovel/SubarashikiHibi'' the titles of all the chapters are taken from chapters in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. A few passages and poems are also quoted word-for-word in the openings of some of the chapters, notably Jabberwocky and a section from 'Through the Looking Glass' read by one of the characters.

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* Mabel in ''Webcomic/ZebraGirl'': white rabbits, falling down holes, misremembering poetry, winning her own thimble in a race, calling a demon the Jabberwock... even her name alludes to a scene where Alice becomes unsure of her identity and wonders if she's a girl she knows instead. It is heavily implied that she ''is'' the canonical Alice, but the poor girl is completly and utterly lost in the Subfusc and doesn't remember her real name, making her particularly vulnerable to the ones who [[IKnowYourTrueName actually know it]], like Lord Incubus.
* ''Webcomic/AliceAndTheNightmare'' has this in spades. The main character is Alice, who lives in Wonderland, which lays just a strait from the Looking Glass Territories. The ruler is the Red Queen, there's also the White Queen, card motifs are everywhere and the soldiers are called Chessmen, not to mention that common name for the Nightmares is Jabberwocky.
* ''Webcomic/TheStrongestSuit'', whose main characters are anthropomorphized playing cards, purposefully avoids this for the most part (for instance, the Queen of Hearts is a withdrawn, not-at-all-homicidal background character), but the appearance of the Cards ''does'' somewhat resemble that which the ''Alice'' Cards took in the [[Disney/AliceInWonderland 1951 adaptation]], as can the idea of Spades as lowly workers oppressed by the noble warrior Hearts.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Alice Jones, the shy, introverted (and later in the game, decidedly creepy) ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' version 3 character.
* AntiVillain of ''Literature/TheDescendants'', Vorpal, has an ''Alice in Wonderland'' motif. On top of her name, her friend Mr. Voice calls her Alice because he either doesn't know her real name, or is avoiding saying it. Her StartOfDarkness comes at the hands of an Operation called Jabberwock.
* Alice from ''[[http://www.livingwithinsanity.com/index/ Living with Insanity]]''.
* Alice Creek in ''[[http://jackalyn.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Mirror-LLC-Chapter-1-162774609 Dark Mirror LLC]]''.
* Alice of ''Webcomic/AliceAndKev''.
* Alice from ''Webcomic/{{Namesake}}'' who's the successor of the original Alice Liddell, who in this world [[BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy headed an occult organization]].
* In the Josie stories of the Literature/WhateleyUniverse, the Deuteragonist is [[SdrawkcabName Ecila]] Mason. The beginning is very clearly the start of ''Alice in Wonderland'' with Ecila as Alice. By the time Josie starts her story, Ecila has been away from Earth for so long that she has lost most connections with humanity.
* Possibly the [[ResetButton post-scratch]] Sburb session of ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''; the protagonist is an [[TrueBlueFemininity innocent girl in blue]] who is friends with a [[FollowTheWhiteRabbit mechanical rabbit]] and three kids who [[TheMadHatter aren't not all there]], has a [[CatsAreMagic mischievous, teleporting cat]] and her archenemy is a [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen tyrannical, ax crazy queen]].
* ''LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemonFireRed'', the first randomized ''LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemon'' run, quickly developed into one because the ROM it used meant that the world had gone all wrong (Red being gone, Misty using Poison-types, Charmander living in the ocean, etc.). The protagonist, called A in the game, quickly gained the name "Alice" in lore, she had a mysterious Skitty mentor who came and went when he felt like it (though the original Cheshire Cat probably wasn't a communist), and she was fascinated by the oddness of it all and drawn to study everything even when stopping her ArchnemesisDad and putting the world right-side up was probably more pressing.

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* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' episode "[[Recap/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheSwamp The Swamp]]." Mired helplessly in a massive swamp of illusions and secrets, separated from his friends, Aang sees a vision of Toph. She doesn't look like Alice (having black hair and a pale green dress), but the dialogue swings into an allusion with this:
-->'''Aang:''' I heard laughing and I saw some girl in a fancy dress.
-->'''Sokka:''' Well, there must be a tea party here and we just didn't get our invitations!
* Prisoner 775 from ''WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien'' is clearly a reference to the Cheshire Cat. It has the exact same pattern as seen in the Disney version, and is a chameleon that can blend perfectly with it's surroundings, except for its teeth. At one point, the teeth are all that you see of it.
* Quite subtle in ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'', but do you think Odd Della Robbia's Lyoko form is a "giant purple [[note]]Cheshire[[/note]] cat" just because? Adding fuel to the fire, he's got a cheeky personality and an [[CheshireCatGrin impish grin]].
* Elisa Masa from ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}''. Lampshaded in the pilot, when she, chased by mercenaries, runs into ''Alice in Wonderland''-themed cafe.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'', Perry's secret passage to OWCA HQ involves going through a mirror, then falling down a rabbit hole where he passes the Mock Turtle and the Jabberwock. Major Monogram says it really freaks out intruders.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack'' episode "Jack is Naked" there are more than a few Wonderland references.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** In "Lisa's Wedding" Lisa follows a white rabbit, gets lost in the woods and meets a fortune teller.
** In "Summer of 4 Ft. 2" Lisa feels tempted to go inside the library and imagines Literature/PippiLongstocking, the emblem of "The New Yorker" and Alice and the Mad Hatter trying to secude her to visit it. Only Alice, at gunpoint by the Hatter, tells her to get out while she still can.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'': In the episode "Imaginationland" the Mad Hatter is seen among the good characters.
* Alice the male-to-female transsexual guard from ''WesternAnimation/SuperJail'' may not seem a reference, but consider that in the pilot episode the recurring thug Jacknife steals a white rabbit, ingests something like the "drink me" potions that alters his perceptions, plus there are two naughty twins and Superjail looks like a deranged, twisted Wonderland.
* ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'':
** The series has some thanks to Artemis's backstory: her [[spoiler: sister]] took her codename from the Cheshire Cat and Artemis herself has long blond hair.
** The tie-in comics drive it home: Artemis catches sight of Superboy in the middle of a fight, and directly calls him her "white rabbit" when she follows him. The two issues presenting the story of how she came to the League's notice are titled "Down the Rabbit Hole!" and "Wonderland." She also has a poster of Alice and the Cheshire Cat hanging on the wall in her bedroom.
* The [[WesternAnimation/ClassicDisneyShorts Disney short]] ''Thru the Mirror'' features WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse walking through a mirror to enter a fantasy land, and battling a deck of playing cards, only to wake up from his dream. To drive the reference home, a copy of ''Through the Looking-Glass'' is seen next to Mickey's bed.