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[[caption-width-right:320:"Japan became the dominion of TheEmpire. It was stripped of its freedom, its rights, and its name. Area 11... the defeated and once proud nation of Japan was rechristened with a mere number."]]

->''Even the names of the countries, and their shapes on the map, had been different. Airstrip One, for instance, had not been so called in those days: it had been called England or Britain, though London, he felt fairly certain, had always been called London.''
-->-- ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour''

So TheEmpire has conquered a number of unfortunate countries and crushed the citizens under the weight of oppression. But it just isn't enough for TheEmpire. They've got to rub their newfound authority in the subdued province's face. How best to humiliate them? Take away something they strongly value, something that symbolizes their very identity--their name! TheEmpire will show how evil they are by re-branding the area with a label and a number. It also adds to the overall [[MildlyMilitary military atmosphere]] of a piece, even though RealLife militaries' very reason for using codes rather than common place names is operational secrecy, and replacing the latter with the former for public use would be missing the point.

Other evil rulers prefer to [[{{Egopolis}} rename cities after themselves]]. Compare to MonumentOfHumiliationAndDefeat. See also PleaseSelectNewCityName.

For replacing people's names with numbers, see YouAreNumberSix.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Anime/CodeGeass'', the various lands conquered by the Holy Britannian Empire are given numbers as part of the "Number system" of identified said conquered lands. Japan is renamed "Area 11."
** Furthermore, the people themselves of conquered Areas are renamed as well, so, for example, the people of Japan (now named Area 11) are called "Elevens." Full citizens of Britannia also use "Numbers" as shorthand for everyone in Areas.
* [[DragonBall Frieza]] named all the planets he conquered "[[EgoPolis Planet Frieza]] #(insert number here)"

* In ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'' there is Mega-City 1, Luna-City 1, [[TheGreatPoliticsMessUp East Meg 1 and East Meg 2]]. There used to be Mega Cities 2 and 3 as well, but [[DesignatedHero Dredd]] [[WhatTheHellHero nuked]] Mega-City 2, and Mega-City 3 broke away from the union [[AfterTheEnd following the Atomic Wars]], becoming Texas City instead. Other nations include Euro Cit, Pan Africa, Murphyville and Brit Cit.
** Dredd also [[IDidWhatIHadToDo nuked about half the world]] that time in order to combat a ZombieApocalypse. East Meg 1 no longer exists either, thanks to Dredd, who nuked it in a separate incident.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* Aperture Science 3007 Colony and Land of Life and No Death [[spoiler:(''theoretically'' Lithuania and Poland)]] from FanFic/PortalThe4thMillenniumFranchise.
** Even though most other modern countries are referred to by their actual names. The author probably just hated his own home country that much.

* In ''Megiddo: The Omega Code 2'', [[BigBad Stone Alexander]] becomes the head of European Union and quickly turns it into a OneWorldOrder, separating the world into zones. He pressures the US to join this new global community, consistently calling it the North American Zone, which infuriates the President.

* ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'' has the entire United Kingdom given the pitiful title of [[TropeNamer "Airstrip One,"]] a reference to the Americans referring to it as "an unsinkable aircraft carrier" during UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo when the Nazis had overrun most of continental Europe.
* Ixia's Military Districts (MD-1 through MD-8) in Maria Snyder's ''Literature/IxiaAndSitia'' books. The Commander isn't actually evil though, just a military man who hates any show of extravagance relating to the royal family he ousted.
* In Sinclair Lewis' ''ItCantHappenHere,'' when Buzz Windrip of the fascist Corpo Party takes over the United States, he abolishes the old 48 states and their elected governments, and divides America into eight provinces, each province divided into numbered districts, each district divided into lettered counties, each unit ruled by a commissioner appointed by himself. Even the hostile newspaper editor Doremus Jessup is forced to admit these new administrative divisions make a certain amount of sense.
* In TaylorCaldwell's ''The Devil's Advocate'', the totalitarian Democracy of America has replaced the states with numbered Sections. What was formerly New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania is only "Section 7".
* In ''Literature/TheMoonIsAHarshMistress'', the "North American Directorate" appears to have replaced the states with "Managerial Areas".
* In the ''HorusHeresy'' novels the planets conquered by humanity during the great crusade have their original names replaced by a numeric designation based on the code number of the fleet that conquered it, followed by a number that shows which order it was conquered in. Thus the 10th planet conquered by the 25th fleet is known as 25-10. These planets are then given proper Imperial names later.
* In the ''Literature/DoctorWhoNewAdventures'', the Earth Empire has renamed all Earth's cities "Spaceports". ''Original Sin'' is mostly set in Spaceport 5 Overcity, which seems to be London.
* In ''Literature/TheHungerGames'', the Capitol has renamed all of the subdued areas Districts 1-13.
* In GuyGavrielKay's ''{{Tigana}}'', that city-state has been renamed Lower Corte, after its neighboring bitter rival. PleaseSelectNewCityName thus equally applies.
* In ''Literature/MistbornTheOriginalTrilogy'', regions conquered by the [[EvilOverlord Lord Ruler]] get renamed after their location relative to the capital, Luthadel - the four main "Dominances" (provinces) are named for the four cardinal directions, while those farther away are given names to suggest their distance ("Farmost Dominance", "Remote Dominance"). Most have been subdued so long the people no longer remember the names of the nations that were once there. The only exception is the Terris Dominance, which bears the name of the region's original nation for reasons no one quite understands. [[spoiler: It's because the Lord Ruler was originally a Terrisman]].

* ''VideoGame/{{Half-Life 2}}'' takes place in a coastal city in Eastern Europe (as evidenced by the architecture and abundance of Cyrillic script), known only as City 17. A City 14 is also mentioned by a passer-by.
* Midgar's sectors in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII''. Jesse mentions that the areas on the ground used to have real names, but nobody remembers them any more.
* The world of ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberiumWars'' since it's been divided into "Blue", "Yellow" and "Red" zones.
** Part of this is because the concept of nation-states had been relegated to history due to the tiberium and subsequent mass movements of refugees trying to flee it, as well as the transnational nature of GDI and Nod.
*** The other part is that it is suggested that there ''are'' administrative divisions, at least in GDI territories, other than the Blue, Yellow and Red zone-division (which is more about what kind of place it is than anything properly administrative - the Red zones being nearly unlivable due to Tiberium poisoning, the Yellow zones being harsh and dangerous, and the Blue zones being almost as the pre-Tiberian world).
* [[ObviouslyEvil Dr. Regal]] from the ''VideoGame/MegamanBattleNetwork'' series comes from a place called "Nation Z", referred to as an "infamous military country".

* 4U City from ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'' was founded by Hereti-Corp. 4U, by the way, is a reference to both "For You" and the four initials of their new public slogan.

[[folder:Real Life]]
(''NOTE: Only generic labels count. Anything named after a geographic name or nationalities doesn't.'')
* In 1793-1794, the town of Lyon in France was renamed "Commune affranchie", or "the liberated town", after the citizens rose against the Jacobins and were defeated.
** Pretty much the same thing happened to Marseilles, which became "Ville-sans-nom" ("City without a name").
** Also to Toulon, briefly known as "Port-de-la-Montagne" ("Port of the Mountain", which probably referred to the radical faction of the revolutionaries, who sat on the upper benches of the Convent). And the entire département Vendée, which after the suppression of the local guerilla war became "Vengée" ("avenged").
* The [[ImperialJapan Imperial Japanese]] had a policy of designating conquered peoples by numbers, which coincidentally served as inspiration for Britannia's naming system in ''Anime/CodeGeass.''
** Singapore was renamed [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_occupation_of_Singapore "Shouwa no jidai ni eta minami no shima"]] (meaning "Southern Island acquired in the Shouwa-era"), or "Shounantou" for short.
* After Nazi Germany conquered Poland in 1939, they labeled that part of it which was not annexed outright by Germany or the Soviet Union the ''Generalgouvernment'' (General Government) to deny the Poles there an identity, and many references to Poland was deliberately suppressed.[[note]]The full name was "General Government of the occupied Polish territories", but this version was rarely used and completely phased out in 1941. However, Polish slave labourers in Germany were forced to wear a diamond-shaped patch with the letter "P".[[/note]] They were generally more inventive elsewhere, naming conquered territories after things like local rivers and similar.
* Under the control of white-minority-dominated South Africa, the current Namibia was more or less considered an addendum to the original and called [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South-West_Africa South-West Africa]].
** Subverted in that this no more than a continuation of the territory's name before it became a Mandate administered by South Africa: German South-West Africa.
* Not necessarily evil, but in the book ''Soldier'' by Lt. Col. Anthony Herbert, he wonders how the Vietnamese feel about how the Americans divide up South Vietnam into AOE (Area Of Operations) Barnes, AOE Smith, etc., on the American maps.
* Play along at home. See if you can guess which places these terms refer to before revealing the City name?
** "M25 area" [[spoiler:Greater London. Refers to the [=M25=] motorway that encircles London.]]
** "Zone 1" [[spoiler:Central London; a reference to the innermost fare zone of the London Underground, but commonly used in other contexts.]]
** "Area 495" [[spoiler:Washington, D.C. Refers to the Capital Beltway, a notoriously busy highway encircling the city and numbered as Interstate 495.]]
* A lighter example is how the U.S. congressional district names go along the lines of [State]'s [Number] Congressional District - in contrast to the U.K., the country it descended from, which gives each of its 650 parliamentary constituencies unique names.
** You might think this is a matter of pragmatism--after all, the districts are often significantly redrawn when the decennial Census requires a redistribution of seats among the states. However, it is quite possible--especially today, what with computers--to draw districts with largely consistent boundaries--as that's what the British do. The real reason for this is because most districts in the US are so gerrymandered that giving an accurate geographic name would be nigh-impossible. Some Americans actually advocate a switch to the named-district system in order to make the gerrymandering more obvious and hopefully therefore discourage it.
* A modern day example is Canton 10 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which also does not have an official coat of arms or flag. Most of the population is Croat, the local government uses the old symbols of the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia and still calls itself Herzeg-Bosnia but the national government has declared this unconstitutional as it does not include the Bosniak or the Serbs.
* The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, possibly the TropeMaker. When the state was being created in 1922, a name of "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Europe and Asia" was considered, but was ultimately rejected for including specific geographic references. It was believed that a world revolution was inevitable, and the USSR would constantly expand to all continents; thus, any mention of specific cultures or places in the state's name was deemed undesirable.
* In London, areas are often referred to by their postcode designation, e.g. Wimbledon is called "[=SW19=]," Islington is "[=N1=]" and so forth.
* The United States' [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Land_Survey_System Public Land Survey System]]: Township 1 South, Range 20 East, Section 13, Mount Diablo Meridian or [[AcronymAndAbbreviationOverload T1SR20E S13 MDM]]
* Also in the United States: Sometimes, people will refer to their home and the surrounding area by its three-digit telephone [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_code#Area_code area code]] -- usually in big cities, where several codes may be used in the same general region.
* After the 1990 invasion, Kuwait was named the 19th province of Iraq.
* The gridiron-designed city centre of Mannheim in Germany has no street names, but designates individual city blocks by letter/number co-ordinates, leading to building addresses like Q3, 12.