A God Am I


"Because you are haughty of heart, you say, 'A god am I! I occupy a godly throne in the heart of the sea!'"
Ezekiel 28:2, The Bible

When a character or villain gains superhuman abilities thanks to Green Rocks, nuclear power, Transhumanism, going One-Winged Angel, being Touched by Vorlons, having the power of Creating Life, or just achieving whatever his most desired dream is, he is left less than sane and often gains delusions (or, in some cases, perfectly accurate assessments) of godhood at the same time.

He will often give an over-the-top speech emphasizing just how far beyond ordinary humanity he has evolved, and how lowly they are compared with him. Cue the villain becoming a megalomaniacal Narcissist who is Drunk on the Dark Side and/or declaring that they will Take Over the World.

But you know what they say... Pride cometh before the fall. If he's declaring himself as a god right in front of a real God, then he's definitely screwed.

The character may declare that he has transcended morality as well, and is Above Good and Evil, but the tropes do not have to coincide.

Aiming for godhood by rewriting the rules of the world is In Their Own Image. Another alternate version is the "End of the World" Special. See Physical God for those who don't have to try so hard. May, but does not always result in a God-Mode Sue. Also, see It's All About Me for a similar trope, minus the declaration of godhood.

Ancient sovereigns liked this trope; see also God-Emperor for those examples. See also One-Winged Angel, Smug Super and Dark Messiah. Also see Like a God to Me, which is when a character declares someone else godlike but only out of flattery, not as a statement of serious worship. Not to be confused with God Guise, where a character merely pretends to be a god as part of a con. A Nietzsche Wannabe may also have megalomaniacal delusions and believe himself to be immortal, but never claims to be a god and in fact insists that gods don't exist.

Contrast with A God I Am Not, where a genuinely godlike being refuses the label to avoid the implications; Stop Worshipping Me, where a deity doesn't want to be venerated as such; Pro-Human Transhuman, where a post human remains sympathetic to humanity; A God Is You, where you are cast as a god, or your Player Character is a god; and Unwanted False Faith, where a human (or transhuman, or other sapient) who is worshiped as a god would rather not be.

Note that this trope requires a self-proclamation of godhood, not just sheer cockiness and/or overconfidence.note  Possessing or gaining godlike powers by itself doesn’t count, nor is it a requirement to possess such powers to qualify for this trope. Usually being a Physical God and declaring oneself to be a God isn't this trope unless the physical gods in the setting are not omnipotent while this particular one believes it is omnipotent.

The technical term for this is suitheism (when one believes they are a god, but admits others exist) or autotheism (when they believe they are divine and worship themselves).


Alternative Title(s): Delirium Of Grandeur, Delusion Of Grandeur, Delusions Of Grandeur, A God I Am, Iam A God, God Complex