Adopted Soccer Song

In the UK in particular, as well as football teams having their own club songs similar to the USA's Football Fight Songs, some clubs have adopted pop songs as anthems, used to similar effect. They may or may not alter the lyrics - a general rule of thumb is that if a song is embraced by the fans long term, the lyrics are unaltered, if it's embraced short term (usually to celebrate a player), the lyrics will be altered in usually entertaining ways. They also tend to be somewhat more whimsical than your average Football Fight Song. Accordingly, only more notable examples are mentioned here.


  • Chelsea FC - Lola (with 'Lola' usually being substituted for 'Zola' in honour of striker Gianfranco Zola), The Liquidator
  • Everton FC - Z Cars Theme
  • Glasgow Celtic - You'll Never Walk Alone, Just Can't Get Enough.
  • Glasgow Rangers - Simply the Best
  • Liverpool FC - You'll Never Walk Alone, being the first club to adopt it, (Celtic fans dispute this) and are undoubtedly the club with which it is most closely associated.
  • Leeds United - Marching on Together
  • Manchester City - Blue Moon
  • Manchester United - This Is The One
  • West Ham - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles