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->''"'''V'''oila! In '''v'''iew, a humble '''v'''aude'''v'''illian '''v'''eteran cast '''v'''icariously as both '''v'''ictim and '''v'''illain by the '''v'''icissitudes of Fate. This '''v'''isage, no mere '''v'''eneer of '''v'''anity, is a '''v'''estige of the '''v'''ox populi, now '''v'''acant and '''v'''anished. Howe'''v'''er, this '''v'''alorous '''v'''isitation of a bygone '''v'''exation stands '''v'''i'''v'''ified and has '''v'''owed to '''v'''anquish these '''v'''enal and '''v'''irulent '''v'''ermin '''v'''anguarding '''v'''ice and '''v'''ouchsafing the '''v'''iolently '''v'''icious and '''v'''oracious '''v'''iolation of '''v'''olition!'' [slashes a large '''V''' through a propaganda poster.]'' The only '''v'''erdict is '''v'''engeance; a '''v'''endetta held as a '''v'''oti'''v'''e, not in '''v'''ain, for the '''v'''alue and '''v'''eracity of such shall one day '''v'''indicate the '''v'''igilant and the '''v'''irtuous. [giggles] '''V'''erily, this '''v'''ichyssoise of '''v'''erbiage '''v'''eers most '''v'''erbose, so let me simply add that it's my '''v'''ery good honor to meet you and you may call me ''''V''''."''
-->-- '''V''', ''Film/VForVendetta''

[[SelfDemonstratingArticle An article adds alliterative appeal]]\\
if it includes identical initial icons in\\
the trope title that the troper thought to try,\\
where words will without\\
[[OverlyLongGag exception employ equivalent establishing emblems.]]

... Or if phrased more obviously, the particularly pithy practice of combining common consonants at the beginning of words. It's a specific SubTrope of two phonetic father phenomena -- "consonance" (consonants) and "assonance" (vowels), wherein similar sounds can occur anywhere in the individual words.

Different degrees of alliteration are definitely doable, provided one pays particular ponderance to these specified circumstances:
* '''Alliteration applies to a particular piece's ''[[red:pronunciation]]'' more than its specific ''[[red:spelling]]''.''' As an easy example, "'''F'''atal '''F'''amily '''Ph'''oto" is obviously indicative of Added Alliterative Appeal ("ph" = "f"), whereas "'''C'''ombat by '''Ch'''ampion" is ...not as much ("c" and "ch" have decidedly different dictations). However, a phrase, name, nickname, or title that is alliterative only in spelling can still be considered an alliteration. One must regard regional pronunciations with proper precaution; "'''Tr'''ial by '''Ch'''ampion" allows alliteration in occasional accents ("'''Ch'''rial"), but decidedly ''not'' in others, and not in [=RP/Standard=].
* Alliteration doesn't really require ''every'' individual word shares similar starting sounds so minor words lacking verbal stress can be effectively exempted. Take "BreakingTheBonds" for example; nobody notices the thorny "the" therein.

Individual interpretation of this purposeful practice varies by viewer: It can range from a [[TropesAreNotBad good grammar gag]] to a [[TropesAreNotGood personal pet peeve]]. Indeed, it is somewhat susceptible to the RuleOfThree, so be careful when considering questionable cases.

If you are looking for the list of alliterative trope names that was previously here, they have been moved to subpages of AlliterativeName.
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