Acronym Trope Names

Generally, acronyms make poor trope names. However, there are exceptions to the rule. This is the place to decide which is which.

See also Recursive Acronym. Contrast Fun with Acronyms.

Acronyms to Keep

  • AIR - it appears to be the formal name of the series
  • Better on DVD - DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc (formerly Digital Video Disc)
  • BFG - more family-friendly than having a trope named "Big Fucking Gun" all over the website
  • BFS - ditto for "Big Fucking Sword"
  • CLAMP - a.k.a. "Clamp" because it's actually the group's name, not an acronym
  • The CSI Effect - CSI stands for the show CSI (which itself stands for Crime Scene Investigation or Crime Scene Investigator, depending on the usage)
  • DVD Bonus Content - DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc (formerly Digital Video Disc)
  • ECW - "Extreme Championship Wrestling" (formerly stood for "Eastern Championship Wrestling")
  • G.I.F.T. - "Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory", which would have the same problem as BFS
  • MST - originally "Mystery Science Theater", now a fan-speak verb meaning to give something the MST3K treatment
  • Off-the-Shelf FX - "Off The Shelf Effects" (FX is a homonym, not an acronym)
  • RPG Elements - "Roleplaying Game Elements"
  • SNK Boss - SNK refers to the company "SNK Playmore" and its predecessor, "Shin Nihon Kikaku"
  • WCW - "World Championship Wrestling"
  • WWE - "World Wrestling Entertainment"


Expansions to Keep: