->"''There are names for people who take advantage of women who are not in full control of themselves, and none of those names will ever rightfully be applied to me.''"
-->-- '''Kvothe''', ''Literature/TheNameOfTheWind''

So Bob's got a crush on Alice. We've seen him [[LongingLook looking at her longingly]], or heard him talk of her beauty but Alice isn't all that keen on Bob. He may have asked her out and been turned down before, or she may be in a relationship. They may be together, and Bob's ready to take it to the next level, but Alice's waiting for the right time.

This trope comes in when something changes. Now Alice wants sex with Bob and she wants it now! Maybe she's drunk, drugged, or under [[LoveIsInTheAir some other influence]]. [[SexForSolace Maybe she's broken up and on the rebound]], or wants to [[OperationJealousy make another guy jealous]]. Bob's dream has come true!

Only Bob knows that it wouldn't be right. He politely (and often insistently) declines her offer, pointing out that it would be wrong to take advantage of her like this. He tells her this while she's coming onto him and likely in a near-predator manner.

Bob will then feel bad for possibly hurting a girl's feelings and may get some mocking from people he tells, especially from his guy friends and even more so if [[VirginShaming he is a virgin]]. Occasionally Alice, once she has returned to a more sober or stable state of mind, will thank him for being so noble and drop hints that he's an OK guy. Sometimes they get it together after this little talk.

This is almost always a guy refusing a girl because, on TV, [[AManIsAlwaysEager men refusing sex is unthinkable.]] Also note that if the character had slept with the intoxicated person, it might be considered [[RapeAsDrama rape]], depending on the level of intoxication. If the character or the narrative seem to be laying it on too thick with praise for his behaviour, it can come across as WantsAPrizeForBasicDecency.

Not to be confused with the [[http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/ American campaign of the same name]], part of the US Government's "war on drugs".



[[folder: Anime & Manga]]
* In the ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'' chapter "Belldandy's Tempestuous Heart", where a mismade love potion has Belldandy doing everything short of ripping off her clothes and shouting, "Take me now!" at Keiichi; he keeps her off because she's [[NotHimself not acting like the girl he fell in love with]].
** This was adapted into the anime episode ''Ah! Please don't look at me like that!'' in the first season. He doesn't know what caused the change, but still refrains; you gotta respect that. Future events have revealed [[spoiler:his ability to resist may have to do with the Ultimate Force suppressing his sexual drive]].
* In ''LightNovel/{{Akikan}}'', Najimi, [[CantHoldHisLiquor drunk off soda]], is revealing her true feelings and asking Kakeru to do the deed with her, not caring that there are other people around. Kakeru is moral enough and declines.
* In ''Manga/AyashiNoCeres'', [[spoiler:Aya offers herself to Yuuhi, looking for SexForSolace for losing Toya. Yuuhi gives in at first, to the point of making out and both getting naked. However, right before going too far, Yuuhi snaps out of it after seeing Aya being clearly on the brink of tears. He then kindly rejects her, claiming that he loves her too much to take advantage of the situation.]]
* ''Anime/CodeGeass R2'' has a GenderFlip. Lelouch has a HeroicBSOD [[spoiler:because Nunnally has become viceroy of Area 11]] and stumbles upon Kallen, who idolized his alter ego and is {{tsundere}} to Lelouch himself. He approaches her, cups her check, and orders her to "comfort me". Not only she refuses because he's not himself, but she smacks him across the face.
* In the 4th ''Manga/FairyTail'' {{OVA}}, the girls get drunk. Juvia comes on to Gray (though she would do that even if she wasn't drunk) and Lucy comes on to Natsu. Gray freaks out the whole time, Natsu freaks out for a bit but then carries Lucy to her room and puts her to bed.
* Dee spends the majority of ''Manga/{{FAKE}}'' trying to coax Ryo into having sex with him, but when Ryo, [[HeroicBSOD emotionally shaken]] after [[spoiler: meeting and being unable to shoot his parents' murderer]], comes on to him, Dee [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan backhands him]] and tells him not to tempt him into taking advantage of him in an emotionally vulnerable state. (He does subsequently try to find out if Ryo really ''does'' want it because it's him, but [[MomentKiller Bikky interrupts them before anything can happen]].)
* {{Love potion}}s strike twice in ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero''. Although the second time it devolves into massive LesYay, the non-potion-ed characters are mostly noble.
* This is what makes Issei a lovable ChivalrousPervert (with emphasis on the "pervert") in ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDXD'', rather than a dangerous sleaze. Even pre-CharacterDevelopment, he refuses to have sex with a girl he's actively lusting after when it's obvious she's doing it for the wrong reasons and not enjoying herself at all. Later, he refuses another seeking SexForSolace, figuring it'll just hurt her more in the long run. He even manages to resist TheCutie offering him "[[SkinshipGrope skinship]]" when he realizes she doesn't know he'll want to hit for a home run. In short, no matter how perverted his ravings, informed consent is ''very'' important to him.
* In ''LightNovel/InfiniteStratos'', Ichika acts this way partly because he's ObliviousToLove, but mostly because he's the only guy at an all-girls school [[note]] in this universe, only females can activate the PoweredArmor suits, although somehow he is able to do it[[/note]], and because of 5 {{Clingy Jealous Girl}}s, a few with some slight {{Yandere}} tendencies, chasing after him and making sure none of the others get ahead with him.
* ''Manga/KaguyaSamaLoveIsWar'': Hayasaka tried to tempt Shirogane into doing things to Kaguya when he came to visit, saying that she wouldn't remember any of it due to her fever, the two of them were going to be left alone for three hours, and [[UpToEleven the walls were sound-proof]]. He manages to avoid giving into temptation, though he says that it took every ounce of his willpower.
* In ''LightNovel/KonoNakaNiHitoriImoutoGaIru'', Shougo just barely invokes this trope. In episode 3, both Miyabi and Konoe feed him various supplements to boost his virility, then they spend the night with him in his bed, to "train" him to only like girls after mistaking him for being HoYay with [[SweetPollyOliver Mizutani]].
* In ''Manga/KotouraSan'', [[ChivalrousPervert Manabe]] won't take advantage of Haruka even when he has a decent opening, despite [[AllMenArePerverts his blatant perversion]]. This is with him, quite literally, trying to force himself to follow through on his intentions (with Haruka's [[DirtyOldMan grandfather]]'s blessing no less); he can't bring himself to act anything less than honorably in Haruka's presence ("honorable" for a [[LovableSexManiac horny Manabe]], anyway).
* In ''Manga/MaidSama'', when Misaki is hypnotized into acting as though she's drunk and starts trying to take off her clothes, Usui rolls her up in a blanket rather than taking advantage, in spite of having already made his interest in her very clear.
* ''Manga/MakenKi'': Takeru's level self-restraint [[{{Zigzagged}} varies according to the scene]] in the manga.
** In chapter 38, he tried to strip Aki despite her protests, so he could finish oiling her, but was stopped due to Celia dragging him off.
** During the Himekagura Festival (chapter 69), [[ShamelessFanserviceGirl Love]] [[ReallyGetsAround Espada]] caught him staring at her ass because she was wearing a thong in public. Yet, when she gave him the chance to bang her[[note]]back in chapter 65[[/note]], he reluctantly refused because she was allied [[NebulousEvilOrganization with Kamigari.]]
** In the anime's second season, one episode has Aki's parents strand them alone on the island, to encourage Takeru [[IWantGrandkids to impregnate her.]] Nothing happens between them. Whereas in the second OVA, he pounced her because she came onto him; not realizing Aki was drunk.
* In ''Manga/MyBrideIsAMermaid'', a LovePotion results in Nagasumi having every girl in his school chasing after him. Then when he finally gets home and tries to take a bath, Maki, San, Lunar, Akeno, and Mawari all show up in swimsuits and start coming on to him simultaneously. He ultimately resists, although a side effect of the LovePotion means that San's dad and his own dad both beat the crap out of him.
* ''Manga/OmamoriHimari'''s Yuuto's other superpower must be his ability to not be swayed by the (''extremely'' aggressive) advances of every CuteMonsterGirl in his harem.
* Tsukune Aono of ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'' may very well be the living, breathing incarnate of this trope; no matter how many times girls proposition him, sometimes while half-naked, he will turn them down. It's taken UpToEleven in the Flower Offering arc: in an effort to avoid an ArrangedMarriage, Mizore doped him with a powerful aphrodisiac made from a local flower known to the yuki-onna, said aphrodisiac having a reputation in the monster world for being among the best, and then pretty much threw her naked body at him while literally ''begging'' him to knock her up; even with all of those factors, Tsukune ''still'' managed to resist her advances.
* ''LightNovel/{{Shimoneta}}''
** You'd think having a hot girl like Anna wanting to have sex with you would be a guy's dream come true. But Tanukichi won't do it because Anna's [[ShelteredAristocrat sheltered upbringing]] has left her incapable of giving [[QuestionableConsent proper consent.]]
** By episode 7, he begins to develop a romantic interest in Ayame. Yet, despite having numerous opportunities to peek [[MsFanservice at her body]], he never does. Nor does it ever occur to him that she's naked whenever she's disguised as 'Blue Snow'.
** Deliberately invoked by Matsukage, who's [[BeingPersonalIsntProfessional conditioned]] [[AloofDarkhairedGirl Oboro]], to dress and act [[spoiler: like a female]] at all times while guarding his daughter, Anna. It's to keep Oboro from [[BodyguardCrush developing feelings]] toward her.
* While painful for him (in more ways than one), Rito in ''Manga/ToLoveRu'' will often resist the advances the many girls push on him. Some examples:
** [[spoiler:Yami gets a blast of [[LovePotion Celine's pollen]] and asks Rito on a date, then tries to kiss him. While his refusal may've been at least partly for fear of what she'd do to him after sobering up, she interprets it as this trope. Notably, an issue or so later, she '''doesn't''' slash or clobber him for seeing her in a swimsuit.]]
** There was an earlier incident where Lala accidentally gave almost everyone in her class a LovePotion. Naturally, Rito ended up having to fend off Haruna's advances.
** From the sequel "Darkness":
*** Celine's pollen makes anyone, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation fall in love with [[ChickMagnet Rito.]] When his ''sister'' gets a blast of it... She asks, "What? [[AvertedTrope did you think I'd just run and start clinging onto you? Please."]] It turns out that the potion ''did'' work, but Mikan managed to fight it off, making this a rare opportunity where ''both'' people were this.
*** Averted, subverted and played straight in one sequence. During Yui's visit at Rito's, Momo tries to setup a special mood between them, which is seemingly about to be disrupted by their usual antics. She considers an aphrodisiac, but dismisses that thought as she feels it is not appropriate. Then Yui herself makes a move on Rito, but is basically shot down by Rito.
*** Taken to extremes by Rito's apparent resistance to the charm of Charmians, which are supossed to turn any men who witnesses their face a beast. He doesn't. Lala's father Gid resists it as well, but he's from a powerful species.
*** In the entire series, it has been completely averted by Rito, ''once'' and that took the influence of a very powerful alien aprhodisiac that completely shut down his consciousness. Fortunately he was SharingABody with someone else at the time, or things could have gotten [[DoubleStandardRapeSciFi really dark.]]
* In ''Manga/{{Trigun}}: Badlands Rumble'', Vash, being the ChivalrousPervert that he is, could have taken advantage of Amelia when she was drunk, but instead offered to simply carry her home, much to her expressed dismay. It didn't help that she couldn't hold her booze and ended up throwing up on him on the walk back to her hotel room anyway.
* In ''LightNovel/{{Tytania}},'' Lira comes on to Fan Hyulick in an attempt to keep him from leaving, as she needs his help to further her cause. Despite the fact that she makes great omelettes, he declines.
* In ''LightNovel/UnlimitedFafnir'', Yuu tries really hard not to see Iris scantily clad, despite the latter being okay with it.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/YTheLastMan'' gives Yorick, the literal last man on Earth, plenty of opportunity to parlay his status into physical gratification. However, as he himself explains it, he would not feel right taking advantage of women like that.
* Tim Drake, the third [[ComicBook/RobinSeries Robin]] is the king of LetsWaitAWhile. So naturally, he politely declined a drunken Rose Wilson's offer to "be friends" in ''ComicBook/TeenTitans''. Unfortunately, this led to a NotWhatItLooksLike moment between him and Kid Devil, Rose's [[WillTheyOrWontThey other interest]].

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'': In a scrapped scene, [[ThreesomeSubtext Rei tried to make a move on Shinji and Asuka]] when she was heavily medicated, insisting that she was more than clear-headed enough for making such a decision, and the detox was mostly just messing with her inhibition ''not'' to hit on them. Even so, Shinji and Asuka tried to resist.
* ''Manga/{{Evangelion 303}}'': Subverted. In chapter 5 Asuka has got it with holding her emotions back and decides to have sex with Shinji after asking him if he trusts her to not be impaired by ego or alcohol. Shinji refuses at the beginning, arguing that she has drunk several beers that night so that he cannot be sure that she is not inebriated. Asuka argues back she is completely sober ([[HardDrinkingPartyGirl and she might be]]) and very serious. Shinji still resists but she insists ''a lot'' and he finally gives in. Neither of them regret it the next morning (although they are still very hesitant about their relationship).
* ''[[Fanfic/GodsAngelsAndKings Hail To The King]]'': Asuka accidentally drinks a G-cell serum and her behaviour changes to aggressive and instinct-driven. Right away she tackles Shinji, kisses him and demands sex from her "mate". Shinji refuses since she is not acting normal and he does not want to take advantage of her.
* Part ] of the ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' fanfic [[http://www.kotorfanmedia.net/node/3015 Call Me Mud]].
* In the ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' fanfic ''Fanfic/{{Forward}}'' Jayne is rather (pleasantly) surprised when River suddenly starts trying to make out with him. However, he quickly realizes something is wrong, then douses her with ice water to snap her out of it. [[spoiler: Shortly afterward, they learn that there's a psychic who has been influencing everyone around them, and that said psychic was deliberately pushing River and Jayne at each other because otherwise River would have been observant enough to recognize said psychic.]]
* Happens sometimes to Raven in ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' fanfiction due to one episode showing her emotions as distinct personas. When a certain one takes over...
* ''FanFic/ABriefHistoryOfEquestria'': One side story has [[ChivalrousPervert Hurricane]] comfort Clover on the death of her father by sleeping with her... strictly in the platonic sense, even stating he'd never think of taking advantage of her emotional state like that.
* In ''Fanfic/ConsequencesOfUnoriginality'', Emeris spends the first chapter under a curse that, among other things, forces the mares and sometimes stallions around him to throw themselves at him. Despite the resulting loneliness, he never takes advantage of it and manages to resist all of the more forceful attempts (eg, drugs, Fluttershy's [[DeathGlare stare]]), though sometimes merely through dumb luck.
* The protagonist of ''FanFic/SophisticationAndBetrayal'' resists giving in to Fluttershy after a night of drinking, as it would only result in meaningless drunken sex.
* This is a common plot device in fics that [[BodyguardCrush pair Lyn with Kent]] in the ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem]]'' fandom. Kent's straightlaced and lawful personality, mixed with his romantic feelings for Lyn (which are canon in the game), are supposed to make him keep any pushiness or selfish tendences aside in regards to a relationship with Lyn, and possibly "aid" them in a Hurt/Comfort scenario. Whether it works or not in the fics, eh, it's a case-by-case scenario.
* Kurogane refuses to respond to Syaoran's desperate, drunken advances in ''FanFic/{{Shatterheart}}'' despite having a FriendsWithBenefits relationship with him.
* ''Fanfic/WeissReacts'': [[spoiler: Despite [[TheTease Yang's]] constant advances towards Blake, when a delirious Blake asks her to give her a kiss, Yang turns her down and tells her she'll do it when she can remember being kissed.]]
* Despite Roy trying to get back together with Edward and still being in love him in ''FanFic/ImGivingYouANightCall'', when Edward starts throwing himself at him and telling Roy his actual feelings for him. Roy doesn’t do anything but calm Edward down and put him to sleep because Edward was drugged with a very powerful hormone. [[spoiler: And he didn't believe Edward.]]
* ''Fanfic/OldWest'': When Grace Glossy is drunk in the 21st chapter, she flirts with [[BelligerentSexualTension Rattlesnake Jake]], much to his bewilderment. He opts to carry her to bed and leave her to sleep even after she [[KissingUnderTheInfluence suddenly kisses him]] and passes out immediately afterwards.
* Xander earns a great deal of respect from Faith in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6135035/1/Links-Broken-Bonds-Forged Links Broken, Bonds Forged]]'' when they drive off to save the world after she's become TheEmpath. Specifically, she points out that his lust is affecting her and she might end up jumping him instead of saving the world, which causes him to shove it aside and focus on his admiration for her instead.
* ''Fanfic/XMenTheEarlyYears'': In the "Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things" chapter, a heavily inebriated Jean throws herself at Scott, who states it's not happening.
-->'''Scott:''' You're drunk. We shouldn't be doing this.\\
'''Jean:''' Run wild with me. You would never be able to do it with Sue. Let go and lose control.\\
'''Scott:''' We're not doing this.\\
'''Jean:''' Why?\\
'''Scott:''' We are not doing this. One, you're drunk and not thinking clearly. You're the closest thing to a best friend I have and I refuse to ruin our friendship for a five-second hormone rush. I care for you too much to take advantage of you like that; it's a line I won't cross. Two, I am not prepared or equipped for this and I can almost guarantee that you're not either. I refuse to do something in the heat of the moment that could affect the rest of your life. Three, if the guys ever found out, they would trounce me and I'd let them. We all agreed you're off limits. Four, what the guys left breathing the Professor would gladly finish off. So, we are not doing this.

* ''Film/AustinPowersInternationalManOfMystery'': Austin, for all his womanizing and love of free love, [[ChivalrousPervert turns down a kiss from Vanessa because she's drunk.]] Vanessa's mother also reveals that Austin never once tried to get her into bed, likely because she was already married.
* In ''Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}},'' Peter Venkman (who usually gets DistractedByTheSexy pretty easily) refused [[LoveInterest Dana]], because she was [[DemonicPossession possessed]] by Zuul. Unlike the others, he did it with [[DeadpanSnarker insulting zingers]].
-->'''Possessed Dana''': ''I want you inside me.''\\
'''Venkman:''' Go ahead - no, I can't. Sounds like you got at least at least two people in there already. Might be a little crowded.
* This happens to the central couple in ''Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou'', with the girl drunk after a party. Rather than think of the male lead in a new light after discovering he is too noble to take advantage of her, the female lead ''hates his guts'' for seeing her in a moment of weakness.
* In ''The Cutting Edge'' the poor hero refuses the drunken DefrostingIceQueen, she reacts very badly and yells at him, he goes off alone and depressed and gets very, very drunk, and then TheVamp turns up and lacks his nobility...
* ''Film/{{Superbad}}'': Seth and Evan plan to mildly avert this, hoping that the targets of their affections will be more open to hooking up with them if they've had a couple of drinks. Ultimately [[spoiler: played straight. In Evan's case, although he willingly goes into a bedroom alone with Becca, as soon as he realises just how smashed she is, he stops them going any further than kissing. The same happens with Seth and Jules, but with the roles reversed. The stone-cold sober Jules makes it clear she'd be into getting with the utterly plastered Seth, but not while he's as shit-housed as he is at the party]].
* In ''The Bobo'', Creator/PeterSellers' character declines a drunken offer from Creator/BrittEkland's courtesan character to take advantage of her, [[spoiler:possibly because he'd made a wager that he could seduce her, but it had to be in her apartment where it could be confirmed.]]
* There's Pinto in ''Film/AnimalHouse'', who gallantly declines to take advantage of his 13-year-old date who has passed out (to the disgust of his Shoulder Devil).
* In ''Film/{{Machete}}'', the hero declines a drunk [[Creator/JessicaAlba Sartana's]] advances and merely sleeps with her in his arms. When she wakes up and realizes he didn't take advantage of her, she falls for him.
* Eli in ''Film/TheBookOfEli'', for obvious reasons, refuses Solara's solicitations. When she tells him that he needs to use her, lest her mother be beaten, Eli allows her to stay and report that she was... used.
* In ''Film/ThePhiladelphiaStory'', Mike spurns Tracy's drunken advances. The next morning, she's [[ArentYouGoingToRavishMe a bit perturbed]] by his refusal until he explains:
-->'''Mike Connor''': You were extremely attractive, and as for distant and forbidding, on the contrary. But you also were a little the worse or better for wine, and there are rules about that.

* Inverted in Plague in the ''Literature/{{Gone}}'' series, when Taylor took advantage of Sam when he was drunk.
* Literature/TheDresdenFiles have several examples.
** In ''Storm Front'', Susan Rodriguez accidentally drinks the wrong potion (A LovePotion instead of an escape potion) and begins aggressively coming onto Harry, whose chivalry is a recurring theme throughout the series. Complicating the matter is that Harry is naked at the moment (he had been in the shower before she arrived) and they are trapped together in a small warded circle by an attacking demon. Ultimately, Harry defeats the demon and avoids Susan's amorous advances long enough for the potion to wear off.
** In the short story ''Last Call'' Harry has a chance to have a threesome with a magically-drunk and ''very'' willing Murphy and a Maenad, a Greek mythological figure. Not only does he violently resist, he also refrains from telling Murphy that she came on to him after the spell wears off.
** Molly Carpenter, daughter of Harry's best friend Michael Carpenter, has had a crush on Harry from her teen years, but Harry refrains from taking advantage of her because of how he feels it would make him look in Michael's eyes. [[spoiler:When Molly becomes Harry's wizard apprentice it goes UpToEleven, since he has more authority over her and is involved even more with her life, but he still refuses because it would be taking advantage of her even more now.]]
** Harry is surprised when Marcone makes Harry a platinum member of his "health club". Harry and Marcone both know that Harry is this trope in regards to Marcone's... "trainers", but Marcone was doing it so that [[CutLexLuthorACheck Harry would be too distracted by the good treatment to blow up any of Marcone's buildings.]] [[DestructiveSavior Again]].
* The [[Literature/TheLegendOfDrizzt Drizzt Do'Urden]] novels feature a scene where, possessed by her sword (long story), Catti-brie rushes into Drizzt's room wearing a flimsy nightdress and glomps him. He spends a couple minutes with his brain and hormones going haywire and almost gives in... then he starts adding up certain incongruities and realizes it's not her. They don't get together for years afterward, but their mutual respect jumps several notches.
* Something of this line is implied to happen with Alan and Mae in ''Literature/TheDemonsLexicon''.
* Lee from the ''Literature/HeroSeries'' does this to ''herself'', at first starting to seduce Taro while high on music, then breaking it off. [[spoiler:Then she comes back to get it on after she sobers up.]]
* Kvothe from ''Literature/TheNameOfTheWind'' finds it best if he doesn't follow up on Denna's request to join her for a swim in the lake after she's been subject to denner resin.
* In Creator/LinneaSinclair's ''Gabriel's Ghost'', Sully's high on some liquid courage and works up the nerve to kiss his long time crush. She resists because he's drunk; if he really wanted her surely he would have made a move when he was sober, therefore it's just the drugs and he'll regret it in the morning. Then he accidentally implies that he's looking for a one-night stand, and she gets angry at the insult and walks away.
* Dirk in the Second Sons trilogy proves to be Above the Influence when Tia accidentally gets really high on some very powerful aphrodisiac mushrooms.
* Jake does this with Dark in the ''Literature/SpyHigh'' series. She's not drunk or on drugs, but he knows that she is just desperate for affection and encourages her to have more respect for herself.
* Peter turns down a very drunk Leslie partway through the third ''Literature/RiversOfLondon'' book, ''Whispers Underground''.
* In ''Literature/{{Ringworld}}'', Nessus uses the [[ElectricInstantGratification tasp]] on Halrloprillalar in order to enslave her to Louis Wu's will through over-stimulus of her pleasure center. Louis is disgusted by this, and refuses to take advantage of it. Instead, he helps her break the addiction.
* ''Literature/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'': Christine obviously expects several times to be raped during her two abductions, but it turns out the Phantom [[AffablyEvil respects her privacy and honor]].
* ''Literature/TheMachineriesOfEmpire'': The brainwashing that goes into creating Kel makes them incapable of refusing their superiors, regardless of what the order they're being given is. [[spoiler:Jedao]] is clearly attracted to his subordinate, and mentions how easy it would be to order her to have sex with him, but decides that EvenEvilHasStandards, and RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil.
* In Laurie Halse Anderson's book ''Twisted'', protagonist Tyler Miller is given the opportunity to sleep with his crush Bethany Milbury at a party, but refuses to do so on account of her being drunk.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' episode "Nicodemus", Lana Lang tries to seduce [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Clark]] under the influence of a mind-altering flower. He puts up a fight and she ends up "only" kissing him.
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'':
** In the ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' episode "Blood Fever", B'Elanna Torres has her mating instincts triggered and Tom Paris declines to take advantage of her (they eventually marry).
** A similar plot happens in the ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' episode "Bounty" when T'Pol goes into premature pon farr. Both Phlox and Reed turn down her offers.
** In "[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Man of the People]]", Troi, under [[MindRape attack]] and NotHerself, comes onto [[LoveInterest Riker]]. He backs off and gets slashed across the neck and face with her nails for his trouble.
** The duplicate Dax created from Bashir's imagination in ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' is rather...eager. The scene where Bashir is using his tricorder to try and figure out what is wrong with Dax while she is trying to seduce him is ''hysterical''.
** In the [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries original series]] episode "Dagger of the Mind", Dr. Helen Noel flirts with Kirk, but he refuses to reciprocate. Later on, Kirk is {{brainwashed}} into thinking he's in love with her and she desperately tries to explain what happened, in fact seeming rather creeped out.
* An episode of ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'' had Malcolm get drunk with a girl at a party at Thanksgiving. When the both of them end up well beyond tipsy, the girl propositions Malcolm, and then promptly collapses on the floor, barely able to hold her head up. Malcolm refuses and then ruins his family's Thanksgiving dinner by whining (still very drunk) about how he was too moral to take advantage of her (oh, [[BreadEggsMilkSquick also by vomiting in the turkey]]). The next time he sees her, the girl [[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished threatens to have her brother beat him up]] if he tells anyone about her propositioning him.
* In ''Series/{{Taxi}}'', this happened to Alex ''twice'':
** The first time, Elaine was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and started to come on to Alex as a way of compensating. Seeing as she's obviously very vulnerable, he turns her away. (Although later, after she has spoken to a therapist, Alex says he's glad they "stopped before we did something we both would have... [[ButIWouldReallyEnjoyIt fondly remembered for the rest of our lives."]]
** The second time, Latka had cheated on Simka (he had done it to keep himself and the other woman from freezing to death in a blizzard) and the pastor of their religion told her to do it with someone else in order to make amends. (Yes, he was serious; apparently it was either that or divorce. Alex would later call out the whole organization for thinking two wrongs made a right.) Simka approached Alex for it, but he refused; to him, it would be taking advantage of a woman ''asking'' to be raped. (Eventually, an offhand suggestion from Jim that Latka and Simka could divorce and marry a second time - nobody said they couldn't - [[TakeAThirdOption resolved the issue]].)
* ''Series/StargateSG1'': "The Broca Divide". Let's just say "Carter," "sweet little tank-top number," and "de-evolution" and leave it at that.
* In ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', Leonard gets a kiss from Penny, whom he has been nerdily lusting over (while she's wearing a CatGirl suit no less), but despite obviously enjoying the moment, he still rejects her on the basis that she just had an argument with her ex and was very drunk.
** A few seasons later, a drunken Penny proposes to Leonard (they've been dating a while by this point), and he turns her down.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' has a couple.
** In "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered", Xander is AboveTheInfluence of [[LovePotion every female in Sunnydale]], particularly Buffy... well everyone except for Cordelia, who the spell was intended for. The spell was botched, and she ended up the only woman ''protected'' from the spell.
** Oz is AboveTheInfluence with Willow at more than one point. The first time Willow tries to get him to kiss her, he thinks she is trying to get at Cordelia and Xander and instead he wants to be the gentleman and wait. The second time is after he caught Willow cheating on him, and she tries to seduce him. He lets her down and says she doesn't have to prove anything to him, and rejects her obvious sexual advances.
** Also happens with Giles and Jenny Calender at one point, but she's possessed by a demon at the time, so it soon escalates into a big fight.
** In the comic series, a drunk [[spoiler:Buffy]] throws herself at [[spoiler:Spike]], [[InVinoVeritas babbling about how much she misses him and wants them to get back together]]. He's not sure whether she really means it or is just really drunk, but he gently turns her down before taking this trope a step further by escorting her to her room, tucking her in bed, and standing guard outside to make sure no one takes advantage of her in her sleep.
* ''Series/FamilyMatters'' did an episode where Steve Urkel gets accidentally splashed with some pheromones and has to fight off aggressive advances from the normally-hostile Laura. At the end she doesn't seem to remember what happened, and the situation [[StatusQuoIsGod reverts to status quo]].
* In ''Series/{{Friends}}'', although Rachel wasn't technically drunk, her grief over her father's ill health left her feeling vulnerable enough to [[SexForSolace try and get Ross to console her]]. However, in spite of their fairly lengthy history, Ross declines, feeling that he shouldn't take advantage of her in her state of mind (later angrily muttering "I haven't had sex in six months, I should get a medal for that!"). However, in an unusual twist, she holds it against him, saying she'd been perfectly aware what she was doing, and just wanted to feel close to someone.
** The subject of a hilarious exchange the night Chandler and Monica first had sex:
--->'''Chandler:''' How drunk are you right now?
--->'''Monica:''' Drunk enough that I want to do this. Not drunk enough that you should feel guilty about taking advantage.
--->'''Chandler:''' That's the perfect amount!
* There's a very similar scene in the first season of ''Series/{{ER}}''. Carol shows up on ex-lover Doug's doorstep, despondent over being denied custody of an abandoned girl, because she tried to kill herself a year earlier. Between Doug's womanizing ways and the fact that it's been obvious from the first episode that he's still madly in love with her, it's painfully obvious that he wants to take advantage of the situation, especially when she begins to make advances to him. But he ultimately resists, knowing that she'll regret it afterwards, not just because of her distraught state of mind, but also, (a) she's engaged to someone else, (b) they've never hashed out the issues from their broken relationship.
* ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'' has a couple:
** In the episode "Rock Show", Leslie and Mark are both somewhat tipsy as they joke about the state of the pit and of obstructive bureaucracy in general. Then Mark starts making moves on Leslie, which she rejects because she doesn't want it to "be like this" (note that years prior, Leslie and Mark had a fling which the former had been hung up on for a while whereas the latter forgot all about it).
** Late into season three, when flirtation was skyrocketing between Leslie and Ben, Leslie and Ann get drunk at the Snakehole Lounge. Upset that her relationship with Ben is going nowhere, she asks him to dance with him, but he declines, not thinking it would be in either one of theirs best interest. Leslie doesn't take it too well:
-->'''Ben:''' Are you okay? I heard yelling.\\
'''Leslie:''' Yeah, I'm very angry and I'm really drunk. Do you wanna dance with me? Get me another Snork Juice.\\
'''Ben:''' Oh I don't think that would be the best thing for you.\\
'''Leslie:''' Forget it!
* ''Series/{{Cheers}}'':
** There was an episode where a depressed Rebecca gets roaring, sloppy drunk and comes on hard to Sam; [[TheCasanova notorious horndog]] Sammy, who's been lusting after her since day one, responds in the negative, and gives two reasons: "One, you've been drinking, and a gentleman has his principles. Two, you look kinda disgusting right now."
** In another episode, Lilth [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} was going a little overboard about her pregnancy]], and told Sam to touch her breasts (after seriously glamorizing how she would feed her child with them). Despite her, in effect, ''asking him to feel her up'', Sam declined, both because of this trope and the fact he was ''royally creeped out''.
* In the ''Series/That70sShow'' episode ''Roller Disco,'' Fez rejects a drunken Jackie's advances. Bonus points for creative use of the GoodAngelBadAngel trope (Franchise/{{Batman}} vs. Riddler variant).
* In ''Series/AshesToAshes'', Gene shows some character development by backing away from a drunk, needy, getting-that-speculative-look-in-her-eye Alex... who proceeds to get even ''more'' hammered and jump into bed with the next man who makes eye contact with her, but never mind that.
* Averted in ''Series/{{House}}'', where Chase finds Cameron high on Meth and wastes no time sleeping with her. They end up married a few seasons later. The justification for this is the 'good girl' Cameron really wanted to bang Chase, and the drugs gave her the testicular fortitude to do it.
* On an episode of ''Series/{{Skins}}'', Michelle breaks up with her boyfriend and practically throws herself at Sid, who has had a crush on her since they were kids. Only he knows she's just doing it because she's upset and that she really loves Tony, who is his best friend, so he ends up refusing her.
* In ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'':
** [[spoiler:Whiskey]] makes a solid attempt at seducing Topher, mostly in order to MindScrew him, but he not only turns her down, he is royally creeped out by the whole thing. It likely had something to do with the fact that normally she ''loathes'' him.
** Echo tries to seduce Paul as well, but he turns her down because he thinks it's because the Dollhouse {{mind screw}}ed her.
* A nasty use of InvokedTrope comes into play on the New Zealand soap ''Series/ShortlandStreet'', where a girl drunkenly comes on to her psychotic StalkerWithACrush, who ''murdered her brother'', among other people, because said brother wouldn't have been cool with his schoolgirl sister dating his 30 something year old friend. The girl has had a crush on psycho for a long time, but he kinda screwed his chances up when he tried to strangle her for suspecting him of involvement in her brother's death. It's been a while since that happened, but she's still doubtful about a relationship with him. So he shows up, gets her drunk, then invokes this trope when she goes to kiss him. Cue the poor girl deciding that he must be a decent guy, and they get together the next day. [[ForegoneConclusion It don't work out.]]
* ''Series/ICarly'': The episode ''iSaved Your Life'. After risking his life to push Carly out of the way of a truck, Carly is lovestruck and they enter a relationship. Soon, Freddie realizes that Carly is potentially only in love with him because he saved her life, so he tells Carly they should wait a while, and see if she still has feelings for him later.
* In the ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' episode "Our Mrs Reynolds":
** Mal accidentally [[AccidentalMarriage ends up married to a woman]] named Saffron as payment for saving a village. Given that she sees herself as Mal's property he is unwilling to accept her advances. His crew reminds him of this with Book warning him of a special hell "[[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater]]". He conducts himself quite admirably until [[spoiler:she shows up naked in his bed, and most of the crew berates him for "taking advantage" of by kissing her. He appeared to be in the process of backing out on her when the drugs kicked in]].
** Wash [[spoiler:manages to resist Saffron's attempts to seduce him]].
* On ''Series/LoisAndClark'' while everyone is under the influence of a LovePotion (except Clark himself because he's an alien) Clark spends a good part of the episode fending off a lovestruck Lois (and at this point in the series, she was still in her LovesMyAlterEgo phase).
** She also comes close to figuring out his secret identity while trying to seduce him. When she [[ClarkKenting takes off his glasses]], she suddenly tells him he looks an awful lot like Superman. Luckily, she doesn't remember much after the potion wears off and is really embarrassed to learn that she performed the entirety of the "Dance of the Seven Veils" to him.
* On ''Series/TheBigC'', at a party, some of Adam's [[TeensAreMonsters friends]] invite him to participate in a gang rape of a drunk girl, but he declines.
* On ''Series/{{Eureka}}'', Sheriff Carter refuses Allison's advances when she's under the influence of a plant spore that removes inhibitions.
* The canon explanation for ''Series/DegrassiTheNextGeneration'''s first season finale, though there's really no evidence Sean even knew Ashley was on drugs.
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''
** PlayedWith in ''both'' directions when Robin, after her nasty breakup with Don, tells Ted that she's pretty sure that she'll try to have revenge sex with him in the near future. Ted swears that he'll be Above The Influence, prompting Robin to laugh and explain just how utterly ruthlessly she will stalk and seduce him and have no qualms about exploiting him the first time she catches him in a moment of weakness. However, when she does try this a couple weeks later, [[FanDisservice the rumors of her wiles turn out to be greatly exaggerated.]]
** Averted and gender-flipped in the first season episode "The Pineapple Incident", when a sober Trudy eagerly hauls a completely smashed Ted up to his apartment for sex after he propositions her, but, [[DoubleStandard no one considers her sleazy or irresponsible at all]].
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest'':
** Not with sex, but when Harold Finch had been drugged with Ecstasy by the VillainOfTheWeek and in a talkative mood, Reese opted out of it knowing that the [[ProperlyParanoid very private]] Finch would regret it in the morning. This is despite Reese digging into the background of his MysteriousBacker in previous episodes.
** A flashback reveals that before Reese, Finch employed Richard Dillinger as his agent in saving the [=PoIs=]. The personalities of the two men are [[EstablishingCharacterMoment quickly contrasted]] when we see Dillinger rescue an attractive female [=PoI=] and he has no problem with her thanking him with RescueSex. Reese would never do this and it portrays Dillinger as mercenary and unethical. By the end of the episode [[spoiler: he tries to betray Finch and is killed in the process.]]
** In "Bury the Lede", Reese turns down a chance for SexForSolace with the woman he's secretly protecting (he's pretending to take her out on a date, so would have every excuse), electing to [[ThereIsOnlyOneBed take the couch instead]].
* On ''Series/{{Copper}}'' Corcoran saves Annie from the man who killed and raped her sister and wanted to rape Annie as well. She wants to thank him for all of this by having sex with him. He declines because ''Annie is only ten years old''. Annie had a ''horribly'' messed up childhood and Corcoran spends the next year trying to somehow give her a normal childhood while constantly shooting down her sexual advances.
* In an episode of ''Series/{{Moonlight}}'', Beth gets a sample of a drug called Black Crystal made out of vampire blood. The vampire who makes the drug entices her to try the drug, which will give her the rush of what it means to be a vampire and live in the night, pointing at Beth's beautiful face and how, pretty soon, it'll start to grow old. In a moment of weakness, Beth takes the drug and, later, arrives to Mick's place trying to seduce him. However, it seems she's not trying to seduce him for sex but in order for him to turn her. Mick hold her under the shower but refuses to bite, knowing that this is the drug talking but also himself wishing to be human again.
* In one episode of ''Series/TheDrewCareyShow'', Kate's mother tries to convince her to dump her current boyfriend, Jay, in favor of Drew. Her meddling results in Kate and Jay going through a rough patch, and Kate, thinking that Jay's about to dump her, gets weepy and drunk and ends up trying to hit on Drew. Even though Drew has loved Kate ever since they were kids, he can't bring himself to take advantage of her under the circumstances.
* In ''Series/GameOfThrones'', Tyrion Lannister is wedded to Sansa Stark in an arranged marriage by [[BigBad Tywin]]. Neither are happy with the predicament as not only is he twenty or more years older than her but their families are at war with the other. On the night of their wedding Tyrion who's been getting drunk all night sees Sansa start to undress and get it over with when Tyrion who's often seen in the pleasure of naked women tells her to stop and that he won't do it and that she won't be harmed by him
* ''Series/{{Jake 20}}'': After losing his memory in one episode, Jake still trusts/is drawn to Diane (his doctor who works for the people he thinks he should be running from) and almost sleeps with her in the next episode. She wants to but can't go through with it. In the next episode she tells him her reason was he wasn't himself and she was.
* ''Series/ThePath'': Cal refuses to have sex with Mary when she offers herself naked to him, because he senses she's psychologically damaged (and a recovering drug addict).
* In ''Series/{{Lucifer}}'', the titular character tries to get into Chloe's pants since day one. In a moment of weakness, after being dumped via a text message ([[spoiler:it was actually sent by someone else]]), she gets plastered and comes to Lucifer's club and throws herself at him. He is as surprised as her when he realizes he can't go through with it, with her in that condition. He admits that, normally, he'd be all too happy to indulge in carnal desire. This is just the latest indication that he's slowly turning human.


* "What Kind of Man Would I Be" by Mint Condition is about a man who has a conversation with an old flame who is feeling unhappy with her current lover. Although they are attracted to each other, he tells her that they would both lose too much if they had sex.
* "Finger Weg" (Hands Off!) by the rock band ASP: the singer rejects crude attempts to be manipulated by a woman ("Wrap up your flesh, I'm still not hooked. You stand there looking for applause - just get dressed and Hands Off! You think, I know how he's wired. I'm fed up with your tricks, the signals you're sending.")

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', you can't complete Jack's romance subplot unless you prove to be above the influence (after all, she won't open up if she thinks you're only interested in her for sex).
* [[Creator/BioWare Likewise]] in ''VideoGame/BaldursGate 2'' with Aerie, who will break up with the player for having sex with her prematurely. Normally, the ''[=ME2=]''-plot would be somewhat of a recycling, but since Aerie and Jack more or less are polar opposites...
* In ''VideoGame/OdinSphere'', the only thing Oswald really wants is for someone - ''anyone'' - to love him, to the point that he only agrees to kill a dragon for King Odin after Odin offers him [[StandardHeroReward his daughter Gwendolyn's hand in marriage as a reward]]. But when Oswald is told that Gwendolyn is under a spell that will make her love the man who wakes her, he flatly refuses to do so and instead goes out on a mission to find a way to undo it.
* Much to her chagrin, Musse in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel III'' cannot get [[TheHero Rean]] to notice her as a woman instead of just being his student. Even when she starts influencing his mind through some kind of means.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* The Lovely Lacey [[MeanBoss openly despised]] Wrestling/JimmyJacobs but kept him around mainly because she alienated all her other Wrestling/RingOfHonor allies. She would sometimes offer Jacobs {{sex for services}} only to be turned down because Jacobs loved her and didn't want their relationship to be based on lust. Ironically, it wasn't until they actually slept together that Lacey changed her tune and said she loved him.[[/folder]]

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* During Kyou's route in ''VisualNovel/{{Clannad}}'', Ryou takes a joke Tomoya makes a little too seriously and pretty explicitly offers to sleep with him. However, he declines as he feels it wouldn't be right since he doesn't really love her. Not that he really admits that part yet, instead reasoning that it's far too early in their relationship for something like that.
* ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'' has Hisao in three of these situations:
** At one point in [[spoiler: Hanako]]'s route, she [[spoiler: gets quite drunk and becomes very clingy with Hisao.]] He gets very uncomfortable and [[spoiler: tries to put her to bed as quickly as possible]] before either of them does something they'll regret. He even lampshades how ''wrong'' the idea of taking advantage of the poor girl is.
** Something similar happens with [[spoiler: Rin]] after she [[spoiler: takes just a little too much cold medicine (active ingredient: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codeine codeine]])]]. When Hisao visits her, [[spoiler: she's [[InnocentFanserviceGirl only in her shirt and panties]] and gives him a kiss]], but he puts her in bed as well and she forgets about it in the morning.
** In [[spoiler: Shizune]]'s route, [[spoiler: a neither drunk nor high-on-meds but [[HeroicBSOD very emotionally unstable]] Misha asks Hisao to [[SexForSolace "comfort" her]].]] Whether he is or not above the influence ''this'' time, unlike the others, depends on the player's decision. [[spoiler: If he's not, it leads to the Bad End.]]
* ''VisualNovel/TrueLoveJunaiMonogatari'' has two instances of this, in which the MC will have to be above it if he wants to get the girl. Namely, [[spoiler: he must not kiss Ryouko after a fight with her brother and manager (the correct option is walking her home)]] and/or [[spoiler: he must give Yumi-sensei a hug instead of pushing her on her bed. (In a subversion, the second one leads to sex anyway.)]]
* Near the end of Kyohei's route in ''VisualNovel/ScandalInTheSpotlight'', the protagonist - torn up with guilt and confusion over her feelings for Kyohei, and desperate to come up with lyrics for a new song suitable for Revance's 10th anniversary concert - goes to Kyo's room and asks him to sleep with her to give her inspiration. Although at first he's eager, Kyohei stops himself before matters have progressed very far and spends the night chastely holding her instead; later, he explains that he's in love with her and didn't want to have sex with her if it was going to be for the sake of the song.

[[folder: Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'', Aubrey comes onto Jason while very drunk. He refuses on this basis, for which she thanks him the next morning. [[http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp02132004.shtml In a karmic sort of way]].
-->"But I'm not drunk now..."
* It's explained early on in ''Webcomic/{{Erfworld}}'' that lower-ranking units will do whatever their superiors tell them to do. It's also implied (and later stated) that while the beings of Erfworld don't reproduce sexually, they do have sexual relations. [[TheEveryman Parson]] puts two and two together, and realizes that as a high-ranking strategist he can have his pick of women, without them ever objecting or even ''conceiving'' of rejecting his affections--and immediately after thinking of this as "awesome," it hits him hard that this is essentially rape, and he reconsiders (he ''does'' spend a lot of time with female soldiers, but apparently he's trying to romance them).
** Maggie is surprised that he hasn't taken advantage. The reason he tells her is that the scale difference (they're all at most a quarter his size and half his height) squicks him out and brings up the issue of causing physical injury.
* In ''Webcomic/BittersweetCandyBowl'''s chapter "Another Shoulder", Lucy goes to Paulo after getting shut down hard by Mike. Paulo just barely resists taking advantage of her throwing herself at him, though a later chapter, "Another Path", explores the possibilities of what would have happened if he hadn't.
* Angus in ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'' refuses Marigold's advances toward him while she was drunk, although she truly did have feelings for him.
** Also Claire and Marten in more recent comics. The feelings are there, but when they realize they're both drunk, they decide to wait.
* Subverted in ''WebComic/DumbingOfAge'', where Danny refuses a girl's advances in the spirit of this trope, and is later told off by EthicalSlut Joe because there ''was'' no influence, and assuming a woman doesn't know when she wants sex wasn't the respectful option at all. [[BrokenAesop Though telling someone that they should have had sex with someone else when they had reservations about it isn't good advice, either]].

[[folder: Web Original]]
* In ''Literature/ReceiverOfMany'' Persephone gets scared by Cerberus and runs into Lethe, which results in losing her memories from the previous day. This means that she does not remember how Hades abducted her and is still very much the girl eagerly awaiting her mysterious suitor she was right before the kidnapping. When she wakes up to Hades she is very happy and very willing to have sex with him right then and there. Despite being tempted to go through with this Hades rebuffs her advances and gives her water from Mnemosyne's pool, which restores her painful memories.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers'', Wheeler makes no secret on how attracted he is to Linka. But there's the episode ''Mind Pollution'', in which she's inadvertently drugged by her cousin, when she starts to come off on him, he knows something is wrong with her and refuses to take advantage of it.
* In ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', Mabel's fantasy world dreams up whatever the inhabitants desire. For Dipper, it conjures up a version of [[PrecociousCrush Wendy]] who finally reciprocates his interest in her. Notable in that [[CharacterArc Dipper has struggled for the entire season]] to let go of her, and his rejection means he's come to terms with the fact that they can't be together.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'', when the spirit of jealousy takes over someone, it turns them into a [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Gollum]]-esque wretch obsessed with the thing they most desire. When it takes over [[IncorruptiblePurePureness Darwin]], all he says is that he's pretty happy with his life.