->''"Tonight, 10 PM, at the Pit, Everyone Gets Laid."''
-->-- '''Moles Mullaney''', ''Part of Moles'' radio commercial for the Pit Party, ''Film/{{PCU}}''

For fictional people past puberty, any wild party with all genders, [[WildTeenParty teen or otherwise]], is all about one thing: getting it on. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on many factors. Although one absolute in fiction is that if it's a teenage girl going, and [[OverprotectiveDad you're her guardian, it's always a bad thing]].

Part of the reason for this is simply that AllMenArePerverts and AllWomenAreLustful.

'''If it's planned and advertised as an orgy, it doesn't count.'''

Compare HookersAndBlow, SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll. See also BingeMontage.



[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* Issue 5 of ''Comicbook/AssociatedStudentBodies'' ends with the annual New Year's Eve party, which is very intentionally one of these.
* Any party in ''Cherry Comics'' inevitably turns into an orgy.
* ''Comicbook/TheWickedAndTheDivine'': [[AnythingThatMoves Sahkmet's]] parties are guaranteed to devolve into orgies as a matter of course.


[[folder: Film ]]

* The TropeNamer is ''Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou'', when Dr. Stratford hears that Bianca is going to one.
* The page quote comes from ''Film/{{PCU}},'' but the film actually [[InvertedTrope inverts the trope]]: The Pit's house band [[ExactWords decides to name themselves "Everybody Gets Laid,"]] so that they can capitalize on people coming in thinking an orgy is going to happen. However, they just planned to have a concert in order to raise money, no orgy intended.
* In ''Film/CantHardlyWait'', one of the guys goes to the party just to lose his virginity.
* Spoofed in ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie''.
* Most of the parties in the ''Film/AmericanPie'' series.
* The teenagers of ''Film/CherryFalls'' host just such a party to escape a serial killer targeting virgins.
** Then the killer, completely AxeCrazy by this point, shows up [[FanDisservice and starts killing everyone]].
* In ''Film/RevengeOfTheNerds II: Nerds in Paradise'' they advertise their party by altering the neon sign of "Hotel Coral Essex" to read "Hot oral sex".
* In ''The Beach Girls'' a no holds barred sex, drugs and alcohol orgy is followed by a pot party/sex orgy at Uncle Carl's house at Paradise Beach over Memorial Day weekend.
* In ''Film/RockStar'' the after party following a Steel Dragon concert really does turn into an orgy. The film features an amusing "morning after" scene where the protagonist rolls out of bed, leaves the bedroom, and finds literally ''dozens'' of naked people passed out on the floor of his hotel suite.
* ''Film/VelvetGoldmine'' - innocent new wardrobe mistress Shannon is led by Jerry DeVine into a distinctly uninhibited party of stars and crew, all laying about on floor cushions.
* ''Film/{{Joe}}'': Bill and Joe, looking for Melissa in Greenwich Village, run into some hippies who lure them to the hippies' apartment. After sampling from Bill's large stash of drugs (taken from Melissa's boyfriend), the hippies lose their clothes and the orgy follows.
--> '''Joe''': All my life I've never been to an orgy. This is an orgy, isn't it?
* The Friendsy's scene in ''Film/SeekingAFriendForTheEndOfTheWorld'' turns out to be this. In the short time before the world is destroyed, the restaurant decides to party it up and be as friendly as possible with the customers and each other, and often a bit ''too'' friendly.
* ''Film/AHardDaysNight'' - Music/TheBeatles, confined to their hotel suite, discover Paul's grandfather has borrowed an old waiter's formal clothes and gone out to a gambling club. Paul, anxious about it, concludes "He's probably in the middle of some orgy by now!" They all react with excitement at the idea and rush out to find him.
--> '''Old Waiter''': Wait, what about ''me?''
--> '''John''': You're too old.
* ''Film/{{Superbad}}'' has the two main characters inadvertently get tangled up in one of these as they head to the party they are supposed to attend. It doesn't go very well for either of them.
* In ''Film/SmokinAces'', Buddy Israel's penthouse apartment is obviously showing signs that the party held the night before the action of the movie starts was one of these. Naked women abound, furniture is knocked over, and Buddy gets really, really pissed off that someone somehow got "human ejaculate" if you know what I mean and I think you do on his best suede jacket.
* ''Film/{{Viridiana}}'': The bums, who have been given shelter by Viridiana in an outer building of the estate, sneak their way into the main house and decide to have dinner in the fancy dining room. It dissolves into a drunken orgy that includes sex behind the sofa.
* ''Film/TheWeddingMarch'': Nicki's and Cecelia's fathers seal their children's ArrangedMarriage during a party at a fancy whorehouse that devolves into an orgy. This scene, with half-naked prostitutes rolling around on the floor, is typical of how director Creator/ErichVonStroheim pushed the boundaries of censorship.
* ''Film/BobAndCarolAndTedAndAlice'': Alice demands an orgy with the four of them after finding out about Ted's affair. They all get naked and crawl into bed together, but then they change their minds.

[[folder: Jokes ]]

--> '''Son''': Hey, Dad, can I ask you a question?
--> '''Father''': Of course.
--> '''Son''': [[ChocolateBaby You and Mom are both white, but I'm black]]. How come?
--> '''Father''': That party was such a wild time, [[CrossesTheLineTwice it's a wonder you don't bark]].

[[folder: Literature ]]
* In Creator/StephenKing's ''Literature/TheStand'', Larry Underwood throws a party at a beach house after hitting the big time with his single, "Baby Can You Dig Your Man." This party goes on for a few days, and the narration mentions that something that sounds like an orgy is happening in the basement.
* One of the many, many parties in Creator/BretEastonEllis' ''Literature/TheRulesOfAttraction'' is "The Dress to Get Screwed Party".
* In [[Literature/KushielsLegacy Kushiel's Dart]], Melisande hires an entire brothel (a high-class establishment practicing one of the most honoured professions in that particular culture, but still a brothel) as the setting for her lover Prince Baudoin's birthday party. Longest Night parties, for courtesans, are similar.
* in Creator/MichaelSwanwick's ''Literature/BonesOfTheEarth'', a party among a group of researchers turns into this, thanks to alcohol and triceratops mating displays. Long story.
* By all appearances, Lord Iron's soirées at his city mansion in ''Literature/TheCambistAndLordIron'' meet this description.
* In the chronologically first novel, ''[[TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms Driz'zt]]'' and some other recruits at the academy are ordered to participate in the initiation rite of new young priestesses. Having [[MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch completely different morals than the rest of drow society]], he is seriously freaked out when he realizes what kind of ceremony it is and for what kind of "assistance" the male recruits were needed.
** Made worse when his ''sister'' tries to [[BrotherSisterIncest seduce]] him when he leaves the room.
* [[Literature/TheCorneliusChronicles Jerry Cornelius]] stages a party like this in ''The Final Programme'', and breaks up a party (with machine guns) that's got bits of this going on in ''The English Assassin.''


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* From Season 2 of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', there is the college party in "Reptile Boy".
* The first episode of ''Series/{{Skins}}'' is about Sid trying to lose his virginity at a party, and pretty much ''every'' party in that series features rampant drug use and sex. Indeed, the show was famous enough for these that the phrase "Skins party" became a British neologism in the mid-late '00s.
* In ''Series/CityOfMen'', 'funk dances' are a prime location for making out and hooking up.
* Crews and Reese crash one of these in the ''Series/{{Life}}'' episode "Dig a Hole," hosted by two computer-nerds-made-rich.
* Inverted on ''Series/DegrassiTheNextGeneration'': A party actually interferes with Emma and Sean having sex. Especially when [[spoiler:one of the guests dies]].
* Spoofed in the German sketch-comedy ''SwitchReloaded'', which had a skit where there was a commercial for a broom with spikes at the end for poking such guests in the heels to bring them to leave.
* ''Series/TrueBlood'' had Maryann parties; parties also known as incredible orgies in the middle of the forest. [[spoiler:Incredible orgies used as a tribute to Dionysus that turn humans crazy]]
* Since Jesse can't stand being alone for more than a few hours, there's one going on at his house throughout the first half of the fourth season of ''Series/BreakingBad''.
* In a second season episode of ''Series/PartyDown'', the company is unknowingly hired to cater a party that is meant to be one of these. The invitation was so badly worded that none of the guests realized it, either.
* In one season one episode of ''Series/{{Sliders}}'', the gang slide into a world about to be struck by a species killing asteroid, that never developed nuclear weapons and has no way to stop it. During their time there, they come across a group of revellers who've decided to have a nonstop party 'til the world ends, including lots of getting extremely liquored-up, sex with anyone who comes near you, and even a game of Russian Roulette in full swing. Then Quinn and Arturo develop the world's first nuclear warhead, it gets shot up on a cruise missile and destroys the asteroid, and the people of the world are extremely embarrassed as a result.
* Every party shown on ''Series/BlueMountainState'' defines this trope.
* Inverted in ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia'': Frank invites Dennis to an ''Film/EyesWideShut''-style cloaks and masks orgy, but it turns tout to be just a buffet.
* Invoked in a sketch from ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' when a psychiatric patient begins replacing his words with completely wrong ones.
--> '''Man:''' It's so embarrassing when my wife and I go to an orgy!
--> '''Doctor:''' A party?
--> '''Man:''' [[ExactlyWhatIMeantToSay No, an orgy;]] we live in Esher.
* Inevitably riffed on in [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 MST3k]]; during a screening of ''Laserblast''. The protagonist is at a birthday party looking through the house for his girlfriend. To be fair to the trope, he has already wandered past one couple who were making out. He opens a door and pokes his head in:
--> '''Tom Servo:''' Hey, there's a dozen naked teenage girls in there! That's what happens at these teen parties - it's true!

[[folder: Music ]]

* Music/BobSeger's "Horizontal Bop" tells about someone trying to get one of these started:
--> ''Somebody bring the records\\
Somebody bring the brew\\
Someone get a house\\
Buddy, we'll know what to do\\
Someone tell the ladies\\
Someone make a deal\\
If we can't find a house\\
Then someone find a field\\
Grass is good as carpet\\
Anyplace is fine\\
It's time to get rockin'\\
Babe it's time to shine\\
Tell 'em we'll be dancin'\\
Dancin' til we drop\\
It's time to get down and do the horizontal bop''\\

* "Miss Freelove '69" by The Hoodoo Gurus is about a gathering of friends that, fueled by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sake sake]], turns into this. Band leader Dave Faulkner insists it's [[TruthInTelevision autobiographical]].
* The music video for Dillon Francis' [[https://youtu.be/9_JBKf6IVEA "Not Butter"]] first goes from a fairly realistic WildTeenParty, then it steadily escalates to some WackyFratBoyHijinks, and then this trope.
* Music/SystemOfADown's "Bounce" uses an UnusualEuphemism to describe one of these.

[[folder: Webcomics ]]

* The parties of the Val'Sullisin'rune clan in ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'' often turn into this. But given the cultural sensibilities of the Drow this isn't seen as a negative, and the parties are generally a fun time for all.
* Inverted in ''Moon over June'', when a prior hookup bumps into Summer and invites her to a "group thing" she is part of that is getting together for a session that night. Cue Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting. [[AllWomenAreLustful Being]] ''[[EveryoneHasLotsOfSex Moon over June]]'', it turns into exactly this kind of party anyway.
* Exploited by Lana in ''Webcomic/SpyingWithLana'', when she used such a party as a cover to drug a group of guards using spiked alcohol.
* In one ''Webcomic/SandraAndWoo'' arc, in order to celebrate the success of professional climber Butterfly, the raccoon goddess declares "early mating season" for all those present.

[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', Hedonism-bot has a party that is basically an orgy, except then almost everyone there gets blown up.
-->'''Hedonism-bot:''' Everywhere I looked, there were ''piles'' of bodies... and then the explosion struck! Ah ha ha ha! [[MadeMyselfSad Oh hoo hoo...]]
* An example from ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'' (hey, it is meant for teens...kinda):
-->'''Benson''': It's almost 8 o'clock. Kill the lights!
-->'''Muscle Man''': (unzipping noises) Woohoo! Skips is going to be totally surprised when he walks in and sees us totally naked!
-->'''Benson''': ...it's not that kind of party, Muscle Man.
-->'''Muscle Man''': Oh... nobody turn on the lights.