Lightning Bruiser

Before you ask, yes, that tank is doing a wheelie.

The Lightning Bruiser is an Archetype that sets itself apart from the others in Necessary Drawback in that he is able to take and give a lot of damage and he can move quickly. In the triangle of strength, speed, and toughness, the Lightning Bruiser does not trade off one advantage for another the way, say, the Fragile Speedster trades off durability for speed or the Glass Cannon trades durability for power.

To prevent the character from becoming a Game Breaker or a Story-Breaker Power, the Lightning Bruiser may have weaknesses beyond strength, speed, and toughness: lack of range or magical capability or a high resource cost are some of the challenges these characters can face.

A Lightning Bruiser may also perform Confusion Fu. If he's good at everything, then he can throw everything at you, right? May also be a Flying Brick. Compare and contrast Acrofatic, Muscles Are Meaningless.

When adding examples: keep in mind: This trope only exists relative to other characters in universe. A statement that a character is strong, fast, and durable does not define them as a Lightning Bruiser; most Action Heroes and Badasses already demonstrate those qualities. A character is a Lightning Bruiser if they are explicitly stated to be stronger, faster, and tougher than most of the other characters, or if it is stated explicitly that another character is a Fragile Speedster or a Mighty Glacier.

Note that being a Lightning Bruiser has nothing to do with using lightning-based attacks or magic, though, on rare occasion, both tropes will apply to the same character.


Alternative Title(s):

Gran Turismo Tank