Magnificent Bastard / Roleplay

  • Liz Polanski on Survival Of The Fittest V4 is becoming this. She disabled her collar, and broke a camera (which would normally lead the the collar exploding) to demonstrate that it didn't work. When Danya had another student's collar blow up because of it; she decided to destroy all the cameras she could find just to make Danya look stupid..
  • The Porcelain Lady also known as "Pseudonym" Jones from Delicious Friends. Positively delights in making Vincent look stupid in as many inventive ways as possible.
  • From Dino Attack RPG, we have Dust. He is a Manipulative Bastard, using Dino Attack Team as his pawns in his quest to find his ancestor's temple, all the while being a devious yet charismatic Smug Snake. In addition to fitting all the criteria, Dust is among the RPG's most popular primary characters for his unique and well-written characterization.
  • Infinite Justice has a few canon characters, as well as Sonja Delacroix, a multibillionaire businesswoman and international crime queen, who effortlessly manipulates events in Gotham by killing Kyle Vannis, causing his goons to go crazy and start rampaging across Gotham, to force the GCPD into paying her a hefty fee to aid in cleaning the streets. In addition, she has apparently figured out Batman's secret identity.