Magnificent Bastard: Roleplay

  • Liz Polanski on Survival Of The Fittest V4 is becoming this. She disabled her collar, and broke a camera (which would normally lead the the collar exploding) to demonstrate that it didn't work. When Danya had another student's collar blow up because of it; she decided to destroy all the cameras she could find just to make Danya look stupid..
  • The Porcelain Lady also known as "Pseudonym" Jones from Delicious Friends. Positively delights in making Vincent look stupid in as many inventive ways as possible.
  • From Dino Attack RPG, we have Dust. He is a Manipulative Bastard, using Dino Attack Team as his pawns in his quest to find his ancestor's temple, all the while being a devious yet charismatic Smug Snake. In addition to fitting all the criteria, Dust is among the RPG's most popular primary characters for his unique and well-written characterization.