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* ComicBook/RasAlGhul is Batman's most powerful foe, and the only one to be his intellectual peer. Having lived for centuries, Ra's and the secret societies he controls have accumulated wealth to rival nations, and can purchase influence accordingly. Never short on hidden bases and armies of henchmen, Ra's has brought Gotham City to its knees, and has even challenged the Justice League of America, incorporating Batman's own failsafes into his plot to destroy the JLA. A master planner who pays attention to every little detail, Ra's exemplifies the fact that time is less meaningful when you can afford to wait--and Ra's can afford to wait a long, long time.
* ComicBook/LexLuthor has been frustrating Superman with his scientific acumen and brilliant intellect since the 1940s, and has run the gamut from DiabolicalMastermind to MadScientist to CorruptCorporateExecutive to PresidentEvil and back, surviving every setback and always running the Man of Steel close. Firmly established as the leader of Earth's supervillain community, Luthor has led numerous incarnations of the Injustice Gang, Legion of Doom, and Secret Society of Supervillains, and has taken all-comers, emerging victorious over the likes of Brainiac, General Zod, Grodd and Vandal Savage to claim the title of Superman and one of DC Earth's most deadly villains, even briefly becoming a godlike being. Every bit as unstoppable as his archenemy, Luthor has proven time and again that his incredible mind is more than a match for Superman's physical might.
* ''ComicBook/{{Lucifer}}'': Lucifer Morningstar is the endlessly proud, brilliant and dangerous Devil. Seeking his freedom from creation, Lucifer deals with endless threats to his new Creation and his safety, constantly outplaying and destroying them. Even in places where he is powerless, such as the Japanese underworld Yomi, Lucifer sees through every trap against him and defeats his supposed hosts. When struck down by another trap, Lucifer returns to life by manipulating his niece Elaine Belloc into sacrificing her life for him and promptly outsmarts and destroys the angel Amenadiel who seeks to destroy him when he is still recovering before returning Elaine to life to repay his debt. Pursuing his freedom from all Creation, Lucifer constantly demonstrates why he is the king of manipulation, second only to God himself.
* ComicBook/GreenLantern: Sinestro is Hal Jordan's personal nemesis, and both a [[FallenHero former Green Lantern]] and planetary dictator. Convinced that the Green Lanterns have failed in their mission of bringing order and security to the universe, Sinestro formed his own Sinestro Corps, and led them into a war against the Green Lanterns, who were only able to defeat Sinestro by resorting to lethal force--the very result the renegade Lantern had been aiming for. Since then Sinestro has changed allegiances multiple times, always with the intention of bringing his vision of stability to the DCU, whether it wants it or not.
* [[spoiler: Ozymandias]] from ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}''. [[spoiler: Right up until the end, he's the most beloved man on the planet, seemingly admired by everyone but Rorschach and the Comedian. Rich, handsome, a star gymnast well into middle age, and the smartest man in the world, the man's got style and class. And his master plan, which involved manipulating hundreds of scientists and artists and gets both UsefulNotes/ColdWar superpowers to lay down their arms, succeeds, at least for the time being. And he survives the story, despite an assassination attempt at almost point blank range - he catches the bullet - and getting on the bad side of a virtual god.]]
-->[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Do you seriously think I'd explain my masterstroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago.]]

* Loki, [[Creator/MarvelComics Marvel's]] expert [[XanatosSpeedChess free-form, improv manipulator]]. Not only does this guy play the big boys in the Marvel Universe, this is a guy who regularly improvises the [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt end of freaking nine worlds]] armed primarily with [[ManipulativeBastard mischief]] and [[ConsummateLiar his lying tongue]]. And he's brought about Ragnarok multiple times. How many baddies have the chops to pull that off? He also lies regularly so well that no one can tell his lies from truth. Loki almost always gets what he wants. He's one of the few beings to have made a deal with Mephisto and come out on top.
* ComicBook/DoctorDoom has been Marvel's go-to BigBad since the 1960s, and with good cause. An EvilSorcerer, MadScientist, and tyrannical despot, Doom is respected and feared throughout Marvel's supervillain community, with both a Norse God and the Devil seeing him as someone to step lightly around. While many villains want to TakeOverTheWorld, Doom is one of the few who can actually pull it off, and at times he's reached well beyond even that goal, grasping for godhood with both hands. Capable of punching well out of his weight class, Victor Von Doom is the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe and always bears watching.
* Wilson "ComicBook/TheKingpin" Fisk is Marvel's greatest [[TheDon gangster]] and a consummate survivor. Having outfought, outwitted, and outlasted everyone who has ever tried to take his place, Fisk has secured his position as both New York's reigning mobster and a fixture in the supervillain community. With the capital to [[IOwnThisTown dominate the city]] and a reach that frequently spans continents, Fisk has developed the psychological torment of heroes like Matt Murdock and Peter Parker into an art form, and has left Matt's life in particular in ruins several times over. Always too stubborn to call it quits, Fisk rolls with or shrugs off everything that Marvel's heroes and villains can throw at him, while repeatedly demonstrating that only the most capable of opponents can do the same when he brings all his resources to bear on them. Having risen, fallen, and risen again, Fisk is never out of the game for long, and is always ready to show off the criminal skill and personal gravitas that made him Kingpin of Crime in the first place.
* [[ComicBook/SubMariner Namor]], the Marvel king of Atlantis and on again off again super villain can pull this off on occasion. Like when he joined the heroic "Illuminati" of Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic, and the villainous Illuminati of Doom and Norman Osborn immediately after.
* [[ComicBook/ThePunisher Frank Castle]] (''especially when written by Garth Ennis'') lapses into this territory every now and then. The shining example would have to be his creative "escape method" from his [[ComicBook/ThePunisherMAX MAX]] series. To better elaborate, Frank was sent on a top secret mission to infiltrate a nuclear missile base in Siberia with the intention of stealing something for the US military. However the mission goes awry and Frank is forced to come up with a way out. How does he do this? By threatening the Russian authorities with '''''all out nuclear war''''', unless they back off and let him leave. The Russians deny his request, so Frank, true to his word, proceeds to ''launch a nuclear missile into the heart of Russia itself''. The kicker? The missile itself is a dud with Frank Castle himself as the payload - he proceeds to HALO jump from the missile and escape to an extraction point.
* Speaking of the above mentioned Punisher. His [[ComicBook/ThePunisherMAX MAX]] series is positively brimming with these types.
** [[GeneralRipper General]] [[DirtyCommies Zakharov]] of the "Mother Russia" and "Man of Stone" story arcs. He was sent to investigate the attempted theft of a bioweapon, and when the Punisher goes in to steal it he keeps his identity secret, to the point of letting Moscow think an American trained terrorist group who hijacked a plane for a suicide bombing on Moscow were Al Qaeda. He reasoned that Russia would be too scared to fight Arab terrorists, but were prepared for nuclear war with America, and watched as Castle hid inside a nuclear missile and faked a missile attack to escape. [[MoralEventHorizon Then there]] [[WouldHurtAChild was how he fought in Afghanistan]]...
** [[ElitesAreMoreGlamorous Delta Force]] commander [[ColonelBadass George Howe]] is strongly hinted at the end of "Valley Forge, Valley Forge" to have suckered the cabal of generals as soon as the start of the arc possibly even before their ringleader revealed his big idea to the other generals and before that ending the generals belated realize at a dinner that Howe held all the cards: They'd tasked Howe with a black op on American soil so outside the law that they could neither stop nor safely punish him if he quit, his men were effectively preventing the generals' man from circumventing their commander, and Howe only agreed to take on the assignment with intent to bring the Punisher in for trial... so he ''won't'' have the Punisher killed, the generals' insider is incapable of killing the Punisher for them, they have no control over what happens with the tape, and they have no leverage with which to do anything about Howe's actions.
** Nick Fury's initial recruitment of Frank Castle proves he's the biggest MagnificentBastard in the series: To lure out Frank, who's in hiding, Fury releases a notorious criminal way ahead of parole. [[BatmanGambit Then he just sits back and waits for Frank to come punish said criminal]].
* [[ComicBook/{{Thanos}} Thanos of Titan]], another example from the MarvelUniverse, and arguably the quintessential one, at least for the company's cosmic landscape. A premier mover and shaker in many important storylines (if not ''the'' main focus altogether), he has a knack for successfully manipulating both sides of the fence (sometimes both at once) time and time again, despite his true nature being common knowledge to everyone.
* ''Franchise/SpiderMan'' villain Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, managed to trick Spider-Man and ''the Kingpin'' into believing the Hobgoblin was deceased Daily Bugle reporter Ned Leeds for a good 10 years real time before being caught. He then blackmailed the Green Goblin into breaking him out of prison, and is currently living in luxury in the Caribbean. Not bad for a guy who was originally ''a fashion designer.'' He's since begun franchising out the Hobgoblin trademark.
* ComicBook/IronMan's {{archenemy}}, The Mandarin, is his mental and physical superior, and one of the few people who Tony Stark genuinely fears. With looted alien technology at his disposal, and a worldwide network of agents prepared to do his bidding, Mandarin has nearly brought down both the American and Chinese governments, requiring Iron Man to ally with the Chinese Communist leadership and its super teams in order to stop him. Infiltrating SHIELD during the "Extermis" storyline and Iron Man's own mind during "The Long Way Down" and "The Future" Mandarin has a proven ability to turn up in places he should not, and deal incalculable damage while there.

* The Sultan Agameen from the indie graphic novel ''ComicBook/{{Artesia}}''. He's handsome and dresses well - gold-threaded silk and fine plate are all the rage in Thessid-Gola this season. He is eloquent and treats his arch-enemy, Artesia herself, with respect. He is an incredible strategist and tactician... and he is protected by a bloody ''Dragon spirit''.
* [[TheMole Dubbelosix]] fron ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}} and the Black Gold''. With a James-Bond-esque chariot, and a trained housefly (with an unnaturally long life) to deliver his messages, he's a force to be reckoned with.
** Julius Caesar anyone? It says a lot about the man that after years of publication and having his plans fail constantly, he is still treated as a genuine threat by both the fanbase and the characters. The fact that he is incredibly cool under fire probably helps--when confronted by two (superpowered) heroes, our non-powered villain states that "If you have come to kill me, I will have you know that I intend to sell my distinguished life dearly." You never doubt him for an instant.
* ComicBook/BombQueen, the {{Stripperiffic}} VillainProtagonist of her self-titled Creator/ImageComics book. The iron-fisted dictator of [[ViceCity New Port City]] has, in no particular order: wiped out the rest of her original villain team; turned New Port City into a place where ''nothing'' is illegal in designed "Crime Zones"; stolen [[spoiler:a government supercomputer, the powers of the demon lord Desarak and her clone Bomb Teen (the latter of which was "born" from her supercomputer)]]; kept New Port City's mayor under her control with sex and verbal assaults, casually killing anyone standing near him when she blasts a hole through his office wall (repeatedly to the point of being a RunningGag); orchestrated terror attacks on the cities of other Image superheroes; [[spoiler:repeatedly foiled the plots of the GovernmentConspiracy (which created her) to have her killed]]; and [[spoiler:indirectly killed an innocent girl roped into her co-worker's attempt to interview Bomb Queen for their website]]. She is still a VillainWithGoodPublicity within her city. Outside her city, she has absolutely no protection under US law; she manages to [[KarmaHoudini avoid justly-deserved punishments every time]].
* ''ComicStrip/KnightsOfTheDinnerTable'': Gary Jackson. It was recently revealed that he [[spoiler:faked his own death, entered the Witness Protection Program to escape the Mob, and is currently buying up his old company]]. He also has a swagger that commands respect from coworkers and fanboys in universe. The game system he created has much of his persona on display.
* [[GodOfEvil Anathos]], from ''ComicBook/LesLegendaires'', big time. He put in place a {{plan}} ''years'' before his first appearance in the series in order to come back amongst the living. Whereas most characters will fall for the NoManOfWomanBorn trick, this guy ''used it to his advantage'' as part of his plan B. As a result, the Gambit worked, despite the opposition of the protagonists, the BigBad and an EldritchAbomination. He scarred the heroes to life and almost [[OmnicidalManiac eradicated humanity]]...
* ''ComicBook/MickeyMouseComicUniverse''
** Writers often try to make The Phantom Blot a MagnificentBastard, and sometimes they even succeed. At his best, he [[TheChessmaster hatches truly convoluted schemes]] that have Mickey Mouse (often portrayed as little short of a GreatDetective himself in such stories) running around clueless for a long time before he even begins to figure them out; and has [[EvilIsCool a dark, threateningly cool presence]]. That said, most stories can't pull this off too well.
** An old story had a villain called something like Menace.[[note]]This is a translation of his name in a Finnish translation of a probably Italian comic; who knows if he even appeared in English.[[/note]] Mickey described him as one of the cleverest opponents he'd ever known, and he acted as a DiabolicalMastermind not by running his schemes behind the scenes but perfectly openly taking RefugeInAudacity. His antics stretch the SuspensionOfDisbelief, but if you buy it, he's certainly a Magnificent Bastard.\\
The story opens with Menace's gang having stolen the entire gold reserve of whatever country this is set in. He takes the gold to his own fortress, not particularly hiding where it is, so both Mickey and other heroes and the army show up to take it back. When the army company attacks, he ambushes them and takes them all prisoner without any fighting. He's also aware of the heroes spying on him and keeps making things difficult for them, such as spraying them with phosphorus so that they'll glow in the dark and not be able to sneak up on him. In the end, he's about to just take the gold openly to his ship, on a train rigged to blow so that it cannot be attacked, and sail to international waters, while everyone can only watch helplessly.\\
Even after Menace is foiled by a convoluted scheme by Mickey and co. involving a rubber cannonball, and arrested, he shows up freely driving around in a status symbol car with a status symbol "girlfriend" included. When Mickey asks why he's not in prison, he replies that the government released him and hired him to do counterespionage because he's so good.
* ''ComicBook/MyLittlePonyFiendshipIsMagic'':
** Nightmare Moon. Since the Nyx have never met a pony before, she's able to manipulate one of them into helping her by promising friendship and faking interest in their work, and plots to use nightmares to torment Celestia until she releases her. Celestia's mind is too strong to penetrate? Give nightmares to all the other ponies of Equestria so Celestia will expend her energy helping them and be too weak to fight off her own nightmares. Nightmare Moon's plan fails, but she still decides to spend the next 1000 years tormenting ponies with nightmares in indirect vengeance for her banishment. And along the way, she corrupted the Nyx into the Nightmare Forces to serve her willingly. Her issue proves there's a ''reason'' the Equestrian equivalent of Halloween is dedicated to Nightmare Moon as a boogeyman that haunts Equestria's dreams -- because she ''is''.
** Chrysalis proves herself a Queen of the trope as we learn her backstory. She's brought down bustling cities and powerful political leaders through manipulation, subterfuge, and cunning, and even when cornered by a dragon she's able to talk her way out of becoming a meal and escape it. This culminates in the story's climax, where it's revealed the ragged and mentally drained Changeling Queen the mane six have been talking to throughout the issue was one of her commanders transformed into her likeness the entire time. The real Chrysalis was hiding above the door, waiting for somepony to open the door so she could escape, and all the conversation the fake Chrysalis had with the Mane Six was to work her way to a point they trusted her enough to do it.
* ''ComicBook/SinCity'' is filled with manipulation but Dwight [=McCarthy=] is probably at the top of the heap. To give you an idea, in his first story arc, he was on the run form the cops, severely wounded, had no place to go, and had the Old Town girls ready to kick him out of the neighborhood or be killed by Miho. After about one page of dialogue, he got Miho on his side and had the Old Town girls not only giving him shelter but helping him get revenge on the BigBad.
* In the ''[[Comicbook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog]]'' comics, the villain Mammoth Mogul was originally conceived as one of these, but could never really pull it off. That is, until he essentially said to the heroes, "Hey, I just remembered I'm [[{{Immortality}} immortal]]. So here's my new plan: I'll live in this sweet casino I just had built, amuse myself by taking pot shots at you whenever I can, and wait for you all to die of old age. I can beat you by outliving you." You gotta love him for that. [[spoiler: Unfortunately he didn't take into account the Second and Third Genesis Waves. Immortality can't protect you from existential oblivion.]]
** [[BigBad Dr. Eggman]] definitely does by the Genesis arc. After laying low for a while, he secretly transforms his headquarters into a flying fortress/weapons platform, [[spoiler: uses it to [[CosmicRetcon rewrite reality]], and (nearly) fatally guns down Sally in the process]]; this is made even better by him savoring his victory by [[AGlassOfChianti sipping from a glass of wine while firing his superweapon.]]
** Dr. Finitevus -- he effortlessly [[TheChessmaster manipulates]] the Guardians (including Knuckles), Dimitri, and ''two whole factions'' of the Dark Egg Legion in order to ensure that a new [[PhysicalGod Enerjak]] can be created. And then he escapes scott free by jumping off Angel Island and disappearing into a Warp Ring with a smirk.
** Given recent events, we can probably add [[EvilSorcerer Ixis Naugus]] to this list as well. Following his recovery from madness, he undertook a plan to make himself a VillainWithGoodPublicity by using [[IdolSinger Mina]] [[UnwittingPawn Mongoose's]] music as a conduit for his magic, turning the distrust that the citizens of New Mobotropolis had for [[HeroWithBadPublicity NICOLE]] following her [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashing]] by the Iron Queen into [[HatePlague paranoia and hatred]]. He then appeared before the public and promised to "save" them from NICOLE with his magic if they just agreed to make him their king. [[spoiler: And it ''works'', much to the shock of both the main characters and the readers.]] He's also become a master of XanatosSpeedChess, apparently, as he's quickly managed to adapt to sudden situations in such a way that only improves the image this plan created for him. This includes defending the city from attacks by [[EvilVersusEvil Eggman and the Battle Bird Armada]], and acting as though his accidental [[spoiler: deroboticization of Bunnie]] during a publicity stunt was intentional (the look on his face makes it clear, however, that he's as surprised as anyone else).
** Mammoth Mogul ended up getting his spot replaced with, of all people, [[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog Breezie]] [[UnexpectedCharacter the Hedgehog]]. A massive media mogul in charge of her own television network and a casino chain, she proved her chops by hosting a [[TournamentArc massive tournament]] using a Chaos Emerald as a prize, blowing off both being paid off by Princess Sally and being threatened by Dr. Eggman, used Sonic and his friends and foes as major draw cards to the tournament and, while the good guys did get the Chaos Emerald, Breezie came off the winner as she ended up richer and more popular than before.
* Franchise/{{Tintin}} faces a few. Given where the series is on the SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism, though, they end up OutGambitted.
** Müsstler of the Iron Guard, who with a far-reaching conspiracy of power seekers (and presumably a few {{Well Intentioned Extremist}}s), set in motion a plan to [[spoiler:overthrow the Syldavian government, a plan involving replacing an academic with his evil twin to steal the symbol of the throne, this disgracing the King in the people's eyes]].
* Tao of ''ComicBook/WildCATs'' and ''ComicBook/{{Sleeper}}''. Genetically engineered tactical supergenius turned nearly unstoppable crime lord, Tao wins fights just by opening his mouth - by the time he's done with you, you'll probably have signed up with him. (Failing that, you'll be mindwiped, in a coma, or have been shot by your own allies - going up against this guy just doesn't pay.)

* The megalomaniacal Dogbert, pet of ''{{ComicStrip/Dilbert}}''. Though a multi-billionaire and former ruler of the world, he often works as a business consultant simply for the fun of conning people and stirring up trouble.