[[caption-width-right:300:The first issue of the original run.]]

''Weird Tales'' is a legendary PulpMagazine. Its original run lasted between 1923 and 1954; since then there have been various revivals, one of which is currently ongoing and [[http://weirdtales.com/ has a website]]. It publishes short stories in the horror and fantasy genres; as seen below, its long history includes contributions by many of the best known writers in those fields.

Scans of old ''Weird Tales'' issues can be found in [[https://archive.org/details/pulpmagazinearchive?and%5B%5D=weird%20tales the Internet Archive]].
!!Contributing authors include:
* Creator/RobertBloch: The future ''Literature/{{Psycho}}'' author broke in with Franchise/CthulhuMythos fiction while he was a teenage correspondent of Lovecraft.
* Creator/RayBradbury
* Creator/RobertEHoward: The magazine was the birthplace of Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian, SolomonKane and Literature/{{Kull}}.
* Creator/HenryKuttner
* Creator/FrankBelknapLong
* Creator/HPLovecraft: Contributed several stories, most notably "Literature/TheCallOfCthulhu".
* Creator/CLMoore, who published her Literature/JirelOfJoiry and Literature/NorthwestSmith stories in the magazine.
* Creator/SeaburyQuinn: Not much remembered today, but actually the most popular contributor during the magazine's original run.
* Creator/ClarkAshtonSmith
* Creator/ManlyWadeWellman
* Creator/TennesseeWilliams: Believe it or not, he submitted a story to the magazine, the VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Vengeance_of_Nitocris "The Vengeance of Nitocris"]].
** It got a ComicBookAdaptation in [[ComicBook/ConanTheBarbarian Savage Sword of Conan]] #216, which was filled with ShoutOut after ShoutOut to Williams' other works.
--->'''Conan:''' ... you will have to depend upon '''[[Theatre/AStreetcarNamedDesire the kindness of strangers!]]'''

!!Works first published in the magazine that have their own pages on this wiki include:

* "Literature/TheCallOfCthulhu"
* ''Literature/TheCaseOfCharlesDexterWard''
* "Literature/TheDreamsInTheWitchHouse"
* "Literature/TheHoundsOfTindalos"
* ''Literature/JirelOfJoiry'' series
* ''Literature/{{Kull}}'' series
* "Literature/TheNightWire"
* ''Literature/NorthwestSmith'' series
* "Literature/TheShunnedHouse"
* ''Literature/SolomonKane'' series
* "Literature/TheTemple"
* "Literature/TheThoughtMonster"
* "Literature/TheWhispererInDarkness"

!!Tropes associated with the magazine:
* CosmicHorrorStory: This is where the Franchise/CthulhuMythos started and had what some all its most glorious run.
* ContemptibleCover: The covers of the original run were notoriously {{fanservice}}y, featuring well-developed women scantily-clad or [[SceneryCensor nude but obscured]] and frequently ChainedToARock, experiencing some form of MonsterMisogyny, GoGoEnslavement, or otherwise [[DistressedDamsel distressed]]. The name of their most prolific artist, and the one responsible for many of their most risque covers? [[SamusIsAGirl Margaret Brundage]].
** In fact, her seeming [[AuthorAppeal fondness for female bondage scenes]] lead authors like Howard, Quinn, and others to include such scenes in their stories even when they played no real role in the plot. Why? [[MoneyDearBoy Because the stories that got the cover art meant bigger paychecks for their authors.]]
** Going further, Brundage's ''Weird Tales'' covers served as TropeMaker for pulp science fiction and fantasy's take on this trope, and imitation of her style lies at the crossroads of StockShoutout and the WeirdAlEffect. Compare the famous poster for Film/AttackOfThe50FootWoman with [[https://archive.org/details/wt_1937_10 her illustrations]], for instance.
* HaveAGayOldTime: This magazine is not eccentric; weird used to mean scary.
* HeroicFantasy: ''Weird Tales'' pretty much started that entire genre.
* MagicianDetective: For a time the magazine had stories featuring Creator/HarryHoudini.
* MoralGuardians: They occasionally complained about the magazine, but rarely so much as when Weird Tales published 'The Loved Dead', a [[VillainProtagonist first-person story]] about [[ILoveTheDead a necrophiliac serial killer]].
* OccultDetective: They had their share, most notably [[Creator/SeaburyQuinn Jules de Grandin]] and [[Creator/ManlyWadeWellman John Thunstone]].