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Magazine: PC Gamer
PC Gamer is a magazine that started in Britain in 1993. An American version of the magazine started in 1994. As the title suggests, both versions of the magazine are completely dedicated to PC games. You can find articles of news and developments in the Video Game industry, previews and reviews of games, reviews of hardware, articles on mods, the old-school games, and much more.

This magazine provides examples of:

  • IBM Personal Computer: This is what the title focuses on.
  • Mascot: The American version has one in the form of Coconut Monkey.
  • PC vs. Console: As the title suggests, the magazine totally takes the side of the IBM Personal Computer.
  • Running Gag: Coconut Monkey mentions frequently that he can't do this or that because he has no hands, and that he's trying to make a game called Gravy Trader. In case you're wondering, this Gravy Trader game will never, ever see the light of day.

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