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Magazine: Computer And Video Games
Describing itself on the cover as the "First Fun Computer Magazine", C&VG was launched in the UK during November of 1981, making it one of the world's oldest videogame magazines, and, incidentally, Older Than the NES.

The magazine, while hardly the first to cover videogames, was the first in the UK to do so exclusively, initially focussing on the burgeoning home computer market and arcade titles and later consoles, initially in a section called Mean Machines, later spun off into its own title.

The print magazine was folded in 2004 after it changed publishers for a second time, in favour of continuing to run Games Master magazine, which was trouncing it in terms of sales. At 23 years, this made it one of the longest-running videogame magazines in the world, just beaten by the now-defunct Computer Gaming World before its demise, and only recently (as of 2009) overtaken by Famitsu.

Despite this, the magazine's website however, is still going strong, and now serves as a more news-and-reviews-orientated counterpart to the same company's Games Radar and Edge Online, although features predominantly recycled content from the publisher's print portfolio.

In 2008, a series of special editions, under the series CVG Presents... hit news stands, generally dedicated to single games, but occasionally featuring a number of guides instead.

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