Machinima / Two Worlds

...expect minor laughs and mediocre animation and poor filming but an awesome experience! NOW IN HD!
Dulvu Spa, director

Two Worlds is a machinima filmed using The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, combined with original cartoon animation.

Jumper Hater is a ninja from the two-dimensional city of Grayscaleopolis. He works for the UPS (Underground Postal Service) and is sent on a mission to the three-dimensional land of Morrowind to secure a trade route between those two worlds. The Empire that rules Morrowind, however, does not trust this suspiciously flat alien, confiscates his goods, and dumps him on a prison ship. After he is released, Jumper Hater uses his God-Mode Sue powers to wreak havoc on the sleepy Morrowind town of Seyda Neen. This attracts the attention of the Imperial law enforcement, including elite Imperial agent Officer WMG, who is likely to get preferential treatment on this page due to being voice-acted by a Troper.

The series runs on bizzare, chaotic dream-logic that can strain the minds of literal-thinking people, but is awesome if you can accept it on its own insane terms. Bring lots of Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

It was supposed to be a prequel to something called "The Beggah Prince," but creator Dulvu Spa seems to have abandoned that idea.
This series provides examples of: