Machinima / Talking Skullz

Talking Skullz is a Machinima and Let's Play YouTube group of British gamers. While not much has been shown so far, there is plenty that has been planned and is in development. A variety of material has been made, ranging from their main show Combat Devolved and various Let's Plays to vid/pod-casts on a particular Video-Game based subject or recent events.

Despite the current obscurity of the group, the Talking Skullz shows are incredibly Troperiffic, and its members have decided to start up a trope page for the purpose of continuing to add on further tropes as subsequent episodes are released.

If anybody has happened to stumble upon this page and is curious to watch this group's work, there is a link to their YouTube channel here.

As you could probably guess, this is under construction - at the moment all focus is on developing Combat Devolved instead.

The members of Talking Skullz (and their loosely-defined roles) are as follows:

Let's Plays include:

Vidcasts include:

Tropes associated with Talking Skullz in general:

    Sonic Adventure 2 

Talking Skullz' most comprehensive Let's Play thus far is their full playthrough of Sonic Adventure 2, currently in progress. Sam, Callum, Krollie, Rob, Tom and Tommy join forces and take it in turns to fail their way through the various missions and bosses, with much shouting and many references along the way.

View the playlist here.

Tropes included in the Sonic Adventure 2 Let's Play: