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Machinima: Soldiers Of Misfortune
Soldiers of Misfortune is a Day Of Defeat: Source and Garry's Mod Machinima made by the Janus Syndicate about a World War II Sgt. Sam Richmond, who, through various circumstances, ended up with a truck full of diamonds, before eventually being captured by a German Officer, as the film begins, he is being interrogated, and has his left ear cut off. He won't talk because he assumes that they'll let him live just because he knows where the diamonds are. He's wrong, and is killed by a firing squad for his troubles.

He then tells the set of circumstances to the audience.

Can be watched here, or on Youtube (though you likely won't be able to watch it unless safe mode is off).

Tropes featured include:

Sodor The Early YearsMachinimaJanus Syndicate

alternative title(s): Soldiers Of Misfortune
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